The National Opera of Prague “THE STATE OPERA” is like this!

This time, I would like to report on the auditorium of the “The State Opera” that I visited, as well as the performance of the orchestra and the quality of the play.

※This article was written before the virus scandal. This will be updated.

Access to the National Opera

The State Opera is very close to Prague Main Station (Hlavní Nádraží), but the nearest subway station is Museum (Museum). The distance between the two stations is extremely close, and even from Praha Main Station, it is only about 300 m, but the access is a little inconvenient as you have to cross the main road.

プラハの国立歌劇場The State Opera座席図と見え方をチェック!

The exterior is a little smaller than the National Theater we introduced yesterday. The history of the building dates back to the same 19 century as the Kokumin Gekijo, but it has changed its name several times, including “New Deutsche Theatre” and “Smetana Theatre” and was renamed to its current name in 1992.

a beautiful, old-fashioned but dignified auditorium

プラハの国立歌劇場The State Opera座席図と見え方をチェック!

The outside is not so much, but the auditorium feels historic weight. I can’t deny that it looks old, but I like it because it is more dignified than National Theater. Balcony seats are also easier to see in the back because this one has an angle.

プラハの国立歌劇場The State Opera座席図

The capacity of the audience seats is not so different from that of the National Theater, but there are a little more seats in the Hiradoma and the auditorium itself feels spacious. This time, I watched in the front row, seat number 24 in the center.

プラハの国立歌劇場The State Opera座席図と見え方をチェック!

This National Opera House also has a depth of orchestra pit, so even though it’s the front row, it’s a good distance from the stage. However, since it is in the very center, the conductor often hides the dancers from view. …。

On the other hand, it was good that I could see the conductor’s breathing, instructions and lead well. It may be the best place to feel the “Trinity” of the conductor, the performer and the dancers.

You can hear music better here than in the front row of the National Theater. Unlike the hall where all the sound is lost to the ceiling, it seemed to resonate to the audience.

Refurbishment completed in 2020!

プラハの国立歌劇場The State Opera座席図と見え方をチェック!

Also, you can purchase the performance ticket of the National Opera from the website of the National Theatre, which is the same as the National Theatre, but you cannot purchase the ticket now because there is the word “reconstruction” on the page. …。

According to the investigation, this National Opera is closed due to a major renovation work. The construction will be completed in 2018, so I think a very large scale construction is going on.

->In January 2020, many years of renovation work was finally completed! For details, click here

Dancers and orchestra skills: …

This time, I watched “Kurumawari ningyo” at the National Opera and “Sleeping Beauty” “Carmen” at the National Theater. I didn’t get bored with all the famous performances, but I was disappointed with the contents of ballet and opera …。

プラハ国立歌劇場The State Operaの客席と演奏の質は?

The feel of the stage set was cheap and the skill of the ballet dancers was not so good …。 I could not feel charisma from the performers.

Also, he was not satisfied with the performance of the orchestra, so he was not very good at processing the sound, for example, he missed the timing of the end of the song. “Sleeping Beauty” I saw many skillful individual skills such as the famous solo performance of Vn. in the PDD of the 3rd act, so I think each player’s skill is not bad, but …。 I feel that the whole orchestra is not united. Is this national character? Or the conductor?

Satisfaction is within price …

Unfortunately, the satisfaction after the performance is only a fraction of Vienna. In fact, I saw the same program in Vienna the day after I saw “Kurumawari ningyo” at the National Opera, and I was impressed by the quality of the stage set and the orchestra’s performance. After all, the management side must be based on the ticket income, so there may be a performance suitable for the price.

プラハ国立歌劇場The State Operaの客席と演奏の質は?

Although the contents of the performance were somewhat unsatisfactory, the historical buildings of both the National Opera House and the National Theater are worth seeing. It is a big attraction that the ticket is cheap, so I think it is good to enter with a cheap ticket for the purpose of watching ballet and opera easily.

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