Lisbon International Airport Access, Terminal and Duty-Free Shops, Check out!

After finishing sightseeing in Lisbon, Portugal, we will go to Hungary, the next country we will stay in! This time I would like to check the access to Lisbon International Airport, the terminal and duty-free shops in the restricted area.

※This article was written before the virus scandal. This will be updated.

Easy access to the airport by subway!

Lisbon International Airport is located next to the city center and is directly connected to the subway, so it’s easy to access! If you take the Red Line, it is only 3 stations away from Oriente Station, and you can also get there from Rossio Square in about 30 minutes with a transfer.


The subway station is located in the basement of the airport, so it is a 5-6 minute walk to the terminal. When going from the city, it is convenient to get on the first car because there are elevators and escalators nearby!

The subway in Lisbon is explained in detail here → Lisbon “Metro Bus” route MAP and how to ride it!



The entrance to the airport terminal is right in front of the subway entrance. You have to go outside once, but you don’t have to worry about getting wet by rain because it is a place with a roof.

departure lobby of terminal 1


Lisbon International Airport has two terminals 1 and 2, but most major routes, both international and domestic, depart from and arrive at terminal 1.

Terminal 2 is used by LCC such as Easy Jet and Line Air, so we tourists don’t have many opportunities to use it.


When you enter from the entrance of Terminal 1, there is a hole with a high ceiling for wiping. From here to the left is the check-in counter, the departure gate in front, and the arrival lobby on the right.

lisbon-airport (11)



There are several restaurants in the arrival lobby, as well as shops selling Sim cards and ATMs for money exchange.

Six separate check-in areas


On the other hand, the place of the check-in counter is divided into 6 areas from “A” to “F” depending on the destination, and you can check the corresponding area on the electric bulletin board. The TAP Portuguese airline I am using this time is in the “A” area.


The area A is for Portuguese Airlines only, and there is an economy class counter in the front, and there is a business class and premium check-in for senior members in the back, and I would like to report this in the next article.


After checking in, head toward “Boarding gates” and go to the departure gate. As it is a small airport, the connection is short, but it is somewhat confusing because it is a mess. …

The limited area and duty-free shops/wine section are complete!


After departure inspection and baggage inspection, go to the restricted area. You go to the departure gate through the aisle with duty-free shops.


There is a large waiting room with an open ceiling just before the departure gate and there are lots of duty-free shops around. There’s also a self-serve cafe, but the espresso and Nata set is €3.4, an outrageous height … that’s double the city!


The duty-free shops are all airport standard stores such as watches, jewelry, and perfume, but when I stopped at a duty-free shop called DUTY FREE STORE on the way here from the security check, the wine section was very substantial!


As for wine, we have bottles from each region of Portugal, and of course we also have port wine! They also sell TAWNY wine from the winery CALEM.



I thought it was very expensive because it was a shop in the airport, but it was about 10% more expensive than a supermarket in the city, so it was a good deal! This may be your last chance to get a good port.




Other than that, there are Portuguese cheese and canned tuna which is popular among tourists, so it’s perfect for looking for the last souvenir from Portugal! However, the canned tuna which can be bought with €1 in town costs more than €3, and compared to wine, it seems quite expensive …

airport with a compact collection of necessities


So I checked out the facilities at Lisbon International Airport! There were some places where it was difficult to find the way from check-in to the security check, but the necessary things were compact, so I think it is an easy airport to use once you get used to it.

Next time, I will report on business class check-in of TAP Portugal Airlines!