Singapore Airport Early Check-In, is Super Convenient! How to use

Early check-in means to check in earlier than the time specified by the airline company (usually three hours before the plane leaves), but Singapore Changi Airport has plenty of facilities for early check-in and anyone can use it.

This time, check out the early check-in facility in Changi Airport! I would like to introduce the place, how to use it, and the lounge for early check-in for business class that I used.

※This article was written before the virus scandal. This will be updated.

Early Check-in counter at each terminal

The early check-in counters at Singapore Changi Airport are located in the T1 to T3 departure lobbies and are common to all airlines. JAL uses T1, ANA uses T2, and so on.


This is the Early (Fast) Check-in counter of T2. Automatic check-in machines are lined up, and each person enters the reservation number of the E ticket, etc., and issues a boarding pass. The baggage tag that is issued at the same time is pasted on the checked baggage and sent to Bag-Drop.

Boarding procedures are self-service, but you don’t have to worry because there are always a few support staff waiting.


The T1 is shaped like a “Lounge” with a manned counter inside. It was available around 2 PM, but it might be very crowded depending on the time zone.


In addition, you can easily check if the airline company you fly accepts early check-in on Changi Airport’s website. Early check-in times vary from airline to airline, so it’s a good idea to check beforehand!

If you enter the airline name in the search window from this page, the check-in time and the corresponding counter location will be displayed.

By the way, you can check in from 12 hours in JAL and from 24 hours in ANA.

Early check-in at JEWEL


There are other places where you can check in early in the “JEWEL” which opened in 2019 and we talked about yesterday. The location is Lobby H on the first floor of JEWEL. * Regarding JWEWL, this → Changi Airport JEWEL (Jewel) is amazing! The light up of the waterfall shines in seven colors.


In addition to the automatic check-in machine, there is also a manned counter, so you don’t have to worry even if you are unfamiliar with the machine! Each airline uses a different counter, and the corresponding airline name is displayed on the counter.


The automatic check-in machine and the bag drop are the same specifications as the T2. A support staff is stationed here too.


This early check-in at JEWEL is available for various airlines regardless of the departure terminal, but there are some companies that are not yet available, so please be careful (Almost all major airlines such as JAL and ANA are available.).

You can check the corresponding airline company on the electronic bulletin board.

first business class check-in only


This time around, I only used first-class and business-class passengers “SATS PREMIER CHECK-IN LOUNGE”. It’s right next to the Early Check-in Lounge on the T1 and you can check in early here as well.

Please show your e-ticket at the entrance and go inside after checking it.


The inside of the lounge was a little stylish with low lighting, and there was a chair in front of the counter. As expected, it is treated differently from the general counter! The back of the counter is directly connected to the immigration office.

It seems that the counter is different depending on the airline company, but the person in charge told me to sit on the sofa and wait until called.


This time I used the Turkish Airlines, but I checked in through to the destination. They gave me a card for a launch invitation and put a priority tag on my checked baggage, so I was able to receive a service that is no different from the business class counter of the airline company.

The staff occasionally exchanged Japanese and offered lip service, and the service was good!

Early check-in to avoid congestion


That’s why I looked at the early check-in at Singapore Changi Airport, and if I use this, I can check in around noon even if it’s a late night flight, and above all, I’m glad that I can avoid the crowded airline counter!

Please use it when you leave from Singapore!

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