VIENNA STATE OPERA Review! Beautiful Foyer and Japanese Language Support

Watching “Vienna State Opera” from yesterday! This time, we will introduce the audience seats, foyer, and the contents and thoughts of the opera “Ariadne auf Naxos”.

I visited the Vienna State Opera after a long time, but I was surprised to see how the translation system of opera lines and the announcement in the theater have changed in Japanese! Other than that, the beautiful foyer social place was still alive, but the opera is still sleepy …。

simple and unpretentious seating

This time’s seat is “PARKETT” on the 1st floor flat dirt floor. As I told you yesterday, the approach to this area is a route that does not go through the big stairs in the center of the entrance, so I feel a little disappointed.


The entrance to the auditorium is completely “backstage”. It may be that much to show the front stage, but I would like you to show me a bit more tasteful approach …。


The auditorium has a typical horseshoe shape with a capacity of about 2000. There are 5 levels of balcony seats, so I think it’s one of the larger ones in Europe. There is still time until the performance, so there are not many people in the audience seats, but the standing room was already full.


The ceiling is surprisingly inorganic. It certainly has a refined beauty, but it doesn’t have any decorations or paintings, so it doesn’t have the beauty of other countries. The picture is white, but is the ceiling light the only decoration?


The curtain of the stage is double layered, and in the front curtain, the art which changes every season is drawn. This seems to have a role of fire prevention, and 5 minutes before the show starts, …


In this way, a curtain with art is raised and a red curtain is put on display.

Front row of the 3rd category


The seat I reserved this time was the front row of the 3rd category. The seats in the Hiradoma are divided into 3 categories, and when I looked at the seat map, there was an aisle in front and the stage looked easy to see, so I decided to take this one.


When I actually went there, there was nothing in front of the seat like this, and it had an excellent sense of openness! In addition to being able to stretch my legs, I am happy to be able to sit on a seat even if it is not on the aisle side without being avoided by people.


The view from this seat is here. After this, a large gentleman sat in the front seat across the aisle, so I was a little bothered by his head, but it didn’t bother me so much because of the distance, and it didn’t affect the view of the stage very much.

The seats on the floor of the National Opera are not staggered, so if a tall person sits in front of you, you won’t be able to see clearly even in the front seat, so in that sense, I think it’s a very cost-effective seat.

The translation was in Japanese!


Translation is a must for opera which is often sung in Italian. In the case of opera performances, there is usually a monitor on the top of the stage in every hall where translations are displayed, but here at the Vienna State Opera, there is a monitor in each seat where you can see the translations in your favorite language.


What surprised me was the Japanese language support! When I visited before, it was only available in European languages, but it seems to have been renewed. However, if you actually look at the translations, there are many translations that are like connecting words that are close to literal translations, and it is a little difficult to understand the flow and nuance of the conversation before and after it, so it may be difficult if you don’t understand opera to some extent.


This time, there is no front seat, but the translation monitor draws out from the back of the seat. It’s like a bulkhead seat on an airplane.

But the monitor is quite heavy, and it’s hard to hold it for a long time. It also has a fever, so it’s not good to put it on your lap, and it would have been nice if it had been an arm-arm like an airplane …。

The opera is really sleepy …

The program this time is “Ariadne auf Naxos”. It is a German opera composed by R. Strauss. The program is €4.8, it’s in the possession of a local attendant who will sell it to you if you ask for it (English and German versions only).


The performance will consist of 2 acts: “prologue” and “opera”. While the composers and actors of an opera on the theme of love in Naxos argue about the content and direction of the performance, the story ends with an opera that incorporates both elements.


Perhaps because it is based on the theme of the Viennese millionaire, the stage features the characters who dress appropriately and the palace-like chandelier, but I feel very sleepy because there is no change in the stage set for both acts. Unlike ballet, which is mainly about music and stage direction, opera is mainly about songs and lines, so it can’t be helped. …。


I expected it because it was a wonderful name that reminded me of the vast world, but it was different from what I had imagined. Even though Japanese translations are available, it’s not easy to enjoy theater without understanding the language.

walk a beautiful foyer


Now that it’s intermission time, I’d like to go around the foyer. Unlike before the start of the show, when tickets are checked on each floor, you can go back and forth between all floors without any inconvenience during the break time.


This is the main foyer up the grand staircase, and the decorations and paintings scattered on the massive walls are beautiful! Even so, there are so many people!


This floor has doors everywhere on which portraits of historical composers can be seen. In addition to Schubert and Haydn, there was also a minor composer, L. Cherubini (Luigi Kelvini).


There is another floor next to the door with these composers’ portraits, where you can see the outside through the glass. This is another floor with beautiful ceilings, but I think they put glass all over the place, which was originally outside, so that it would not be exposed to the outside air.

Champagne and light meals


Next, let’s take a look at Bar! As I mentioned yesterday, I had a sandwich with red wine at the bar on the lower floor before the show started, but the menu is basically the same here. In addition to various drinks, there are sandwiches and petit cakes.


But I also found some light meals like “Beef” and “Fisch”. It says something like “advance reservation” so I think you can eat it if you make a reservation. But it’s a little difficult to eat during this short break.


The champagne brand is Laurent Perrier Brut (Laurent Perrier Brut). This brand is well known at JAL’s first class lounge at Haneda Airport, and its market price is 4,000 to 5,000 yen .

Some opera houses in other countries serve sparkling wine at a price as low as 2,000 yen per bottle, so compared to that, it’s quite high-class.


Other than that, all the cocktail tables on this floor were labeled “Reserviert (Reserved)”. This may be a good system, since the intermission break time, when many customers come together, will be a battle for each table.

A slightly different approach to Japanese people


So I enjoyed the Vienna State Opera after a long time. The beautiful interior decoration is still there, but the translation is in Japanese, and on the other hand, the Japanese language has disappeared from the announcement before the performance (What prompts you to turn off your mobile phone), so I have an impression that the correspondence to Japanese has changed a little in the past few years.


However, the Japanese translation of “Summary” in the program is still available! I am worried that this might be replaced by Chinese, but as long as the translation of the audience has been made in Japanese, I think it is still the opera house that is familiar to Japanese people from a global perspective.


I’m sleepy at the opera, but I recommend ballet! The performance of the orchestra, which members of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra also participate in, is of high quality, and the audience response is excellent! Tickets are easily available on our website, so if you are planning to visit Vienna, please dress up and go out.

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