Budget Hotel in Miyakojima “Hotel Kyowa” Report! Differences between Twin and Single Rooms, etc.

I will report on Miyakojima which I visited at the end of June and the accommodation “Hotel Kyowa” at that time. This hotel is located in a convenient location near the city of Miyakojima, and you can see many compromises that only a budget hotel can offer. For some reason, I decided to use two rooms, a twin room and a single room, so I would like to see in detail what each room is like.

Access to Hotel Kyowa and Parking

Hotel Kyowa is located in the Hirara district of Miyakojima, Okinawa Prefecture. This area is the most prosperous area in Miyakojima, and there are many restaurants such as Izakaya.


There were many Izakaya and restaurants within 5 minutes’ walk from the hotel, so I had no problem eating and drinking during my stay. If there is a shop where you can only go by car, you can’t drink alcohol. FamilyMart is also close by, and there is a supermarket (San-a) just 5 minutes by car, so there is no shortage of daily necessities to buy.


To get to Hotel Kyowa, it is convenient to take Prefectural Road 243. You go toward the sea from the direction of Miyako Airport, and enter the narrow road on the way down the slope toward the port. Then you will see the torii gate immediately, and the parking lot of the hotel contract is in front of it.


The parking lot is big enough for about 20 cars, but half of it is a contract parking lot other than the hotel, so you need to be careful when parking.


The designated parking lot of Hotel Kyowa is only on the side with the torii. You can park only where there is a sign of Hotel Kyowa like this.

a cat lying at the entrance


The entrance looks like this (The lens is cloudy and I can’t see well, but …). Although it is a cheap hotel, the approach is spacious and well-made! But the stairs and handrails give a very old impression.


There was always a cat lying on the stairs at this entrance. I always see them when I go out in the morning and come back in the evening.


How dependable … or brazen … people can lie in the middle of a pedestrian staircase, but they won’t move at all, so I’m afraid I’ll step on them if I’m not careful!

In addition to this main building, there is an annex, which is a new building.

Lobby and Reception


As soon as I entered from the entrance, there was a reception. I think you rarely have to wait because there are always people except at night and there are several staffs. You can leave your car key here when you check in at night.


The lobby in front of the reception. Although it is an old hotel, the chair is a beautiful cream color. There is only one PC in the back.


This hotel has four floors. It is small, but there is also an elevator. My first room was a twin room. I was lucky to get a bigger room when I used the discount package, but it was a room with a bit of a complaint …

cramped economy twin


I was led to the economy twin room on the second floor of the main building. There are 2 single size beds, so it is much smaller than other city hotels. As it is on the 2nd floor, you can’t see the view from the window at all … In addition, there is a slightly larger “Standard Twin” in this hotel.


Next to the bed was a desk at … which was about 40 cm wide “work shelf” and the chairs seemed to be in a reception somewhere. The height of the chair is not enough, so it is inconvenient for PC work and writing.


Electric kettle and pan-pincha. In the case of a twin room, there are usually about 2 rooms, but since it is a single room, only 1 room is available …


There is an ashtray on the desk. There is no “non-smoking room” in this Hotel Kyowa, so if you want to quit smoking, they will deodorize it. At this time of the year, it is rare to find a hotel where the remnants of Showa era still remain. If possible, I wanted an air purifier …。


Other than that, the lighting fixtures show how old the hotel is.


But the air conditioner is working. Or rather, this air conditioner is a lifeline in a way! Miyakojima is extremely humid, so I can’t sleep without dehumidifying it. Dehumidification is much cooler than normal air conditioning.


Although the refrigerator is compact, it can hold a 2-liter plastic bottle. Be aware that the power is off when you arrive.



The bathroom is old but large enough. The toilet has a bidet, and I wonder if it has been replaced recently. There was no smell from the drain, and I didn’t feel uncomfortable using it.

Bed springs were broken …


But this twin room had a big defect. The spring of one bed was broken. When I put on my pajamas and lay down on the bed, my body sank into a strange position and I couldn’t possibly sleep.


On the other side of the bed, the springs are a little better, but when you lie down, the curtain with a lot of moisture comes close to your face, and perhaps the curtain rail doesn’t fit the size of the window frame, the outside light comes directly through the gap between the curtains and illuminates your face.

As I was already nervous, I couldn’t sleep well in a place like this and didn’t notice until I went to bed at …, so I endured with this on the first day, but after the second day I had my room changed.

economy single


The place where I changed was economy single room on the 4th floor of the main building. The size of the room is even more compact than the economy twin mentioned earlier, and the bed is also single size, but the spring is no problem (Even so, the quality is far inferior to the major city hotels, but …).


The view is not good …, but it is a bright room with good sunlight because it is on the 4th floor. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see the ocean because it was a room facing south.


The desk, like the twin, is about the size of a work shelf. The chair has wheels, but this one is also not high enough.


The bathroom is different from the twin room. The twin room had a built-in tile type, but this one has a unit bath type that I put in later. It was very beautiful probably because it was just introduced. However, the size is smaller than the twin room, and it is hard to wash your face in the sink.

The price is not that cheap …?

hotelkyowa-miyakojima (34)

I used the JAL package this time, but if I reserve this Hotel Kyowa individually, the cheapest economy single room is 6,000 yen per person for 1 night during the ocean season. Considering the price in Okinawa, it is quite expensive. You can find a beautiful hotel in Naha even if it costs around 4,000 yen.

Still, I think it’s one of the first hotels to be considered when I search for a cheap travel package in Miyakojima. Considering the convenience of the location, I think it is a reasonably priced hotel.


Actually, this is my 2nd stay at this hotel, and I used it for a business trip to the office about 10 years ago. After 10 years, the facility was as old as it used to be, but I could see the efforts to improve the comfort little by little, such as the water area of the single room being renewed.

In addition, if the bed can be renewed …。 If it is in such a good location, I think it will become more popular if it is cleaned a little more. The manager was kind and polite, and it was kind of a shame …

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