First Class & Business Class Airlines worldwide (Seat, In-flight Meal, etc.)

The first class and business class boarding records above are organized by airline. An elegant time to tilt the wine glass on a full flat seat that can also be used as a bed is something you can never taste in economy class! But the quality of services and in-flight meals varies from airline to airline.

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JAL (Japan Airlines) First Class

This review was made when I boarded at London Heathrow Airport from Tokyo (Haneda) in JAL (Japan Airlines) First Class.

JAL (Japan Airlines) Business Class

This review was for my flight from Paris to Tokyo on JAL (Japan Airlines) business class. It was a very meaningful time
This review is JL 707 business class departing Narita Airport, Tokyo at 18: 23 and arriving in Bangkok, Thailand at 20:
I used JAL class J on the flight to Tokushima the other day, but it was changed to an international flight at the last m
JAL business class on a flight from Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok, Thailand to Haneda, Tokyo. I was able
The JAL business class I boarded this time was B 787 -8 Sky-Suite! This equipment is often used for long distance flight
This is an in-flight meal report of JAL business class between Narita and Hanoi, which I told you yesterday. Following t

ANA (All Nippon Airways) First Class

A first-class experience booth that is the most popular at the "I didn't know ANA ~ service experience meeting

ANA (All Nippon Airways) Business Class


After leaving ANA Lounge, I will finally board my first ANA business class! For members of the Stara Group, this is an A
Following the seat amenities, we will introduce the ANA business class (Haneda to Munich). This report is about in-fligh
As we did last time, we would like to ask about the quality of ANA's service, focusing on the 2nd in-flight meal, f

Finnair Business Class

I used Finnair Business Class to go back and forth between Helsinki in Finland and Warsaw in Poland, and I am going to t

Malaysia Airlines Business Class

I flew on Malaysia Airlines business class from Tokyo, Japan to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and I will let you know its revi
This Review is the Malaysia Airlines business class I flew on board from Kuala Lumpur to Sydney, Australia.This flight l
This Review is the Malaysian Airline Business Class that I used to fly from Sydney, Australia to Tokyo and to transfer t
The last Malaysian business class flight I experienced was a night flight from Kuala Lumpur to Narita. This isn't m
I used Malaysian airline business class this May. When I put together the menu of the "Shef-on-Call (chef on call)&

Qatar Airways Business Class


Qatar Airways business class, acquired through 20 year anniversary campaign! This time, I will tell you the boarding rec
Continuing from yesterday, we will report on Qatar Airways Business Class (Narita - Doha) boarding, and this time on the
After a quality dinner, you sleep on a bed. However, the B777-200 I boarded this time was an old model seat, so I was a


Last flight in Vienna! We will fly from Doha to Haneda in Qatar Airways business class! I have been using Airbus 350, B
We will continue to inform you of the boarding records for Qatar Airways Business Class (Doha to Haneda). This flight, w
Following the first meal, I will report a Qatar Airways business class in-flight meal from Doha to Haneda!The delicious

Doha~Europe (B787)

Vienna, Austria, connects Narita and Doha. This report is the boarding record for Qatar Airways from Doha to Vienna.The
Continuing from yesterday, Qatar Airways business class from Doha to Vienna. It takes about six hours to get to Vienna,
I will fly from Vienna, Austria to Haneda, Tokyo via Doha, Qatar! This time, I will use Qatar Airways' business cla

Austrian Airlines Business Class

The flight from Vienna International Airport to Narita is Austrian Airline business class! At one point, Austrian Airlin
Continuing from the previous flight, this is a report on in-flight meals from the boarding record for Austrian Airlines
We will continue to report on the situation of Austrian Airlines Business Class.After the in-flight meal, I'll recl

Lufthansa Business Class

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