Vienna State Opera, How to Spend Time before the Performance – The Bar Sandwich is Delicious!

Today I’m going to tell you about my performance at the Vienna State Opera. It is a shame to just go to an opera to see it at a prestigious and luxurious opera house which is used for a ball.

I arrived at the venue quite early this time and enjoyed wine and sandwiches at the bar while waiting for the performance. I was surprised at how delicious it was! I would like to report on how to spend time before the performance such as a food report on the bar’s light meal menu, a ticket exchange and a cloakroom.

The hall opens an hour before the show starts.

Needless to say, the National Opera of Vienna “Wiener Staatsooper”. Although opera and ballet performances are held every day, it is also the venue for the Opera House Ball (Opambal) held every February.


This time, I will watch the opera “Ariadne of Naxos” here. It has a heavy appearance with light up, so it is worth seeing whenever you come.


I bought this ticket from the website of Opera. I need to bring my reservation number and exchange it for a real ticket, but the ticket office outside the Opera is already closed at this time. In this case, you need to exchange at the window in the Opera House after the opening.


The doors open an hour before the curtain time. People are gathering one after another as soon as possible, but this is to chat before the performance starts. We’ll see that later.

Ticket exchange at the counter


The ticket office is near the entrance. I don’t know if they are the people who want today’s tickets, but at the time of the opening, there was a line of people. There are two counters here, and the ticket exchange is on the right.


When I handed a sheet of paper with the reservation number written on it, it came out in 10 seconds! This time I have a 3rd category seat, but the price is still €124, and the opera is really expensive ~ …。

leave one’s luggage in the cloakroom


After you get the ticket, you leave your coat and bag in the cloakroom. There are many cloakrooms in the Opera House, but each seat seems to have a designated cloakroom, so you need to show your ticket when you check in.


The cloakroom I used this time was located in the passage from the end of the floor where the entrance is located to the back. There is also a big mirror here, so it’s good to check your appearance.


The tip is €2. And this costs €2 per package, so I would like to have as few packages as possible. It can’t be helped because you have a coat in the winter, but I think you should put your big luggage in the hotel and bring only your valuables in a small pouch.

relax at a bar until the curtain rises

Well, there’s plenty of time until the show starts, so I’d like to pick a sandwich with wine in one hand at the bar. There are many bars in this opera house, but I recommend the one in the luxurious foyer on the upper floor.


However, in order to get there, you need to go up the grand staircase from the entrance, but especially right after the opening, the ticket is strictly checked, and if the ticket doesn’t correspond to the upper floor, the staff doesn’t let you through.


This time, you need to enter from the passage on the side without going up the big staircase because this seat is in the area called “Parkett” on the 1st floor.


The hallway here is a bleak place with no luxurious decorations, but there is a bar and a cocktail table. I really wanted to go to a gorgeous foyer, but I can go during intermission, so I put up with it here for now …。


They also have tables where you can sit and drink! There are about 10 tables in this area, but they were already full 20 minutes after the doors opened. If you want to secure a seat, I recommend you to come as soon as possible.

The sandwich at the bar is delicious!


If you take a look at the bar’s menu, you’ll notice that the snacks are sandwiches only. But there are plenty of ham, eggs and vegetables on it, and there are 4 ~ 5 kinds. In the past, mini sandwiches on one plate were the mainstream, but the menu seems to have changed.


There were several kinds of sweets other than sandwiches. Both macaroons and petit cakes cost around €4.


I had salami sandwiches and red wine this time. I don’t know the brand of wine, but it has a well-balanced taste. It doesn’t have any special features, but it has a taste that can be enjoyed by the public.


And this salami sandwich is really delicious! Salami that is so big that you can’t see the bread is of high quality and topped with pickles, shallots, broccoli sprouts, etc.


The price is €3.8 each. Sandwich is a little expensive, but glass wine was unexpectedly cheap. A fancy place like this in Tokyo costs about 1,000 yen, so this might be a good deal.


So, I’m going to tell you about the National Opera House in Vienna, and next time I’m going to show you the audience, the feeling of the opera, and the beautiful foyer.

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