“Naha West Inn” Accommodation Review! Comfortable Stay and Budget Hotel

This report is from the hotel I stayed at when I stayed in Naha “Naha West Inn”. In Naha city, there are many cheap hotels where you can stay for less than 5000 yen, but there are not only bad quality hotels but also many clean and comfortable hotels with the best cost performance.

I would like to report what kind of interior decoration and room this time Naha West Inn is under 5000 yen for 1 night.

The nearest station is “Asahibashi”

The nearest station to “Naha West Inn” is Asahibashi on the monorail (Yui rail). It takes 17 minutes from Naha Airport.

It’s a little far from the station, but it takes less than 10 minutes on foot. There were some cheap restaurants around the hotel where we could eat Okinawa soba, and there were several izakaya bars in front of Asahibashi Station, so there was no inconvenience in eating during our stay.


The exterior is a modern building with unfinished concrete, and it looks more like an ordinary apartment than a hotel.

“main building” and “new building”


Naha West Inn is divided into “main building” and “new building” and has different floor plans like “Residence Type” and “Hotel Type” respectively. Among them, “new building” seems to have just opened in September 2017, and there were flowers to celebrate the opening in the lobby.


The inside of the lobby is quite large, and there are many chairs with cushions, so you don’t have to worry about meeting up.


This time, I will stay in a residence type room of “main building” which has existed for a long time. I was told to use the elevator in the back which was far from the reception because it was a different building from the new building where the reception was.


However, the main building and the new building are connected on each floor and you can go back and forth freely, so there is no problem using the elevator next to the reception. On the contrary, there is only one elevator in the main building, so the waiting time is less if you use the elevator in the new building with two elevators.


Also, the corridor of the new building is indoors, including the elevator hall, but the main building is exposed like this. Of course, you have to wait for the elevator in the hot weather without air conditioning, so I recommend you to move to the new building and use the elevator when you are staying in the main building.

Bath and toilet separate! 1K floor plan


The room I received this time was on the 10th floor, the top floor. There were a lot of Chinese-speaking people around the reception, so I was a little worried about the hustle and bustle, but I never heard a voice.



There is a washing machine next to the entrance, a kitchen, a two-door refrigerator and a microwave oven. I think I can stay comfortably even if I stay more than a week. However, there were no pots or tableware and no detergent.



And Naha West Inn all rooms have separate bath and toilet! Hotels in Naha generally have separate bathrooms and toilets, so it’s not unusual, but I think few have independent doors.

The only drawback is that there is no independent washroom. In this way, when you do your hair after taking a bath, you have to work in the bicha bicha bath, which is a little inconvenient. …

Residence Semi Double Room


If you go through the corridor, you will find your room, which is about 8 tatami mats in size. This is the cheapest room in Naha West Inn, but this is enough for one person!


There is a large closet, and the storage is perfect. When I closed the door to the corridor, I could not hear any sound outside the entrance. I couldn’t hear the sound of the next room at all, so I think the soundproof performance is good.


The amenities are only comb, toothbrush and shaver. Towels were only hand towels and bath towels, and there was no bath mat to put on the floor. Also, in this hotel there is basically no daily cleaning of the room and it costs 1,000 yen per 1 visit if you wish (Free once for a week or longer stay), but towels can be exchanged for free if you bring them to the reception.


By the way, it can be seen on the balcony and the view is like this. This room is on the 10th floor on the top floor, and I wonder if I can barely see the blue ocean …。

A hotel where you can stay for 5000 yen


The accommodation fee this time is 4,950 yen for 1 night with a reservation from “Jaran”. It is an average price for a hotel in Naha, but I have no complaints about the size of the room, the facilities and the cleanliness! There is no detailed service like a city hotel, but it is a hotel like a weekly apartment where you can stay comfortably.