Russian Railway “Express” Deluxe Class VIP Support and Bunk Beds are Comfortable!

I took the Russian Express train from St. Petersburg to Moscow and ended up with a report on the specifications of the beds in the top class “Deluxe Class (Люкс)” private rooms, the sleeping comfort and the transportation service upon arrival!

a bunk bed in a deluxe car “Deluxe Class”


The deluxe car “Deluxe Class” that I am riding this time is a special room with a spacious private room of 6.7 m2 with a bathroom, but since the capacity is 2 people, the bed is a bunk bed type.



The method of making the bed is the same as that of the Ocean. First, you move the table to the bathroom side, and then pull the back of the long sofa toward you to pull out the lower bed.

Unlike the first class car, the sofa doesn’t become a bed, but a new bed will appear!


Just like the upper bed, grab the handrail and pull it forward. It is so light that even women can pull it out, so it is easy!


The ladder to go up to the upper level is in the closet.

The upper shelf is 70 cm wide


It looks like this when you put a ladder on it. The upper stage is taller than I expected, and even a five-level ladder can’t touch the floor. Because of that, the stability of the ladder was bad, and I was quite scared to go up and down …


But the upper bed is very sturdy and firmly fixed, so I feel safe. Maybe a big, well-built Westerner wouldn’t be scared.


The width of the upper bed is 70 cm. I think it is the size of a general upper class sleeper train, but when I sleep, I feel it is wider than I expected and the cushioning is good! However, there are few handrails, so people who can’t sleep well should be careful.


If you go up to the upper bed, you can use the accessory case near the ceiling. It seems to be useful for putting a smart phone as an alarm clock.

The bottom is 110 cm wide semi-double!


On the other hand, the lower bed is a large semi-double bed with a width of 110 cm! It’s rare to see such a big bed in a sleeper train.

Like the upper bed, bedding is set in advance and fixed with a black belt.


I tried to lie down on the lower bed, but I didn’t feel any pressure probably because there was enough distance from the upper bed. However, if you drop something from the upper bed, it will hit the lower bed directly, so be careful of falling rocks (lol).

Good sleeping comfort! But …


I was traveling alone, so of course I used the lower bed, but the firmness of the mattress was just right and the pillow was soft, so it was comfortable to sleep in! The comforter is thin for all seasons, not for winter like 007.


The lower bed is only 175 cm long, so if I lie down as a man, I can’t straighten my legs, but in that case, I can take off the armrest of the sofa by the window and bring a pillow there.

This is what I learned on the Ocean, but it’s still better because it’s 5 cm longer than the Ocean bed (170 cm).


On the other hand, the air conditioning system is a pain in the neck. As I mentioned in the first article, it was hard to sleep in the middle of the night because the air conditioner was turned off by the central control at bedtime. …

I don’t know if this is the rule or the specification since it was the same with the Ocean, but I would like this to be improved!


Also, as Moscow is only 9 hours away, time flies by when I fully enjoyed dinner, shower, etc. … If you value sleep, it may be a good idea to take the plunge and skip the meal.

Free taxi pickup service after arrival!


Meanwhile we are at Moscow (Leningrad MRT Station)! Maybe because it was comfortable in the car, I don’t feel like I have traveled a long distance.



Now, Deluxe Class passengers get free transportation to their hotel. As soon as you get off the train, you’ll see a person in charge holding a tablet with your name on it.

The person in charge was a good-looking man, and he was kind enough to carry my suitcase on the way!


Go straight to the taxi parked in the parking lot in front of the station and go straight to the hotel! As for the location of the hotel, the information I told the conductor in advance on the train is distributed, so you don’t need to talk here.


It’s like a dream that you can go to the hotel by door-to-door without having to worry about price negotiation! They were so kind to me that I gave them a tip of about 300 RUB when I got off!

Deluxe Class in Express to enjoy VIP at a reasonable price

So, the deluxe car “Deluxe Class” of Russian Express which I used from St. Petersburg to Moscow, from the station lounge to the spacious private room with the independent bath and toilet, to the transportation to and from the hotel on arrival, it was a very comfortable travel which befits the name of VIP.


The fare this time is about 22,000 yen, so I have no complaints about the cost performance considering the transportation and accommodation costs! I think it’s much cheaper than the Grand Express which costs more than 50,000 yen. If you have a chance, please!

Please also take a look at the private room (Deluxe Class) and meals on the Express train that you took this time.

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