I followed “Swindler” in Vietnam! Beware of Tourist Information when Traveling Abroad

An old man who was kind to me a little in the town of Hai Phong, Vietnam. He was a typical swindler who coaxed me to “I’ll give you a tour guide …” and later charged me for it, but this time I was tricked and decided to follow him!

Opera house guide?


It all started at the Hai Phong Opera House. On this day, the opera house was not open to the public because of a special event, but when I was wandering in front of the opera house to at least see its exterior, I met an old man.


“If you want to see the inside of the opera house, I’ll show you.” she said in broken English (I almost don’t know what you’re saying …) and half-forcibly led me into the opera house.


I have no doubt that this man is an exclusive staff member of the Opera House and is a public tourist guide, so I let him go and look around the Opera House. I even thought I was lucky to be able to enter the opera house on a day when it wasn’t open to the public.

start a tour without permission


After seeing the opera house, I thanked my old man and tried to leave, but he said, “There’s a big supermarket over there. Come on.” and tried to take me to another place by force.

At this point, this old man started to feel strange, but he seemed to be weak, and I thought I could win even if I got mad, so I decided to stay with him for a while, preparing myself to escape at any time.


An old man who explains various things wherever he goes without asking. They walk around the market and explain things like “There are fruits like this.” in English with all their might, but it’s so refreshing to hear what they’re saying!


Sometimes, there is a scene where they perform at a place selling folk instruments! However, I was not forced to buy any products after being recommended, I was just an old man who continued to guide me around.


After more than 20 minutes of walking from the opera house, we finally came to “sat market”! Even so, the enthusiastic guide of the older man did not stop, and I also got tired easily …。

pester someone for money

When I left the market and was about to continue showing him around, I told him “I have to get back to Hanoi.” as an excuse to break up with him, and he tried to get a taxi for me.

Just as I thanked him and was about to leave, his dirty hands came out and he said to me, “Money”!


I had expected this to happen, so I handed him a 10,000 dong bill which I had hidden in my pocket, and he turned me back in a sudden displeasure! Even though it was Vietnam, they were not satisfied with 50 yen …。

The request of the old man was “300”, that is, 300,000 dong (≠ 1,500 yen), so he said no loudly!


When I started to walk, they followed me for a while saying things like “I’m so tired.” so I’ll call the police! I shouted loudly twice, and the swindler finally left.

I’m tired because I was walked so hard!

I know, but I’m being framed.

This was just one example of a typical scam, described in every guidebook, in which a tourist guides you to your destination without asking for a price, but the entrance was really ingenious, taking advantage of my fleeting desire to enter the opera house.


There’s a good chance that even a frail old man like this could be intimidated by a lot of scary people later on, so if you try to follow him, be sure that good kids and good adults don’t copy him (lol)!

It is human nature to want to listen to the other person’s request if he/she is kind as much as possible, but it is important to say no strongly because there is no such thing as “Excuse me.” to fraud!

I hope you will be careful when you travel abroad.

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