Wings of Time Report! Premium Seat Viewing and Differences from Standard Seats

Following the Wings Of Time viewing event at Sentosa Island in Singapore and yesterday’s ticket edition, this time we will be reporting on the viewing.

The place to watch this time is the upper seat “Premium Seat”. I would like to see the view, the seat and the difference from the standard in detail. Also, please see yesterday’s article about the ticket purchase and premium seat benefit → What premium seat gift can I get? How to buy Wings Of Time tickets

※This article was written before the virus scandal. This will be updated.

Entrance from No. 3 “premium gate”

The gift exchange has been completed and you will finally enter the Wings Of Time venue from the gate. Entrances are different for Standard Seat and Premium Seat, each with its own entrance.


The gate of the Premium Seat can be found as soon as you go down the stairs of the rotary from the Sentosa Express Beach Station. The lead from the station is short, which is similar to the airport priority gate for senior members only.


3 PREMIUM GATE. Tickets are being checked here. There was no line in front of the gate probably because it had already opened. The ticket picker here is very friendly, kind and polite and good.

premium seat

When you enter, a staff will guide you to the seat of premium seat. Surprisingly, the audience for the premium seats hasn’t come yet.


The venue has a horizontal shape and a slightly curved fan shape. During the busy season, it is expected that the end will be filled with people.


The range allocated to the premium is the orange seat behind the audience seats near the center of the venue. We were told to sit in the three back rows near the entrance, although there was hardly anyone there yet and the seats were free to choose. The other aisles have a “RESERVED” sign and cannot be entered.


The more you walk in the back, the better you can see the stage. I followed his advice and sat in the last row, but I’m sure you can see the whole stage from the height where the panels set on the stage are right in front of you. If you sit in the front, you look up at the panel and your neck will get tired.


The seat is made of the same cheap plastic material as Tokyo Dome, but it has a backrest. The seat is slightly dented like a foot so that you can’t sit with your legs spread out.


Not so comfortable, and the seat I was sitting in had a crack in one part of the seat, which caused the backrest to fall down, making it “Petit Reclining” lol.

Significant difference from standard seats


By the way, there was almost no one around my seat, but the front seat was already full of people. The place where they are sitting is the standard seat, but everyone seems to have been lining up for a good seat even a little bit earlier.

It’s a big difference from the premium seats where almost no one has come yet! This allowance may be the biggest benefit.


Also, when a person who came a little late tried to sit in the back seat by mistake, a staff member rushed to him and warned him. Probably due to the off-season, the seats at both ends of the venue were not open on this day, so the area of the standard seats was narrow for the number of people, so the seats were packed very tightly.


In comparison, the premium seats are not crowded even 5 minutes before the curtain time. After this, there were many people who came late after the show started, but in the end, it didn’t seem to be half filled. The price difference from the standard is only a few dollars, so this might be a good deal.

Light and sound entertainment show!


Wings Of Time is an entertainment show in which a story is drawn with light and sound around nine panels in front of the stage. A fire pillar rises from the device in front of the panel, and the performance is performed over a wide range.


Images on the panel are projected from this projector. It is the same as projection mapping.


The story of the Wings Of Time is about 2 boys and girls (Felix and Rachel.) traveling across time and space in a mysterious bird (Shevers). The two main characters are also virtual images, but at the beginning and the end, actors actually appear and perform.


The view of the world displayed on the panel is very diverse as it is a trip beyond time and space. mechanical things, …


Savanna-like scenery.


Water-themed versions and …


Seven colors of light.


And what’s remarkable about it is that water vapor is blown up from the ocean to the top of the panel, where the image is also projected. Although it is steam, the image is very clear and clear.


The finale ends with fireworks, but I personally like the flames in the middle of the story because they are more powerful. The scene which is blown up from various places on the beach with the rhythm of bass sound like Japanese drums is very exciting! I think this is the best place to see in Wings Of Time.

Take a closer look at the set and standard seats.

I went to see what the stage looked like after the performance.


A stage set casually set on a sandy beach. There was a fire pillar and steam coming out from here, but in the scene of the fire, I felt the heat even though I was sitting in the last seat, so I think the front row of the standard seat is quite hot.

Also, there were some parts that were quite wet in front of the stage, so people in the front row need to be prepared to get a little wet.


When I look at the standard seat again, it is really a free seat. It’s made of wood and very simple. I don’t think we need to differentiate this much, but …。


The seats are simple, but I think the pitch before and after is the same as Premium. However, the seat width per person is not fixed, so if you are told to pack, it might be packed to the limit. Looking from behind during the performance, everyone seemed quite cramped.


But looking at it like this, the venue is quite large. It might contain about 1000 people.

Premium versus Standard

The difference between premium Wings Of Time seats and standard seats is as follows.

  • Ticket price difference is $5
  • Entrance gate near the station
  • Area in the center of the venue where it is easy to see the stage
  • Seats are independent seats with backs. Standard is a free seat.
  • Free gift available

Other than that, I think one of the advantages is that there is not as much competition of Sekitori as standard seats. It depends on the season whether it is crowded or not, but the standard seats close to the stage have a big difference in visibility depending on the position, and many people line up quite early to get a good seat. No matter which seat you sit, premium seats are easy to see on average, so I don’t think there are people who come too early.


However, this time more than half of the seats were vacant even after the performance started, but I think it will be crowded even with premium seats during the busy season. It’s not like a standard seat, but if you want a seat closer to the center, you should enter the venue earlier.

Wings Of Time You Should Watch


As for the content of the show, I am generally satisfied. There is no denying that it lacks a sense of unity with its extremely diverse worldview, but I think it is quite high quality as an entertainment of light and sound.

As for the ticket, I recommend you to use a premium seat even if it costs a little. In order to get a seat near the center of the venue with a standard seat, you probably need to stand in line more than an hour before the show starts, and even in the off-season, it’s packed like that, so you won’t be able to take your time looking at it.

Anyway, I think it was a very good content as an entertainment show that you can enjoy for around 2000 yen. Please try it when you go to Singapore.

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