ENVELOPPEE DE TENDRESSE (piano solo) Music score distribution and points of performance!

This time, we introduce the music score download distribution! The theme song of Studio Ghibli’s movie “Kiki’s Delivery Service” <<ENVELOPPEE DE TENDRESSE>> has been arranged into a piano solo, and the music score is now available!

This article provides an introduction to the song, links to the download page, and points to the performance.


Needless to say, Yumi Matsudoya’s masterpiece. Featuring a country style rhythm with the fine movements of an acoustic guitar on the base line with a light beat, we tried to reproduce the original sound as faithfully as possible when arranging the music.

Basically, the left hand carves the rhythm of the base line and the back stroke, and the right hand plays the main melody and the acoustic guitar part, it is the arrangement for the advanced person who needs the high-level performance technique.

You can download the score from the “MUCOME” page. It is a system in which tens of thousands of musical scores are posted, and a part of the sales amount of musical scores is used for payment of copyright fees.

Key points of the performance!

The key to playing this piece is how you can sing the main melody and then play the 16 minute note of the guitar part rhythmically.

Since the melody line is continuously played by pressing the melody line with one finger and playing the arpeggio of the 16 minute note with the other fingers, there is a part that is difficult to play with the smaller hand, but in that case, it may be better to use the pedal at the same time to keep the melody line.

The trick to creating a rustic sense of rhythm is to pay close attention to the eight minute notes made by the left hand. This makes it easier to grasp the overall rhythm and leads to a sense of stability in the performance.

Also, the tempo is “Quarter note = 106” and is as fast as Allegretto, but because it has a continuous tone like Etudes, it tends to play forward frantically in spite of playing 16 minute notes.

In that case, if you play carefully while checking the rhythm step by step and at the same time play at a slower tempo, it will work well.

practice point

As a point of practice, it is important to keep on practicing slowly with the weight of your arms. Playing with the left hand is not particularly difficult, so it may be a good way to focus on practicing only with the right hand.

A 16 minute passage on a guitar is easier to play if you’re aware of the small bits, not the big phrases, and it’s also useful for country rhythms.

The rest is just to steal! I practiced a lot when I was shooting this video, but I still haven’t practiced enough …。

So, this time, I introduced the score that I posted to “MUCOME” after a long time! We are looking forward to all of you using the piano solo version of <<ENVELOPPEE DE TENDRESSE>> ♪ Download page of the music score is here