Report! Russian Railway “Express” Dinner and Breakfast Menu

From the Deluxe Class of the Russian Express train ride from St. Petersburg to Moscow, this is a report of meals served in the train!

The meals on the Trans-Siberian Railway I mentioned before were not so big, but this time the Russian train was the same railway company, but the contents of both dinner and breakfast were acceptable. However, the difference between the option (charge) and the service (Free) was vague, so I was a little confused.

Dinner is optional


Meals served on board the Russian Railways (Trans-Siberian Railway) are essentially optional and can be selected from HP when booking tickets.

However, as long as I used this Express, breakfast was offered for free without selecting as an option. As with the Ocean we covered before, it’s probably only the Deluxe Class (deluxe car) that comes with breakfast automatically.

  • стандарт… Standard Menu
  • вегетарианский… Vegetarian Menu
  • детский… Child Menu

You can choose from 3 kinds of meals, but you can’t choose the detailed menu. The price was reasonable and the dinner this time was 509 RUB.


If you go to a restaurant on the train, you can eat for a fee, even if you don’t select it as an option when you buy a ticket. In the case of this Express, there is a restaurant exclusively for Deluxe Class in Car 1, so I think the conductor will prepare it if you ask him.


The restaurant’s menu consists of soup, appetizer, main dish and dessert, but there are less varieties than the 007 and the Ocean. You can grab a PDF of all the pages in the menu here “MENU-Express” (4 MB).

The optional “supper” taste …?


First of all, I will report from dinner (Standard menu) which I selected as an option! All meals were served in room service, but this time dinner was served approximately 15 minutes after departure (Quick!).


We can’t get the dinner menu, so we didn’t know the food until it was served, but the menu consists of appetizers, two main dishes and bagged bread. What would you like to drink? I was asked so I received orange juice first.


I don’t know the name of the dish, but this is probably a kind of Russian salad. It’s a salad with mayonnaise and crumbly eggs on top of pickles and potato slices. The refreshing cold salad is good for an appetizer, but I think it is not very tasty …


On the other hand, the main dish is grilled pork topped with apple and cheese. The pork and potato garnish are a bit hard, but the sweetness of the apple goes well together and the taste is good!

It felt like it was heated in the microwave, and I think that’s why it got hard, but if it’s fresh, I think it’s a very delicious menu.


However, the bread was super dry and not delicious at all. I felt it was a little better when I ate it at … 007, but the quality seems to be different depending on the line.

“Breakfast” Only 1 item on the menu?


The next morning, for the breakfast report, the time for breakfast was specified in advance by the conductor, at 7:45, 45 minutes before arrival in Moscow.


When the time came, the conductor appeared and left with the food skillfully! The menu was very small, only one main dish, bread, yogurt drink, and coffee or tea.



But this one and only dish is quite delicious! I think this is a cheese omelet, but the plump omelet is thick and juicy! The bacon inside is also delicious.


The bread is still dry and ready-made. I set this aside later and marinated it in honey the next day to eat (lol)! Tea is served in a tea pack.

Service breakfast different from charged menu




Also, the breakfast menu is placed on the table in the room in advance, but the contents are quite different, so this is probably the menu provided when you select “Breakfast” as an option.

The cheese omelet that came out this time is the main dish in the standard menu, so if you think about it, the difference between paid and free is whether or not there are appetizers, desserts and soft drinks.


The breakfast option price is 438 RUB, which is cheap, so you should choose it if you want to eat a lot. But even if you don’t have to pay for it, it’s enough if you can eat such a solid omelet.


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