To the Church of Stift Nonnberg! Location of “The Sound of Music”

“Stift Nonnberg” is located on a hill in Salzburg, Austria. Since this is the monastery where Maria spent her time in the movie “Sound of Music”, it is introduced in each guidebook, but unfortunately the inside of the monastery is not open to the public.

But I heard that the church is open to the public, so I decided to go there!

※This article was written before the virus scandal. This will be updated.

How to get to Stift Nonnberg

Stift Nonnberg is on the east side of the old town. It’s right next to Salzburg Castle on the map, but it’s in the middle of a cliff, so you have to take a long detour.



The best way to get there is to look up Salzburg Castle from the Old Town and go to the left side of it, then head up the Nonnbergastige, an uphill road that separates from the street called Kaigasse.


If you go up the stairs and go straight along the street, you will see a small tunnel, and after that you will see the entrance of the monastery.


This area is located on a hill, so you can have a good view, and if it is sunny, you can see the distant mountains! It is located on the opposite side of the urban area, so you can enjoy a relaxing view full of nature.

Where is the entrance to the church?


As for Stift Nonnberg, the monastery itself is not open to the public, so you cannot enter the place where it seems to be the entrance because there is the word PRIVAT.


There is another entrance with iron bars in front of it, and the church is in the back. But at this time, this door is also closed and you cannot enter from here.


However, there was a vacant entrance in front of the tunnel that I passed when I came here from the old town. It seems that you can go in and out from here.


You go inside, pass through a well-maintained courtyard, and the entrance to the church is at the back. At first, I was a little confused as to whether it was OK to enter without permission, but an aunt who seemed to be a caretaker next to the entrance told me “The entrance is Koch.” so I took a breath!


The tightly closed door opens here and goes in. This place seems to be used for the scene of the main character Maria going to Trapp Mansion for the first time in the movie Sound of Music, but I don’t remember it well …

A church with a 1300 year history


The inside of the church is small. But it has a basilica structure with a clear nave and side corridor, and natural light comes in from the ceiling. The interior is not very fancy, but the main altar part is a little gorgeous!

On the altar, there is a small statue of the Virgin and Child in the center, with the Passion of Christ on both sides.



The monastery is said to have been built in 714 A.D., but if you look at the side corridor on the left, you will see something like a very old stone monument. The stone pillar with many holes tells a long history.


On the other hand, in the side corridor on the right, there are three small rooms, each with an altar, which is a relatively new wall painted in white. In addition, there is a grave in the basement of this church, and it seems that the first president of the church is sleeping there.

Good place to stay quietly!


So, I went to Stift Nonberg in Salzburg, which is located on a hill with a nice view, a courtyard with a glimpse of the movie atmosphere, and the inside of a church with a long history. There are not many visitors, so it might be a good place to stay quietly.

Also, the opening hours are not fixed, so please be careful when visiting. The website of the monastery is here.

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