Examination of the VIENNA STATE OPERA from the seating chart!

The National Opera of Vienna “STAATSORER” in Austria, for which we last covered its exterior and foyer. This time, based on the subjective view I have seen in several seats, I would like to examine the seats that are easy to see the stage and have good sound.

※This article was written before the virus scandal. This will be updated.

Is the auditorium surprisingly simple?

Speaking of Vienna, I had a high-class image represented by the social world, but the auditorium of Stutzoper (hall including the auditorium and stage) was surprisingly plain.


It is decorated with a golden border, but it is not as flashy as Paris. However, it has a sophisticated and calm appearance. At that time, there was a Japanese style damask, and it even had an air of elegance.


However, the circular seats are always attractive. The balcony seats of the Stutzopper are 5 layers. It has more than 4 layers of “Royal Opera House” in London and “National Theatre” in Prague, but each ceiling height feels lower. But when I actually went in, I didn’t feel a sense of stagnation so much.

Then, first, I will look from the view of the second floor seat in front of me.

Front 2F Mittelloge


Guests are often guided to “throne”. Of course, all seats in the Mittelloge area are in the 1st category. Therefore, you can see the stage from the front and the view is good, but if you go to the back row, you can see the ceiling and the side walls and it lacks the sense of reality.

In addition, maybe in a closed area with a low ceiling, the sound of the orchestra pit echoing in the auditorium didn’t come in here …。 When I visited, I saw it in the first row, but still got sleepy because the sound didn’t come out at all. I don’t recommend it for the cost performance of the highest 1st category.

Right Box Bottom Parterre-rehts3


Box seat to the right of the stage. It is a view of the 3rd closest to the stage of the lowest layer (Parterre). You can see the stage and the orchestra pit well here, so it might be good for people like me who want to listen to music well. Because it’s close, you can hear the subtle nuances of the music as well.

As for the view, there is no problem if it is the front row. However, this is true for all box seats, but you can hardly see the stage in the second and third rows of box seats. When I was watching in this front row, the person in the back seat was watching as if he was standing up and peeping instead of sitting on a chair.

ウィーン国立オペラ座「シュターツオーパー」座席図 シートマップ

You can see how difficult it is to see the back row from the fact that the rank of the seat is 2 ranks different between the first row and the second row. If you want to reserve a box seat, I strongly recommend you to reserve the front row even if it is a little expensive.

Right Box Bottom Parterre-rehts8


This time, it’s the same right box seat. Compared to 3, it is far from the stage, but the view is better because it faces the front.

In this case, you can see the stage in the second row, but the sound is not good. However, compared to Mittelloge, it is much more realistic, so if it is the same 1st category, I think you should choose this one without hesitation.

As you can see, all the seats (including standing room) of the Stuttzoper are equipped with monitors through which translations can be played. You can switch several languages with buttons, such as German and English, but unfortunately there is no Japanese language.

Hiradoma Front Row Parkett Row 6, Row 11


There is no doubt that the box seats I have seen so far are special spaces where I can immerse myself in the exhilaration of a circular opera house, but I could not get high satisfaction for both the view and the sound. Parkett felt that “Hiradoma” was the way to go.


Unfortunately, this is the only picture left, but the sound is excellent! I watched “Romijuli” here, and was impressed by the immersive sound of the famous <<a dance of knights>>. It is said to be the power of the bass and the acoustic balance.

The view is good or bad depending on the sitting height of the person sitting in front of you, but it is also good that you can see the stage decoration from one end to the other and feel the eyes of the dancer. The front row of Hiradoma (Parkett) is the 2nd category in the back half, so it might be the most cost-effective to look for good seats among them.

standing room


The biggest attraction is that the hall in Vienna has standing seats where you can enjoy the view at a low price, as well as the Rakuyu Association Hall. I have never seen it here, but I stopped by before the performance to check out the view.

It looks like the stage is in front, so the view is unexpectedly good, and I felt that it is not inferior to the 1st category Mittelloge. There are no chairs, but if we could get the front row, we would be able to get the best price.


However, the sekitori competition seems to be quite intense, and you have to stand in line more than two hours before the show starts. And when you get a seat, you’ll have your scarf wrapped around as a note.

Even compared to other countries, the percentage of formal wear is remarkably high, but there are many young people dressed in casual fashion only in this area, and on the contrary, if you wear gorgeous ornaments, you may be out of place. One of the charms of standing seats is that you can visit so easily.


That’s why I looked at the seats in the Stutzoper, but I couldn’t find a seat that is better than the standard “Hiradoma”. If you don’t have a request like “I want to experience peeking from a box seat.”, I recommend you to choose a seat in the Hiradoma even if the price goes up a little.


Also, the performance program is sold by the staff at various places in the lobby. When I visited, it was 5 €. German and English versions are available, so it’s very thoughtful! It is different from Paris where only French is spoken.


Moreover, “Summary” is written in Japanese. From this point, we can see how many Japanese visited Vienna until recently. As is the case with the announcement in Japanese, will it be soon that these will be replaced by Chinese?

I haven’t been to Vienna in about two years, so I would like to visit again if I have a chance. This is Suwa, the seat of the Vienna State Opera “Stazooper”.

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