Domodedovo Airport (Dmestic) S7 Airlines Lounge Report!

We will be touring the lounges of Moscow Domodedovo Airport and finally reporting on the S7 Airlines Lounges!

The S7 Airlines Lounge, which serves both international and domestic flights, is positioned as a flagship lounge named after the Airport-based S7 Airlines. Although the interior had a sophisticated design, there were many guests, so I could not relax much. …

However, the taste of the buffet was high, and I was surprised at the high quality that I couldn’t believe it was a domestic flight lounge! This time I visited twice, during breakfast time and in the afternoon, and tried each one!

※This article was written before the virus scandal. This will be updated.

Entering the room by self check-in


The S7 Airlines Lounge at Domodedovo Airport (domestic service) is located one floor above the main concourse in the departure area. There is an entrance across from the Airport Business Lounge I told you about yesterday.

Entry is for business class passengers on S7 and OneWorld airlines, or for advanced status holders (Sapphire and above).


When you enter, there is a reception on the right side. When I presented my boarding pass, I was told to hold the bar code over the scanner on the counter. It seems to be self-check-in.


At the same time, I was told that there is no announcement about the boarding time in this lounge. I was surprised that the Priority Pass lounges I visited before coming here were all airline-operated lounges …

I think you should always check the operation information on the bulletin board.

Spacious lounge


The lounge is a bright space along a large window, with various seats arranged in a continuous space. It doesn’t have much space, but the ceiling is high so it has a great sense of openness!


There are various colors and shapes of seats in the lounge, but all of them come with a set of tables, so the interior looks like a cafe. There are no divisions such as “Dining” or “Library” and various seats are arranged evenly in every area.


There are various seat types, and it is good that you can use them according to the purpose, but with some exceptions, the seat pitch between the seats is narrow, so you can’t deny the impatient feeling. … Lounges of JAL and ANA are the same, but the lounges managed by airline companies in recent years have a feeling that it is inevitable to cut down the number of people. …


The area in the back of the lounge is raised one step higher, and there is a seat with a high back. Probably it is positioned as “relaxation zone” but the seat pitch is narrow here too so the population density is not bad …



In addition, there is a wide variety of seats, such as a space for individuals covered with fluffy partitions and simple chairs and tables like fast food.

Silent Lounge, Shower



Also, if you go up the stairs next to the reception, there is a small room. There is a “Silent Lounge” and there is a large sofa where you can take a nap. However, for some reason, the person in charge often comes to check it, so I am not very calm …


There is also a sanitary space near the stairs, such as a toilet, and shower facilities are available.

Buffet with a high level of flavor


Next, check the buffet menu! This time I visited during the afternoon time after lunch, and there were 2 kinds of soup, 4 kinds of hot meal, and salad, so it was quite substantial for a domestic flight!


The salad is served individually in a small bowl, which is quite stylish! Matcha hummus, chicken pate, and mozzarella salad.



Also, I visited this lounge in the morning of the day I came back to my country, and there were several sandwiches, pinchos, Spanish omelets, etc. on the breakfast menu, and the menu was also very fulfilling!



I tried lunch and breakfast little by little, and the taste was good! The vegetable paste in the chicken pate is flavorful, and the croissants for breakfast and the chocolate mousse for dessert are delicious!

I can’t believe that we can have such a high quality meal in the lounge of domestic flights. S7 Airline is also very good!

Alcohol is served at the bar counter.



On the other hand, there are not so many kinds of drinks, and soft drinks are only water and juice in the refrigerator and coffee served by an espresso machine.


You order alcohol at the bar next to the buffet. It’s nice that it’s a little fancy, but it’s hard that I can’t drink freely.


I thought the alcohol was free …, but when I ordered a sparkling wine, they said “There are four types of champagne.” and they gave me a price list, so I was surprised!

You can’t order by the glass, at least half bottle is 1,800 RUB … and other wine will be served by the bottle.


So I dodged the offer and ran for a cheap beer (lol). Fortunately, the beer is free.

This beer has the rich sweetness of barley and is refreshing to drink. It is quite delicious!

Good food! Not very comfortable?


So, this time, I managed 3 lounges at Domodedovo Airport (domestic service) in Moscow, but this S7 Airline Lounge was the best in terms of the level of meal! However, considering the narrow seat pitch and the crowdedness, I felt that I had to rank low in terms of comfort.

Still, the quality of the domestic lounge is amazing! I would like you to learn from JAL’s DP lounge.Also check out the other lounges at Domodedovo Airport.

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