Watch “THE MARRIAGE OF FIGARO” at the Opera House of Graz!

Continuing from yesterday, this is an appreciation record at the opera house “OPER-GRAZ” in Graz, Austria. This time, I watched Mozart’s famous comedy <<The Marriage of Figaro>> at this opera house, but the opera I watch in the auditorium which is more beautiful than Vienna is impressive and good!

I would like to report on the seats and views of the audience and the performance of the orchestra. For more information on the ticket and access to the Graz Opera House, please refer to yesterday’s article → Seat map and ticket arrangement of the Graz Opera House/From the beautiful grand staircase to the audience!

※This article was written before the virus scandal. This will be updated.

View from GALERIE on the top floor


My seat this time is in the area called Galerie. Center on the top floor of the hall (fourth floor). Let’s go inside now!


After checking the ticket at the entrance, you will see a chandelier in the back of the seat! It looks like you can enter from a place very close to the ceiling.


The large chandelier hanging from the ceiling and the gold decorations radiating from it give the impression of a shooting star falling on the audience. Compared to the unadorned Vienna State Opera, it’s pretty gorgeous!


The capacity of this Graz Opera House is 1186. Compared to the Vienna State Opera, it’s only about half the size, but when you look at it from above, you’ll get the impression that the floor is wide and the orchestra pit is quite wide. This time it is “The Marriage of Figaro” so the composition is small, but with this size, it seems to fit about 3 pipes of 12 inch.


Speaking of the Opera House, there are box seats on both sides. The box seats at the Vienna State Opera were for 6 people per room, but this room seems to be for 4 people.

The most cost-effective 2nd category


Now, my seat this time is the front seat of Galerie Mitte! As you can see from the seat map, this GALERIE has 2 ~ 6 seat categories, and it is the only class without 1st category.


I thought the view was not good compared to other areas, but when I actually sat down, the view was perfect! There is nothing to block your view, and you can see the stage and orchestra at once, which is good! It is strange that this is the 2nd category, not the 1st category.


The foot is not wide, but it has more room compared to the graz friends association. But the handrail is low, so people with acrophobia should be careful?


In addition, the first row on the next floor (BALKON) is in the 1st category, but the distance from the stage is a little closer, so there is not much difference in the view. I can imagine that the bulging of the Galerie part gets in the way and the sound coming through the ceiling doesn’t sound.

In that sense, I think the first row on the top floor is a very cost-effective seat.

look at from the first floor


There is still time until the show starts, so I took a look at the first floor seats as well! The Hiradoma has a gentle slope towards the back, but if you go to the both sides of the back, the overhang of the upper floor will come over your head, so if you choose a seat around here, it would be better to be closer to the center.


When I look at the stage from the first floor seats, it’s quite impressive! During the performance, a translation (German) appears on the black part of the top of the curtain.


The feeling of looking up the upper floor is also wonderful! If you look up like this, you will understand more, but it is better to go to the top floor Galerie if you want to take the back of the 2nd floor Balkon which the ceiling is close.

Watch at the Gratz Opera: “The Marriage of Figaro”


The opera <<The Marriage of Figaro>> was composed by W.A. Mozart. There is no need to describe the plot, but since it is a comedy, you can enjoy more elements than other operas even if you don’t understand the language. At the beginning of (overture) there was an obscene production, but (laughs). ※ The program is €2.5.


The quality of the stage set and the ability of the singer are generally good! Even though the tickets were cheap, there was nothing wrong with them, and even though they were in the same stage set, they were full of variety according to the scenes.


However, the performance of the orchestra is not as good as it was when I listened to it at the …。 Gratz Friends of Music Association, and the violin doesn’t have the same sound quality even with the Tutti, and the horn is often scratched. Orchestras in opera are just for the accompaniment of songs, but this is a little disappointing.

I think it’s because Mozart’s works can only be heard as “major key” that the performance of Océ is more telling, but it made me a little sleepy.

a slightly expensive drink menu

Finally, the foyer in the break time and the bar menu were a little. Figaro’s wedding was a 3 act opera, but there was a 15 minute break between acts 2 and 3.


As I mentioned in yesterday’s article, there is a modern social place with a cafe and restaurant on the 4th floor of GALERIE, but the main thing is not here but the entrance lobby on the 1st floor.


It was the same as in Vienna that people come out of the seats and gather at the social place at the break time, but there were few crowds because foyers with bars were scattered everywhere. This might be the first time I’ve seen a bar that was almost full but had no queue during the break.


If you look at the bar’s menu, you’ll notice that a glass of wine costs €5.5, which is a bit pricey. In Vienna, you can drink for €3.8, which is a bit surprising.

But the champagne contained “Perrier Je Gran Brut”. The market price of the bottle is over 6000 yen! This is the Opera’s “bubble”, which is often served with cheap sparkling wine.

More beautiful than Vienna!


That’s why I have seen the Graz Opera House twice, and the auditorium is decorated with glittering gold which starts from a large staircase laid with a red carpet and feels the weight of history. Although the scale was small, I felt that the beauty of the inside was more than Vienna!


That’s a fraction of the price of a ticket in Vienna, so it’s a great way to enjoy full-blown opera. Please visit us when you come to Graz. Please see yesterday’s article about ticket arrangement.

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