Restaurant BONGO BURGERS at Night Safari, Report the Taste of Beef Burger!

After exploring the Singapore Night Safari, we had dinner at the restaurant Borgers, located at the entrance. Since it is a theme park restaurant, all the menus are expensive for sightseeing spots, but surprisingly, the taste was good and the volume was good, and I could have a very satisfying meal.

This time, I would like to report the taste of “beef burger” that I ate at BURTERS, a BONGO.

※This article was written before the virus scandal. This will be updated.

The restaurant area is outside the park.

There are several restaurants on the night safari, all of which are located outside the park (Outside of the ticket control), so you have to eat before or after the park walk.


Since you can come without a ticket, you can also drop by when you visit the next zoo or river safari. In front of the entrance of the night safari, a fire show called “tumbuka tribal dance” is held every 1 hour from 19 o’clock, and the restaurant is located in the same area, so you can eat while watching the show. However, because the show at 19 o’clock is before the opening time, it is very crowded ・・・。

As for access to the night safari, I used the bus number 927 which is a different route from the “Night Safari”! See the article.

a restaurant centered on Asian food


I visited the restaurant after a stroll in the park. It was after 21:30 but the restaurant area was empty.


The ordering process is the same as in a regular food court, where customers order and pay at each restaurant, receive a number ticket, and when the food is ready, pick it up. You can sit anywhere in front of the restaurant.


The restaurant mainly serves Asian food. However, unlike the hawkers in the city “soup”, they mainly serve grilled and fried food. The prices are generally around $16 to $18 per plate, which is a bit expensive for tourist spots. Drinks cost about $5 to $6 each.


ナイトサファリのレストランBONGO BURGERS

This time, I decided to eat at the hamburger restaurant BONGO BURGERS. When you eat chicken rice or noodles on a trip to Singapore, it’s tempting to change your mood sometimes.

ナイトサファリのレストランBONGO BURGERSのメニュー

There are 9 main dishes. In addition to beef, chicken, fish and vegetables, there are also fish and chips, which are well known in England. I don’t think there is anyone who can’t read Chicken or Beef, but I think it is easy to order because there is a menu number.

ナイトサファリのレストランBONGO BURGERSのドリンクメニュー

Drinks are also available. However, the price of 1 cocktail is $17 and a glass of wine is $14, which is pretty good! Even soft drinks like Fanta and cola cost $5.5. I didn’t intend to order a drink at first, but I ordered Sprite because of the clerk’s skillful tone …。

ナイトサファリのレストランBONGO BURGERSでお会計

The price is $23.4. Well, is it reasonable as a meal at a sightseeing spot? If it tastes good, it’s ・・・.

How’s the beef burger?

ナイトサファリのレストランBONGO BURGERSのボンゴビーフバーガー

The dish was ready 3 minutes after the order. What I ordered was Bongo Beef Burger ($17.9) in (4).

ナイトサファリのレストランBONGO BURGERSのハンバーガー

The meat of this hamburger is a little bit hard, but it is thick and filling, and it is tasty and good! The buns are fluffy and of good quality, and this is pretty good. A hamburger of this quality would cost about 1,100 yen even if you eat it at a restaurant in the city of Japan.

The red sauce is ketchup sauce. It was a bit spicy with onions.

ナイトサファリのレストランBONGO BURGERSの野菜

The vegetables are cut into large pieces and this is also filling. Together with the buns and the meat, it was actually much bigger than it looks in this picture, and I was pretty full.

ナイトサファリのレストランBONGO BURGERSのフライドポテト

The potato garnish is also pretty good! Fluffy and full of potato taste. As I mentioned before, I always wish I could get this much potato at McDonald’s in Japan.

ナイトサファリのレストランBONGO BURGERSのドリンク容器ストロー

Drinks are served in this portable container. The package is strong enough to be reusable.

be highly satisfactory for a theme park

The dinner was about 2,000 yen, but I have no complaints about the taste and the volume. Even at the price of a theme park, if the menu is of this quality, it will be very satisfying.

ナイトサファリのレストランBONGO BURGERSの椅子の高さ

My only complaint is that the chair is too low to eat. But this kind of case is common overseas, so it doesn’t bother me here. I don’t think anyone will complain about the new Legoland in Nagoya with this quality though …。

ナイトサファリのレストランBONGO BURGERSで食レポ!

This is a food report from the Borgers restaurant at night safari. As I am traveling alone, I was a little reluctant to have a meal at the theme park at first, but this place is outside and has a sense of openness, so I don’t mind, and if I sit in the darkness, I can barely see it from the way, so I feel relieved (lol).

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