Haneda Airport Terminal 2 “Power Lounge” is comfortable! It can also be used when using JAL!

Continuing from yesterday’s article, the report of the new card lounge “Power Lounge Central” opened in Haneda Airport! After the first terminal, the second terminal was newly opened, so I went to see it too!

It is the 2nd terminal which is the base of ANA, but you can enter even though you use JAL this time! It was a stylish, spacious and quite comfortable stay!

※This article was written before the virus scandal. This will be updated.

Above Terminal 2 departure lobby


It is Power Lounge Central in Terminal 2 of Haneda Airport. It is located on the 3rd floor above the departure lobby. Like Terminal 1, it is outside the restricted area.


It’s at the end of the aisle on the third floor, but it’s just above the departure counter of ANA, so I think it’s quite convenient before boarding ANA.

I arrived at Haneda by JAL this time, and I moved from Terminal 1, but I showed my gold card (Rakuten Premium Card) and the JAL boarding record, and the check-in was completed! I could enter the room for free even if I didn’t use ANA!

Spacious space with 68 seats!


When you go inside, there is a spacious space that continues all the way to the back! There are counter seats lined up on the window side facing the departure lobby, a cypress table in the center and a sofa area in the back.


The number of seats is 68. 1.7 times more than Terminal 1’s Power Lounge Central (40 seats). Does it mean that there are so many expected users? But at that time, there were less than 10 users of (19 o’clock) and it was very empty!


You can see the departure lobby from the counter seats. You can’t see the plane like the lounge in the restricted area, but the view like this is lively and good.


The sofa area in the back has a relaxed mood with the lights off. The sofa seats are raised from the window side to the wall side by one or two steps, so the view is open even in the back seats and there is a sense of openness.



There are two types of sofas. There is also a large black sofa that was in the T1 Central Lounge. The distance between the seats is wide, and there are many seats that don’t face each other, which makes me happy!

Free drinks!


The drink corner is near the center of the lounge. Unlike T1 lounges, there are two coffee machines with multiple juicers, and the selection is comparable to the lounges in the limited area. You can drink everything except alcohol (Beer) for free!



Soft drinks include orange juice, tomato juice, and iced coffee, as well as black vinegar drinks, green juice, and milk that are familiar to Power Lounge! I tried this black vinegar drink, but I think it is lighter and easier to drink than what I drank in the limited area.

It can also be used by JAL! You can make ladders.


Also, after arriving at Haneda by JAL this time, I came to this lounge via Power Lounge Central in Terminal 1, and I was able to use it without any restrictions. In other words, you can use a JAL ticket for free even though it is located in Terminal 2, and you can go to several lounges at once.


Getting here from the T1 is a lot of work, but it’s still a comfortable lounge worth a visit! The gold card holder of each credit card wants to use it without hesitation!

Terminal 1 is open from 6:00 ~ 20:00. Check out the T1 Power Lounge Central here – New Open! Power Lounge Central report (Haneda Airport Terminal 1)

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