OPERA HOUSES & CONCERT HALLS around the world! Report, Ticket Arrangement, etc.

This page contains articles explaining about opera performances (Opera House) and concert halls in Europe and other parts of the world, as well as ticket arrangements. The beautiful appearance of Western architecture, the luxurious lobby and seats, and the social space where ladies and gentlemen enjoy themselves with a glass of wine. We introduce such an elegant world.



Vienna, Austria, famous as “music capital”. The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, the world’s most powerful orchestra, is, needless to say, capable of performing at small concerts in churches and salons that are incomparable to those of other countries.

Wiener Musikverein

Wiener Staatsooper

Other concert halls


140 km southwest of Vienna, Austria’s capital, Graz is also home to the “Raku-yu Association” concert hall and opera house. Compared to Vienna, the ticket price is cheaper, and it is attractive that you can enjoy it easily!

Czech Prague

Prague, the Czech Republic, is well known for its “Smetana”. There are 2 opera houses here: “National Theatre” and “National Opera”. Both are beautiful opera houses with horseshoe-shaped seats, red carpets and gold decorations, but the price of performance tickets is a fraction of Vienna’s! The price is low in Czech, but the performance quality is inferior to Vienna.



The Paris Opera House has two opera houses: “Garnier” and “Bastille”. Garnier is also one of the “world’s three major operas” and there is a beautiful foyer that is also called “Golden Room” →

The Bastille, on the other hand, is more of a concert hall than an opera house. Modern architecture with a modern design is quite impressive, but it is not a place to visit for sightseeing.

Opera “Garnier”

Opera “Bastille”


There are 2 main concert halls in Lyon (Lyon), a city in southeastern France: Lyon Opera and Auditorium. All of them were built only a short time ago and have no historical weight or luxurious decorations, but the ticket price is cheap and you can visit in casual clothes.

London, England

London is one of the most expensive cities in the world, but even classical concerts can be enjoyed at surprisingly low prices. There is also an opera house with the name “Royal”, but the ticket price is about half the price of Vienna! However, the quality is not bad, and the performance by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the invitation of world-famous soloists were very satisfying.

Royal Opera House

Other Concert Hall Opera House

Poland Warsaw

Poland, the familiar birthplace of F. Chopin. The Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra, the venue of the “Chopin International Piano Competition” which is held once every 5 years in the capital, Warsaw, has no particularly luxurious decorations. The sound of the audience is not very good at …。 and there is also an opera house in the city, but the interior is quite old and it is not luxurious, so it is disappointing to visit for sightseeing purposes.



As it is the capital of Spain, the Opera House “Theatre Real” that has the name of the royal family (Real) is famous. The foyer is compact and surprisingly simple despite its prestigious and impressive seating. There is also an opera theater called “Zarzuela National Theatre”, but it is not as gorgeous as the Teatro Real, and I am disappointed when I visit there expecting gorgeous decoration.

Even in Spain, the Liceu Theatre in Barcelona is by far the better spectacular.


Barcelona is home to the world heritage site “Catalan Concert Hall” and the more luxurious and beautiful Opera House and Concert Hall than Madrid. There is also a guided tour, so you can get in without watching the concert.

Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva, home to many international organizations, has never been associated with music, but the interior of Victoria Hall, built at the end of the 19 century, is a must-see! In addition to orchestra concerts, it is also a venue for the annual Geneva International Competition.


Russia is known for the world’s best ballet “Bolshoi” and “Mariinsky”. The beautiful interiors of opera, ballet and concert halls are located in major cities such as Moscow.

In contrast to Russia, where prices are low, ticket prices are 1/2 to 1/3 lower than those in Western Europe and other countries. However, even in Russia, you can’t always see high-quality ballet, and your skills depend on the performances. Especially when it comes to music, Vienna is second to none.


Saint Petersburg


Sydney, Australia

The most famous one is the Sydney Opera House, which is registered as a World Heritage site. There are 4 halls large and small, but the large hall of the Capa 2,679 with a huge pipe organ is regularly played by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

Aside from the Opera House, there is also the Capa 1,238 Concert Hall in central Sydney called “City Recital Hall” which is devoted to chamber music and solo concerts. Although it is a small hall, it is a sophisticated hall with a high ceiling.


There are also excellent concert halls in Southeast Asia and Singapore. The venue is the Esplanade Concert Hall along Marina Bay, which is crowded with tourists, and features a sticky roof. Although Japan is a multiethnic country, most of its customers are Westerners. However, there is no need to dress in a formal style like in Vienna, and you can enjoy it simply as “clean clothes”.

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