Wiener Sängerknaben at a Sunday Mass in Royal Chapel (Vienna, Austria)

Various concerts are held every day in Vienna, Austria, a city of music. This time, I would like to tell you about my visit to the Sunday Mass at the Royal Chapel where you can hear the singing of the Wiener Sängerknaben (Vienna Boys’ Choir). The Vienna Boys’ Choir, also known as the “the voice of an angel” has been performed in Japan several times and is always very popular.

At the Sunday Mass at the Vienna Royal Chapel where you can listen to this song, tickets are sold to the public, so anyone can easily see it, but this is just a mass held at a church, so you should keep in mind that it is quite different from ordinary concerts. I would like to tell you how you can listen to the Vienna Boys’ Choir.

It’s in the chapel of the Royal Palace of Hofburg.

A Sunday mass sung by the Vienna Boys’ Choir is held in a chapel within the Royal Palace of Hofburg in the southwestern part of the Old City (Links).

I can’t make up my mind because the site of the palace is large. The chapel is on the north side of the palace, just in front of the square where the statue of Franz II stands.


The mass starts at 9: 15 every Sunday. The guidebook says that they should be inside by 9 o’clock because it is different from a normal concert, but they won’t let you in even if you arrive too early. I was able to enter the lobby of the chapel at 8: 20 and the audience at 8: 40.


There is also a cafe in this plaza, but it’s not open because it’s early in the morning, so if you arrive too early, you’ll have trouble killing time. Also, there was already a line at the entrance of the chapel, but this is the line for today’s tickets, so you don’t need to line up if you bought it online beforehand.

I bought it on A & A Tickets Online in advance. The highest seat is €36 + handling fee €8. If you have a remaining ticket, you can buy it at the entrance of the chapel on Friday two days before and on the morning of the day. In that case, you don’t have to pay a fee, so I think you can get it cheaper.

The best ticket is a seat on the flat floor.


At 8: 40, admission to the auditorium started. The most expensive ticket I bought was a seat in Hiradoma. There is a balcony seat at the back of the auditorium, so I think it’s here for a cheap ticket.

Also, there were standing seats at the back of Hiradoma, and many people were already occupied. The line at the entrance might have been the line of people who wanted this standing room.


Is it very solemn in the chapel? The atmosphere is totally different from the gorgeous interior decorated with gold. It’s like the Church of the Holy Cross in Warsaw, Poland. You may be able to concentrate on the performance because there is no fancy decoration.


My seat is at the left end of the fifth row from the front. Unfortunately, the balcony support post is just above your head, so you can’t see the auditorium ceiling when you look up. Moreover, it is also a seat of “Watch your head.” in which this prop touches the head just by standing up.

The mass in this chapel is not a reserved seat, but you can’t move your seat freely because the seats are decided by you. At that time, it was like sitting down from the end in order of entering (with the exception of some), so maybe it was better not to enter at the beginning?

The choir stands in front of only the last song.

9: 15 Mass begins. As I am not a Christian, the Mass (first experience) here was full of strange experiences. At one point, the crowds suddenly shake hands and greet each other, or line up in front of a pastor and have something like potato chips in their mouths and eat it. …。 Check it out and you’ll see that it makes a lot of sense, but everyone, including me, is wide-eyed and surprised.


The Vienna Boys’ Choir is singing on the top floor of the auditorium during mass, so you cannot see the choir during mass. But at the end of the mass, he sang one song for me in front of the altar. I was a little surprised that the female chorus conductor was so Japanese.

It should be noted that the song is not the main one.

This is Sunday Mass. It is important to note that listening to the chorus is not the main event.


If you are lucky enough to sit in the middle seat of the Hiradoma you will be able to see a little bit of the chorus singing on the top floor, but is it appropriate to turn back frequently during a mass …。 Basically you can only listen to the last 1 song of their performance well.


However, since it is a church, the sound is good, and even if you sit on the floor, you can hear the singing voice on the top floor quite directly, so it may be good to feel the atmosphere. However, I sometimes stand up or sit down during the mass, so I couldn’t concentrate on my performance. …。


Based on the above, whether the ticket of €36 + €8 that I purchased was a proper price or not …。 performance time is only 1 hour 15 minutes, and the auditorium is not so big, so I thought it would be possible to line up in a cheap standing room (About €5 to €10) on the morning of the day.

If you want to listen to the singing voice of Vienna Boys’ Choir, you should look for another performance.

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