MIYAKO ISLAND HOTEL with Beautiful Private Beach “PAI BASE RESORT”

Today we would like to introduce you to “hideaway” Hotel “PAI BASE RESORT” overlooking the beautiful ocean of Miyakojima.

When I visited this hotel for a year-end vacation in December based on the information that “Okinawa in winter is not recommended due to the cold and rough sea.” I took a breath of breath at the beautiful sea and beautiful sandy beach right next to the hotel.

PAI BASE RESORT Location and Guest Rooms

The location is in the northern part of Miyakojima, about 30 minutes by car from downtown. If you apply in advance, they will pick you up at the airport.

パイベースリゾート 宮古島 (21)

There are only 4 rooms, so it is more like a rental villa of condominium type than a hotel.

パイベースリゾート 宮古島 (1)

I was assigned to the room on the southernmost side. It is very spacious with an LDK, a bedroom and a modular bath that is about 10 tatami mats in size.

パイベースリゾート 宮古島 (2)

In addition to the kitchen and microwave, the dressing room is equipped with a washing machine “staying type”.

パイベースリゾート 宮古島 (3)

There is basically no housekeeping during the stay, but it seems to be the point where you can spend a relaxing time.

A private beach accessible from the terrace!

パイベースリゾート 宮古島 (7)

Each room has a terrace, and the area around the terrace is a large garden with a view of the beautiful sea. It is said that you can rent a BBQ set as an option, and it would be really fun to have a BBQ with the sunset in the background.

パイベースリゾート 宮古島 (5)

And the biggest point is that you can go down to the beach below. There is a staircase at the end of the garden, and if you go down from there, you will see …

パイベースリゾート 宮古島 (14)

There was a beautiful beach waiting for me!

パイベースリゾート 宮古島 (19)

Especially, the transparency of the water is amazing. This was the first time I knew that this is the sea of Miyako, the clear water with no turbidity.

パイベースリゾート 宮古島 (13)

The strange thing was that the rippling sound was not a common sound, but rather a “Sparkle” with some sort of reverberation.

パイベースリゾート 宮古島 (8)

It’s probably this. Since most of the sandy beach is the corpse of coral reef, I think they resonate like percussion instruments and make that kind of sound.

パイベースリゾート 宮古島 (16)

The temperature was 22 ~ 3 degrees, but the water temperature is high, so it’s cold to swim in a swimsuit, but I think you can swim without difficulty if you wear a wet suit.

パイベースリゾート 宮古島 (18)

The sea temperature is said to be 2 months late from the season, so it must be around 10 months when it is still hot in Miyako Islands. I regret that I did not have my own snorkel goods or wet suits with me at that time.

パイベースリゾート 宮古島 (11)

This beach feels like a private beach, but the local residents (?) But if you’re not sure what you’re going to do, you’re probably going to want to try it out. Unlike the garden in front of the terrace of the room, this is not a completely private space only for the guests.

The sunset beach is also special!

パイベースリゾート 宮古島 (24)

Oh, I just forget the time. When it is slowly twilight on the bench like this, …

パイベースリゾート 宮古島 (29)

Sunset in no time! At the end of the sea is Irabu Island. As the Irabu Bridge was recently completed, the access to the island has been dramatically improved.

パイベースリゾート 宮古島 (25)

The time is 17:30. The sun is so high that you can’t believe it was around the time of the winter solstice, and you can feel that you came to southern countries. We will use the ladder in the center and come down to the beach.

パイベースリゾート 宮古島 (28)

The tranquility of the beach and the sound of the waves are still there, but when the orange light shines on the waves, they show a different look.

Miyako Island at the end of the year and the beginning of the new year

パイベースリゾート 宮古島 (20)

I heard that the weather was bad in the southwest islands in December, but we were blessed with mild weather on the first day of our arrival in Miyakojima. However, from the next day, it was cloudy, and on the last day, it was rainstorm like a storm. It seems that good weather doesn’t last long in this season.

How was it? Even though it is hard to expect a stable climate, I thought the year-end vacation in a remote island away from the “main island” which has become a tourist destination, would be nice to have a warm climate and a “Do nothing” time that you can never experience in Honshu.

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