This is a Must-have Item for SNORKELING! A 3-Piece Set is not Enough!.

I brought a set of snorkeling goods for the beach tour in Miyakojima, Okinawa. In addition to the basic set of fins and masks, there are a lot of necessary things such as wet tops, pants, and rush guards. If you’re swimming in a private beach with no facilities, it’s more convenient to have your own.

This time, I will take a look at some essential items for snorkeling.

Snorkeling goods required in addition to the 3-piece set

The items you need for snorkeling are a 3-piece set of “Mask”, “snorkel”, and “Finn”. It’s true that this is enough to do the minimum act of “watch the water while swimming”, but unlike swimming in an indoor pool, you need to wear protective clothing when swimming in the ocean. I’ll introduce them in order.

Wet top and wet pants

It is made of the same material as the upper and lower integrated wetsuit worn for diving. It has effects such as heat retention and sun protection (Details will be described later.).

rush guard

(upper left of the picture) simpler than a wet top (? It also has thermal and sunburn protection effects. Wearing it under a wet top makes it more effective to keep warm, and also makes it easier to put on and take off the wet top. It is very hard to wear a wet top without this in the sweaty summer.


In the sea of coral reefs such as Okinawa, you will get injured if you walk barefoot because there are many sharp objects such as dead coral on the beach. There are also authentic fin socks that divers use, but mine is cheap and can be bought for around 1,000 yen. Even with this, there is an anti-slip on the sole, and it has a certain thickness, and it is convenient because you can wear the fins as they are.

In addition, you can choose “Marine Shoes” instead of socks, and with these shoes you can walk on hard rocks without any difficulty as they are hard like normal shoes. However, you may not be able to wear it unless you use the corresponding fin, so I recommend you to consider it when you buy a set.


They also sell marine products. There are many cases where you touch the coral reef in the shallow sea, and if you do not do this, you may get injured at the pointed tip of the rock.

effect of wet top pants

For snorkeling in summer, I think it’s okay to just wear a rush guard without a wet top, but by wearing a wet suit like this, not only the heat insulation effect increases, but also the buoyancy increases, so you can float on the water surface without a life jacket.


Although I am a good swimmer, I am still a little worried about swimming in the ocean at a depth of several meters without legs. … However, if I wear this, I don’t get tired at all even if I swim for 1 hour in a row and it is very easy.

Even in the middle of summer, long periods of immersion in water tend to deprive people of body temperature. Wet suits are designed so that when you wear them, the water inside is warmed by your body temperature and your body is kept warm. If you have this, you can swim not only in summer but also in spring and autumn (Of course, it is limited to the south of Okinawa, but …).

When I hear the word “wetsuit”, I tend to think of something expensive that costs tens of thousands of yen because it reminds me of that black all over the body worn by divers, but I don’t think it would have cost 1000 yen for summer wettops and pants, or 20,000 yen for a complete set. If you go to a diving shop in Tokyo such as AQUOS, you can choose from various kinds and you can consult with them depending on the purpose, so if you are considering it, you should visit it.

Anti-fog mask is also essential!


It’s easy to overlook, but it’s also essential to prevent the mask from fogging. If you don’t paint this, the beautiful sea and beautiful fish will be ruined. You may think you can wipe it when it gets cloudy, but it is quite hard to remove the mask and wipe it in the ocean without feet. …

However, anti-fogging for marine is quite expensive! This gel type that I use is said to be the most powerful one in the market, but it is around 1,300 yen.

This time I left this anti-fog cream at home and bought it again at the marine shop in Miyakojima, but it cost more than 1,500 yen including tax …


That’s why I introduced snorkeling goods I brought. It is a little difficult to arrange various things like this, but once you purchase it, you don’t have to bother to rent it, and the best thing is that you can take it anywhere and have freedom!

This time, I took this to various beaches in Miyakojima, so I would like to tell you one by one.

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