The Facilities of Qatar Airways A350 are Amazing! Business Class Boarding (Doha to Haneda)

Last flight in Vienna! We will fly from Doha to Haneda in Qatar Airways business class! I have been using Airbus 350, B777-200 and B 787 -8 for this trip, but this is my first time to take Qatar Airways Airbus.


The boarding gate for Doha Hamad International Airport is E20. Following the outward journey, we had a hard time reaching the very end of the terminal again. … On top of that, we stopped off at the open sea and had to travel by bus.


Probably because it was a final call, there was no bus for business class. It took me 30 minutes to get on the plane after I left the lounge because it took so long for the rest of the passengers to arrive. … At times like this, it’s best to get on the plane with priority boarding.

seat arrangement of the air bus 350


The flight to Haneda this time is an aircraft called A350-900. It is a mid-sized wide-body airplane that started operation in 2015, and the official name is “A350 XWB” which includes -800 others.

Finnair and Cathay Pacific have already introduced the One World Alliance, but JAL in Japan is planning to introduce it in 2019.


Business class seats are herringbone type with 1-2-1 array. This is exactly the same as the B 787, but the number of seats is about 60% more, for a total of 36 seats.


I thought the seat specification and facilities were exactly the same …, but the color of the seat and the design of the edge of the table are slightly different. I don’t know by sight, but maybe the angle of the seat is also different?


I chose 2A seat again this time. The seat number is displayed on the monitor, so it’s easy to understand when boarding.

Double blind in the window!


What surprised me most about the seat of the A350 was the blind function on the window. Unlike the B787 electronic curtains, which can’t completely block out sunlight, it has a completely light-resistant blind.


What’s more, these blinds are double layered, so you can make them semi-opaque! It’s useful when you want to block the sunlight but also want the brightness.


The operation is simple, and if you press down the arrow “↓”, the half light comes out first, and if the half light comes out completely, the blind with complete shading comes down. The blinds move smoothly, and this is a feature I would like Boeing to introduce!

Amenities & Japanese newspapers


After a while, CA greeted me politely. And amenities and pajamas were distributed. The amenities are a hard case in a different color from the one I got on my way from Narita.


As for the pajamas, I was asked what size I wanted, so I said, “I want a medium size.” and they gave me a pajama of a very delicate size that said, “S/M”. Last time it was “L/XL” so I think it was about 2 levels smaller, but when I put it on after I got home, it was a bit smaller as expected ・・・ Is there any middle “M/L” between this …?


In addition, there is a Japanese newspaper for the line to Japan. It was probably printed here (Doha) and stapled Mainichi newspaper. But the paper is sturdy and easier to read than one printed in Japan!

Airbus is really quiet!


We took off a little late from the scheduled time, but Airbus planes are really quiet! I felt it when I rode an A 330 of Malaysia Airlines before, but I hardly heard a “Whoa!” sound like Boeing just after takeoff, so it was a really smooth flight.

In Boeing you can hear it even when you are in the leading position such as business or first class, and the B787 is always grating with its characteristic electronic sound …


The belt sign is full color, and it feels like this is the next generation airplane. Comfortable A 350 business class, next time I will tell you about the in-flight meal report → Enjoy an Arabian breakfast! Qatar Airways Business Class (Doha to Haneda)

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