TEATRO REAL Learn More about Ticket Purchase, Seating Chart and Foyer!

The opera house “Teatro Real” in Madrid, Spain. It’s close to the Royal Palace and is a symbol of Madrid!

This time, I will watch the opera “Die Soldaten” and tell you about the ticket arrangement, the seating chart of Teatro Real and the situation of foyer.

※This article was written before the virus scandal. This will be updated.

Ticket Purchase and Seating Table

Tickets for Teatro Real can be purchased from the official website. Select any performance from the schedule page and go to the ticket purchase page from BUY TICKETS.


The seats are divided into 8 categories, and you can choose seats in detail. The release date of the ticket may vary depending on the performance, but this “Die Soldaten” was released exactly 4 months ago.


If you pay by credit card and print your e-ticket, you can use it as a ticket.

The ticket I purchased this time was €67 despite being in the 5th category, and I was surprised at the high price like Vienna State Opera! Opera tends to be more expensive than ballet or orchestral performances in general, but to be able to do this in Spain is …。


Here’s Teatro Real’s seating chart. It’s a very large opera house with all five levels. My seat is in the front row of Tribuna on the top floor, but can I see the stage clearly here …?

enter from the side of a building


Teatro Real is located right in front of Metro Opera in Madrid. There is a royal palace across from Oriente Park, and it is truly an opera house at the center of sightseeing in Madrid.


The entrance to Teatro Real is not from the front of the building (Espana Square), but from the Ticket Office entrance at the back (palace side). By the way, I didn’t use it this time, but the business hours of the ticket office are as follows.

Teatro Real Ticket Office Hours

  • Monday – Saturday: 10: 00 ~ 14: 00, 16: 00 ~ 20: 00 (Closed on Saturdays when there are no performances.)
  • Closed on Sundays and national holidays (Open 2 hours before the show starts on the day of the performance.)


Go through the security metal detector, check your ticket, and then leave your backpack or other bag in the cloakroom. Cloaks are everywhere in the foyer, so make sure you remember where you left them!

a less luxurious foyer


There is a foyer when you go through the entrance. It has an egg-shaped structure that can be wiped up to the upper floor, but it is more luxurious than I imagined. Like the “Zarzuela National Theatre” I told you the other day, is it Madrid’s way to make foyers small and simple?



There were a lot of programs piled up in the center of the foyer, so I got some. Even though it’s free, it’s a full color booklet! That’s a pretty good price to pay for an opera house worth €10.


There is also a simple bar counter, and it looks like there are several kinds of pinchos (bite-sized sandwich) besides drinks. There were a lot of people during the break, but this is the next article!

have various lobbies upstairs


If you look at Teatro Real’s floor guide, the top floor is the 9th floor! This is the first opera house with so many levels.


If you go up the stairs, each floor has its own lobby, and you can access the seats on each floor.



The fourth floor is on a wiped ceiling from the grand floor, where photographs of opera and ballet performed in the past are shown.



Going further up, there was a floor where Teatro Real was explained in detail with photos and panel models. From here, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Oriente Square which extends between the palace and the palace.



On the top floor, there is a small hall called “SALA GAYARRE” with 190 seats where chamber music and other concerts are held. Teatro Real seems to be used for many purposes other than watching opera.


So let’s take a closer look at the Teatro Real viewing report, next time on the audience and the opera Die Soldaten.

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