Tekka Center (Singapore), It is Very Popular in Little India! How is the Biryani Flavor?

After enjoying “Handmade Indian Curry” in Little India, Singapore, I took a look at the nearby shopping center “Tekka Center”. There is a large food court (Hawkers) and there are a lot of items on the menu! You can feel the exoticism in this space where many Indians gather.

The popular menu here is “Biryani”. I would also like to report a food report on street food, which is well known for Indian cuisine.

※This article was written before the virus scandal. This will be updated.

Singapore’s residential space “Little India”

“Little India” is the best Indian town in Singapore. It can be accessed from Little India Station on the MRT.


Even though it’s an Indian town, the MRT station exit looks very normal. The building and floor are clean and simple (Instead, the number of surveillance cameras is staggering …).


But as soon as you walk a few steps away from the station exit, you are surrounded by a deep world. The shopping street in front of the station is like an arcade, but most of the people on the way are Indian. Overseas Chinese people are distributed all over Singapore, but I have an impression that Indians are extremely concentrated in this area.


And the shopping street in front of the station has many discount ticket shops and discount sim shops. Even if I go to other cities, I have never seen such concentrated areas.


By the way, the price of the sim card posted in the store is like this.

  • 2 GB/day = $7
  • 10 MB/7 days = $1
  • 1 GB/7 days = $7
  • 15 GB/7 days = $30
  • 1 GB/30 days = $10
  • 3 GB/30 days = $20
  • 5 GB/30 days = $30

I myself don’t use sim cards when I travel, so I don’t know how much this is worth, but is it much cheaper than renting a Global Wifi? Now “gigabytes sold by weight” is alive and well wherever you go in the world.

Market filled with tropical fruits “Tekka Center”

Well, in front of Little India Station there is a shopping mall called “Tekka Centre (Tekka Center)” which is crowded with many people, but it also has a unique atmosphere that other towns don’t have.


Just 30 seconds out of the MRT station exit. Although it is a shopping center, it is not gorgeous, and it is a simple building with orange color.


The first thing you’ll see when you enter is the food court. There is a market in the back, and sundries are sold on the second floor. First, let’s take a look at the market.


Fruit is especially noticeable in this market! We have a lot of fruits unique to southern countries.


Dragon fruit is $4 for 3 slices. It’s pretty big. It may be bigger than what I saw at Makishi Public Market in Naha, Okinawa before.


This is jackfruit. It is also called Paramitsu, and if it is ripe, it tastes creamy and sweet. However, it seems that it is very irritating to the stomach, and if you don’t take it with water, you will be in big trouble …。


And bananas. But this place is dark. …。 In general, when it turns a little black, it ripens and is sweet and delicious. However, if it is black like ink, it is a little …。

Popular menu at the food court “Biryani”


Next, I will go around the food court. It’s around 14 o’clock after noon, but there are so many people that there are almost no vacant seats.


There were quite a few shops, some selling sweets and drinks as well as food, and some selling alcohol.


This is an Indian town, but the food lineup is not inferior to other Hawkers, and you can see many Chinese and Malay menus such as noodles and Nasi Goreng.


When I look at the internet, I often see word-of-mouth information that “Biryani” is delicious at this food court. “Biryani” is a rice dish originated in India and is like a curry flavored pilaf, but as you would expect from an Indian town, there are so many shops that serve biryani that you can’t decide which one to choose.


I had “Chicken Biryani” here the last time I visited. I forgot which store I ordered from, but I think the price was around $5. The taste is spicy, but it is easy to eat, and it tastes good. It is not deep in taste, but it is my favorite crunchy rice.

By the way, spoons and forks are provided here, so you don’t have to worry about your fingertips turning yellow (laughs).

An easy Indian town.


So I took a walk in Tekka Center in Little India, Singapore. Speaking of India, I don’t hear very good stories about women being sexually assaulted. Even a man like me needs courage to travel alone, but when I come here, I think I can easily enjoy the (And it’s safe.) Indian atmosphere.

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