JAL First Class Lounge (Narita Airport Satellite) Updated “Laurent Perrier”!

Following the lounge on the 3rd floor of the main building, I would like to report on the JAL First Class Lounge at Narita Airport Satellite. The first class lounge of the satellite is surprisingly empty despite the Sakura Lounge where you can’t even find a chair to sit during morning rush hours.

Also, there was champagne “Laurent Perrier” which was not in the lounge of the main building, but the package was new compared to before. How does it taste??

※This article was written before the virus scandal. This will be updated.

Red carpet for reception!


Go through the passageway from the main building of Narita Airport Terminal 2, and go to the right, and you will find the entrance of the lounge. Like the main building, the entrance is the same as Sakura Lounge.


When you enter, there is a reception where you can choose between first class or cherry blossom. You have to go downstairs from here to Sakura Lounge, but the first entrance is right next to it.


The red carpet is shining! This large red carpet is a rare item that you can never step on at Haneda Airport.

empty satellite lounge


When you enter inside, this place has a high-class feeling like the main building, which is not in Sakura Lounge! The luster of the floor is different!


If you look at MAP, there is a large lounge area with a separate dining area. It has basic facilities such as a massage room (Massage chair only), shower, and cloakroom, but it doesn’t only have a smoking area, and it says to go to Sakura Lounge if you use it.


The lounge area is arranged along the window and continues to the back. It is more spacious than I expected and has a sense of openness. Is it bigger than the lounge in the main building?


It’s about 9:30 AM. I came directly from the extremely crowded main building lounge, but there are 1 or 2 people in the building, and the situation is the opposite of the Sakura Lounge which is crowded at the … satellite. We should all come here more often.


I don’t know if it’s the difference in the design or the lighting, but it’s a satellite with a slightly inferior appearance compared to the main building. However, the arrangement of furniture around the sofa which is held in a tight position makes me feel that it is first class.

independent dining area


Next is the dining area. I thought only the area was separated, but it was completely separated with glass doors. At first, I thought this was a smoking room, so I passed by without thinking!



Near the entrance of the dining room, there are fancy seats with indirect lighting, and when you go to the back, there are seats with bright fluorescent lights.

Even though it’s breakfast time, it’s so empty! It is a different world from Sakura Lounge.



The buffet is the same as the main building. There is also a beer server, and the brand is “Asahi Dry Premium” the same as the main building.


Speaking of the menu which Sakura Lounge doesn’t have, this “Soup stock Tokyo” soup is one of them. The menu is “Lobster Bisque”.


This soup is said to concentrate the flavor of spiny lobster. I tried it a little, but it is surely a rich soup with shrimp flavor.

Soup Stock Tokyo has more than 60 kinds of soups, so if you are a partner, it would be great if you could offer not only one but also other flavors.

alcohol counter


Other than that, the brand of alcohol is the same as the main building. Alcohols are not in the dining room, but at the counter in the lounge area.


When I looked at the hard liquor corner, I found “Yamazaki 12 Years Old” which was not in the main building! Just this one is fine, so please don’t lose this one!

What does the new Laurent Perrier taste like?


And when it comes to satellite champagne, “Laurent Perrier”. This is the same one in the RED SUITE in the first class lounge of Haneda Airport, but the package is different from before (Reference → Haneda Airport JAL first class lounge sneak report!).

It’s a Laurent Perrier “La Cuvée (La Cuvee)” that was launched in June 2017, according to the web site of import distributor Suntory.

Compared to before, this brand is more particular about the selection of grapes and the maturing period in the bottle.


However, after drinking it, there is little lingering feeling and no energy. I have an impression that the flavor is less than before. It is said that the brand was renewed by brushing up the original “Laurent Perrier Brut L.P”, but this is rather “reform”, …

Originally, Laurent Perrier was not one of the most expensive champagne and one of the popular champagne that can be bought for 4 ~ 5000 yen on Amazon, so it may be wrong to expect so much flavor, but this is a little disappointing!

Nice lounge with quiet comfort


The champagne was lukewarm, but at the peak of the rush at 9:30 in the morning, it was a real treat to dine and drink in a quiet lounge with few people! This is the real pleasure of first class!

The difference from the lounge in the main building is that there is no “Sushi Bar” and the champagne brand is different. As I told you yesterday, the sushi toppings at the sushi bar have been getting worse for a long time, and the champagne quality is not so different, so maybe the main building has little advantage.


I like the elegant atmosphere of the main building, but it’s best to relax at this satellite during busy hours! This is the first class lounge of JAL in Narita Airport satellite! Please take a look at the article about the main building lounge too → Remains of the bubble? Narita airport JAL first class lounge’s high-class specifications are amazing! (Main Building 3rd Floor)

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