Miyako Beef Steak 5000 yen Limited to 10 Servings a Day! Cafe in Miyako Island “Leon”

This is the food report of Miyako beef steak I ate in Miyako Island. I didn’t come to Miyako Island for this, but it happened to be on the limited menu at a coffee shop called “Leon”, so I decided to try it.

The price is 5,000 yen! I would like to report whether the taste matches the cost.

coffee shop on Nishizato Boulevard

Miyako Island’s most bustling district “Nishisato Boulevard”, lined with restaurants. I was wandering around looking for a place to eat dinner. As I mentioned in the article “Manushi”, all the restaurants which are open at night in Miyako Island are Izakaya bars, and there are not many restaurants which you can easily enter by yourself. …


He happened to see a red flag with the words “Miyako beef” written on it. When I look closely, it looks like a coffee shop. You can’t see the store because of the curtains, but there is a sign on the door saying it’s open.

This is a coffee shop called “Leon”. It’s in the center of the street, just near the Family Mart. I didn’t feel like it, but it’s 20:30 at night and I’m hungry, so I’ll eat here tonight.


There are 6 tables for 4 people in the restaurant. There were about 4 groups of guests at that time, but they were all small, and I saw one of them.


There were places that looked like counter seats, but it was “reserved seat”. It may be a special seat for regular customers.

Cafe Leon’s menu


Let’s look at the menu. As it is a cafe, I would like to start with the drink menu. There are coffee shop like cream soda, but the coffee is only Vienna coffee and cafe au lait. We only serve Orion draft beer.


The meal menu consists of curry, set meals, rice bowls, soba, etc., which is similar to the Miyako soba restaurant I’ve been to. Even for set meals, it would be nice if they were all about 700 to 800 yen and even in Tokyo, I could eat at such a low price at night.


There seems to be some other menu named “Leon”, and the Leon steak is 1250 yen! I can hear the sizzling sound around me while I choose the menu, so I think it’s selling quite well.

5,000 yen menu limited to 10 meals a day!


While I was wondering which one to choose, I noticed the sign on the wall saying “Limited 10 meals special menu”. Miyako beef fillet steak, come to think of it, is this the banner displayed in the store that says “Miyako beef” …?

When I asked the staff, they told me that they still had some left and that I could order it. I was a little worried that there were only 10 meals a day left until this time, but I was attracted by the voice of “It is delicious.” and decided to order.


The salad and soup arrived in about 15 minutes after ordering. But the steak came right after that and I didn’t have time to eat these “Appetizer” …。

Miyako beef filet steak 250 g


The 5,000 yen Miyako beef steak is here! 250 g steak with rice.


It’s so hot that oil splashes! I wasn’t asked how to cook it, but when I cut it, the inside was pretty rare. I usually like well-done dishes, so I hesitated at first, but it was so soft that I could easily pass a knife through, so I can expect the taste.


When I ate it, it was hot outside, but the inside was still cold. I think it’s rare, but it doesn’t bite off like the fiber and rubber that are common in cheap meat (Of course, …), and it melts easily when you chew it while leaving the right amount of texture.


In addition, the meat itself doesn’t have much flavor, so please dip it in plenty of soy sauce-based sauce. Personally, I would like to add a little more salt and pepper, but this is delicious.


At the end of the meal, they brought me iced coffee saying “It’s on the house.”! The coffee is 400 yen if you order normally, and it has a good flavor.

24 hour coffee shop


Miyako beef steak costs 5,000 yen. My impression after eating it was that I was generally satisfied. I have some complaints about the seasoning, but this is the first time I have eaten such a smooth and fresh meat! The Leon Steak (1,250 yen) is on the grand menu. I would like to try comparing the taste with this one someday.


This is Leon coffee shop. It is open 24 hours! I think it is very valuable to be able to eat set meals and Miyako soba even when the regular restaurants are not open. If you are looking for an ordinary restaurant rather than an izakaya on Miyako Island night, why not consider this cafe, Leon?

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