Bangkok “EXPRESS BOAT” the Slightly Scary Way to Ride! From Saphan Taksin to Wat Arun

This was the Chao Phraya Express boat I used to go to the sightseeing spots “Wat Arun” and “Wat Phra Kaeo” in Bangkok, Thailand. It is one of the means of transportation that you can easily take like a route bus, but there were some parts that are hard to understand for tourists who are not used to it.

This time, I would like to report details such as boarding the express boat from Saphan Taksin station of BTS and the procedure.

First, go to Saphan Taksin station.

The Chao Phraya River meanders north and south through Bangkok, and express boats run along this river like regular buses.


All the tourist spots, such as Wat Pho, are located along the river, but the BTS, MRT and other railroads do not extend to this area, so you can only get there by this express boat, except for buses and taxis.

To get on the express boat, first head to Saphan Taksin station of BTS. It is the only rail connection station in central Bangkok and is located on the southern tip of the city it is about a 20 minute walk from Siam (Mangmoom cards coming soon? Bangkok BTS Route Map and How to Use the Ticket Vending Machine)


When you get off at Saphan Taksin Station, get out of the ticket gate on the direction of travel and go to Exit 2. Tourists go all at once, so you won’t get lost if you follow them.

Ticket counter and boat types


When you arrive at the boat pier, there is a sign that says “BUY TICKETS”. I was told to go to the ticket counter by the conductor in the guidebook.


However, there was a ticket counter of a sightseeing boat called TOURIST BOAT in front. It seems that you can go to the temple area by this train, but the fare is 50 baht which is quite expensive, so I will pass.


Ordinary express boats stop at different stations depending on the boat, and the type is divided by the red, green and yellow flags, and according to the guidebook, the fares are also different.

The lanes are divided according to the boats which get on like this, but since this day was Sunday, it seems that the boats with the orange flag are not operated (Refer to HP for details).


The regular express boat ticket office was on the right side of the tourist boat. If you look closely, you’ll see an orange sign that says “14 บาท” on the side.


Tickets are sold for a flat fee (14 bahts), and when you pay the fee, you get a small piece of paper like this. It’s a pretty thin piece of paper, so be careful not to get blown away by the wind.

The ship is packed with tourists!


Just in time, as soon as I bought the ticket, the ship arrived. They proceed to the boat in order according to the attendant’s directions, but apparently only 100% of the passengers are tourists!


The boat is a one-story building with a low ceiling, and although it seems to have been repainted for the time being, the handrails seem to have been bent, etc., and it seems to have been quite old.


When you get on board, the staff will ask you to move forward. The rear part of the ferry is where people get on and off at each stop, so it will surely get in the way if you stay around here.


Because of that, the boat is full from the front! It was not as good as the commuter train in Tokyo, but the atmosphere was not so good that I could enjoy the view.


In such a crowded place, I found a couple who monopolized the seats! Is it too crowded for the staff to see this scene? I wish they had been careful with this.

Chao Phraya River Basin, where Temples gather


A boat is a little slower than a fast boat. Probably because the waves were calm on that day, I didn’t need to use the sheet to avoid the splash. Even so, the water is dirty …


And the engine sound is amazing! I was standing right next to the engine room, so the explosion echoed through my body. I don’t know if it’s an old type, but I think the volume is bigger than other high-speed ships.


There are many temples along the Chao Phraya River, and there are many unknown temples. There are only buildings with unique Thai design that no other country has, so it’s quite worth seeing.

I’m a little scared of getting on and off a boat.


At that time, I was heading for the Imperial Palace (Wat Phra Kaeo), but there was a beautiful building that caught my eye in the station just before it, so I decided to get off.


This is where “Wat Arun” stands. It is located on the opposite bank of the river from the area where the royal palace is located, and it looks as if it is studded with white gems!


When you arrive at the station, the staff will fix the boat with a rope and start getting on and off. There is no slope, and there is a slight gap between the ship and the shore.


The driver of the boat is used to it, so he can fix it to the shore like this, but sometimes I was scared because there was a gap of several tens of centimeters caused by waves. Especially when you are with small children, it is dangerous if you are not really careful.


So we arrived at “Wat Arun”! It took about 20 minutes to get here. Next time I will report on this beautiful white temple! → Wat Arun is beautiful ~ The renovation is completed and it is shiny! Thailand – Bangkok

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