The “PRIVATE BEACH” of Kuruma Island is Beautiful! Snorkeling at Musunung Beach

About 500 meters south of Nagama Beach on Kuruma Island, which we covered in yesterday’s article, is another beach full of privacy. A breathtaking emerald green sea and a quiet, unpopular beach! This was my favorite beach during my trip to Miyako Island.

Kuruma Island “Musunun Beach”

The beach we visited this time is very close to Kuruma Island “Nagama Beach”. Cross the Kuruma Ohashi bridge from Miyako Island, and it is located on the opposite side of the island.

If you look at Google Maps here, you’ll notice the beach is labeled “private beach”. According to my research, this beach is called “Musunun Beach”. Musunun has the meaning of “insect repelling” and it is said that the name of Musunun comes from the fact that a religious service for praying for a good harvest and exterminating harmful insects is held on this beach every spring.


If you break off from the farm road and go down a narrow road toward the sea, you will see a parking space soon. Even if you try hard, the parking space is limited to 7 ~ 8 cars, but the ground is well paved.

The emerald green sea from the cliff!


What a beautiful view of the sea from here! It was emerald green all over, and the water was so clear that you could see the rocky surface of the seabed clearly.


This place is like a small cliff and you can see the sea from a little high place. If you go to the right, you will see a white sandy beach. It looks like an inlet and has a nice atmosphere.


We arrived around noon, but the population was sparse. If you look around, there are only about 5 ~ 6 people. At this time, it was a little past the high tide, and I think it was crowded with people at the beach, but it was really quiet and good!

Go down the rocks to the beach.


The slope from here to the beach is gentle, but there is a little difference in level in front of the beach. It’s a very rugged rock with many sharp points, so you can’t walk there barefoot! If you fall down, you will be seriously injured, so be careful.


A small beach shaped like an inlet. There are rocks here and there and the beach itself is small, but it is smooth and beautiful sand. It’s a blissful time when only the sound of waves can be heard quietly! If you put your parasol here and lie down, it must be very comfortable.


The bottom of the cliff looks like this, and this area is shallow enough to be below knee level, so no diving!

There’s a coral reef just off the coast.


Then, snorkeling in this beautiful sea right away! I took a quick look around the ocean, and there were no coral reefs near the beach, so I would have to swim a little further offshore.


But the person who was swimming first was always around the bottom of the cliff, so there might be a lot of fish around here. Anyway, I decided to try swimming.


When you go into the water, you can see fish, but it’s not so much a tropical fish as a normal group of gray or black fish sometimes swimming together. More than that, the water is muddy and not good. Seen from the outside, the sea was so clear, but when I swam, it was surprisingly less transparent. …。


There are few corals, and the rocks protrude all over the place, so if you are not careful when swimming, you might get injured by bumping into it. The area around the cliff doesn’t look very good for swimming.


However, as we went several tens of meters offshore from the coast, the coral gradually increased and the water became clear. On this day, regardless of the appearance, the waves are a little high when you swim, and when you run against the wind, it often doesn’t move much. We should be careful not to go too far offshore and not be able to return.


The yellow and black striped pattern is familiar “Tsunodashi”, and you can see this colorful fish that is Okinawan! However, considering the amount of coral, there may be little fish …。

A private beach within easy reach of Miyako Island


The private beach of Kuruma Island “Musunun Beach”, the clear emerald sea and the cove beach like a hideaway, it was a very nice beach! There are few people coming, and the time passes slowly.


There are no restrooms or showers, and you can’t see the coral reef unless you go a little offshore, so I don’t recommend it for snorkeling, but you can relax just by looking at the beautiful sea from the top of the cliff or listening to the sound of waves on the beach, so I think it’s good to stop by without swimming.


I have been to Miyako Island and the surrounding islands to visit the beaches, and with the stunning beautiful sea and quiet sandy beaches, I highly recommend the Musunun Beach on Kuruma Island! I hope you will visit.

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