Hong Kong Airport Lounge “THE BRIDGE” Report! Egg Tart and Buffet Menu

My first stop on the Hong Kong airport lounge tour was “The Bridge”. This is a lounge where you can enter in business class (sapphire), but the interior is spacious and has a bright atmosphere, and there are plenty of facilities!

There is also a section where a barista makes coffee, and you can have a Portuguese egg tart there. I would like to report in detail such as the buffet menu.

※This article was written before the virus scandal. This will be updated.

“The Bridge” Lounge locations


The Bridge Business Lounge is located near Gate 35 of Terminal 1. As you can see in MAP, the terminal is just before it divides into two.


It is quite far from the immigration office, but it is convenient to use the shuttle! There is a lounge entrance in front of you when you get off the shuttle and go up the escalator.


Take the escalator down one floor to the reception. It’s a bright and open reception.

As this lounge is a business class lounge, you can enter with the status of One World Sapphire.

Two areas separated left and right



The lounge is divided into two areas, right and left, facing the reception. On the right is The Bakery, The Long Bar, The TV Lounge, and on the left is The Bistro, Showers, The IT Zone, and The Coffee Loft.


First, go to the area on the right and you will see the lounge area that continues to the back along the window. The ceiling is not so high, but the natural light is shining through the big window and it is bright.


The dining room opposite the window is equipped with a buffet. There are many seats and the space is enough, but if you go to the back seat, it becomes a shadow and becomes very dim.


At the back of the lounge is a bar counter called The Long Bar. There is a bartender here, and they say they serve original cocktails.


There are some canapes on the side that can be used as an accompaniment to sake, and it seems to be a convenient bar! Above all, it’s good that you can drink while looking at the airplane!


On the other hand, when you go to the left side toward the reception, the sofa seats are arranged along the window. There is a buffet dining area on the opposite side of the window, which is not inferior to the area on the right side, but it has less people.


Especially the dining room was small, but I personally like this one because it has a brighter atmosphere. What makes me happy is that it is empty.

Unfortunately, there is no noodle bar in this lounge. If you want to eat Dandan noodle, you need to go to “The Pier” or “The Deck”.

Check the buffet menu!


Then check the buffet menu here! This time we will visit around 11:30, so lunch menu is available.




There are several hot meals such as penne and rice. There are also two kinds of pizza.



There are 3 kinds of bread and 6 kinds of salad. There are not only leafy vegetables but also salad with a lot of beans, so it is very colorful!



They have a variety of bite-sized menus, including mini-burgers, pies, muffins and cheese.

Dim sum and egg tart, is the taste subtle?



You can also enjoy dim sum at the lounge in Hong Kong! It is nice that you can eat authentic Chinese food such as steamed dumplings (Buckwheat Noodles served on a Bamboo Strainer) and Chinese buns.


However, for some reason, the taste was not so good … I would say it was somewhat reserved or not deep …, and as for the level, it felt like dim sum to eat at local shops in town. Did the oil I used happen to be bad …?


Also, the egg tart is unique to Hong Kong, but it looks and tastes like a toy which is a bit subtle.  The egg tart is definitely better in Portuguese style, which is described later.



You can eat the Portuguese egg tart in the area called The Coffee Loft at the back of the lounge. As its name suggests, this is a cafe space that mainly serves coffee.



There is a barista at the back counter where you can enjoy authentic freshly brewed coffee, but I don’t know why this time there is no … menu which seems to have standard coffee as well as flavored coffee such as hazelnuts and caramel.


At the end of this counter is a Portuguese style egg tart. Compared to the egg tart which has a subtle texture, it is browned and looks very delicious!


I tried one, but the sweetness of the sugar is a little bit better, but the balance of the taste is not bad. If it is Portuguese style, it means Macau style egg tart, not Hong Kong style.

Good lounges for business.


So I went to The Bridge Business Lounge, and it was pretty good as a lounge where you can enter in business class status! It would be perfect if there is a noodle bar, but it might not be such a concept.

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