Salzburg “Holy Trinity Church” Concert! To a Normally Closed Auditorium

This time I stayed in Salzburg at the church called “Holy Trinity Church (Dreifaltigkeitskirche)” which is close to the Palace of Mirabel, and there were mini concerts held regularly at this church, so I decided to go and listen to them because the timing was right!

The church is not usually open to the public, but you can enter only during the concert! I would like to report such a church concert in detail from how to buy tickets to the state of the auditorium.

a church that is not usually open to the public

The venue for this church concert is here. The church is located on the north side of the Salzach River, on the way from Salzburg Central Station to the old city, and very close to the Mirabell Palace.


This is a church called “Holy Trinity Church”. Actually, there was a hotel in this church, and I stayed there this time, and it was a very nice hotel that made me feel refreshed!


This part of the church and the auditorium is not open to the public, and when you open the door at the front entrance, there are iron bars like this and you cannot enter.


However, concerts are held regularly in this auditorium, and you can enter only at that time. On the day of the concert, there is a signboard in front of the main entrance like this, so it is easy to understand.

How to buy tickets


This church concert, unfortunately (? It is not a free concert. You need to buy a paid ticket, which you can buy at the reception of the hotel inside the church (For the location of the reception, please see the link to the hotel article above.).


The ticket costs €25. You pay €5 at the reception and the remaining €20 later at the venue. I’ve never had such a deposit before.

seating and clothing


Now, when I get a ticket, I go to a concert! About 30 minutes before the curtain time, the front entrance opens and you can enter like this.


As soon as you enter through the door, there is a person in charge of reception next to you, so you check the ticket and pay the rest. Very kind and polite service, good!


When you enter, the seats are arranged to surround the oval auditorium. It’s a little different from a general church auditorium.


The seats are unreserved. There were cushions on the floor, but there wasn’t one …。 where I sat. There were about 20 people in the audience on that day, all in plain clothes, but there weren’t very many people in rough clothes.

The program is 12 songs.


This program is here. There are 3 performers including Vn, Org and soprano. There are famous works such as “Ombra My Fu” and “Tice prelude” that can be enjoyed even by amateurs. However, the ability of the performer is not so good as the tempo is not stable. …。

But among the rich sound of the church, especially the high sound of violin sounds pleasant, so I think it’s worth listening to.


I thought they would come to the front of the audience to play, but the performers were always beside the pipe organ. This pipe organ is on the upper floor by the entrance of the church, but I didn’t know this and sat in the seat near the entrance, so I couldn’t see the performer at all …。

If you want to see the performance, it is better to secure a seat in front of the altar which is farthest from the entrance.

There is a chance to shoot after the performance!


The concert ended in about an hour. It will be closed after the performance, but the person who was the MC of this concert told me “You can’t usually enter here, so please take a picture.”, so I took this time to look around the church.


There is no stained glass in the church. There is no gorgeous decoration, but it is a refined design with calm colors.


There is a fresco on the ceiling. Perhaps the best place to see in this church is here. This oval shape is very similar to the Peter Church in Old Vienna. (Reference: The <<Peter Church>> near Stefan Cathedral is beautiful! Vienna, Austria)


The pipe organ is compact, but when I listen to it in a concert, I can still hear the bass. It must be the size of the church.

Even in such a small church, a simple electronic organ isn’t enough.

A Unique Experience in Austria


That’s why I reported on a church concert at Dreifaltigkeitskirche in Salzburg! I think you can have a unique experience in Austria if you stay at a hotel as well as a concert.

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