Kinkaku-ji Temple, Spend a Luxurious Time in Kyoto! Have a Delicious Matcha

In Kyoto, where there are few foreigners due to the new Corona, when you go to one of the famous tourist spots “Kinkaku-ji Temple”, it is also empty! We took a leisurely walk in the quiet precincts, and at the end we enjoyed a luxurious time with matcha!

I will report a slightly unusual scene in the grounds of Kinkakuji Temple where there are few people.

No one at the entrance …

One of the World Heritage Sites in Kyoto “Kinkaku-ji Temple”. The location is in Kita Ward, Kyoto City, at the far north of Kyoto, so access is a bit inconvenient … If you use public transportation, the nearest bus stop is “Kinkakuji-dou” of the city bus.

*The “Kinkakuji-mae” stop is closed after 3/19.


From the security guard entrance to the approach to Kinkakuji Temple. The well-maintained sidewalks tell of the high demand for sightseeing, but the number of people was sparse at 2 PM ・・・


As for the approach to the shrine, this street is empty … It feels as if you are visiting an unknown temple in a rural area, but walking along the quiet approach to the shrine with no one seems to wash your heart.




I went through the main gate and bought a ticket at the reception. The admission fee is 400 yen and you can use this charm as a ticket.

Photo spots facing Kinkaku are empty


Now, the precincts of Kinkakuji are a one-way street, and a short walk from the first gate leads you to a photo spot where you can see Kinkakuji along the “Kyōkochi pond”.


This is usually the busiest place for tourists, but the streets are sparsely populated. No, this is the first time I’ve been to Kinkakuji where there aren’t so many people! With this, you can take as many photos as you want without worrying about others!


The golden temple standing in kyokochi pond, it’s nice to see it every time. Kinkakuji was built in the 14 century, but the “Kinkaku (reliquary hall)” building itself was destroyed by fire in 1950 and rebuilt in 1955.




After that, the repair work and maintenance seem to be carried out frequently, and the building is 360 degrees and shiny! Inside is a breathtaking interior surrounded by gold and jet black, but unfortunately the interior is not open to the public …

Walk around the tasteful precincts


After viewing Kinkaku along Kyoko Pond, walk through the precincts of the temple through highlights such as “Rikushu no Matsu” and “Ryumon Falls” “White Snake Mound”.




The official name of Kinkaku-ji Temple is “Rokuon-ji Temple”. This beautifully maintained garden is designated as a special historic site. This kind of tasteful and emotional scenery is unique to Japanese temples.


As expected, I thought that foreigners would never come to …, but I saw 2 groups! I don’t know if you are a resident of Japan or a tourist, but it is a brave action.

Enjoy a luxurious time at a matcha (green tea) table with no one around!


At the end of the tour, there is a “Matcha Green Tea Seating” right next to the Fudo-do, where you can enjoy matcha for a fee. The inside of the building with a tiled roof is a cafe, but you can also eat at the outdoor seats next to it.


The fee is 500 yen per person. You will be shown to your seat after you pay at the reception.


The outdoor seats are a typical garden of Kyoto with traditional chaya-style red seats, and the proprietress will bring green tea and sweets to the seats later. It seems that it is usually crowded with foreigners, but at this time, I am the only one left!



There are few people passing by on the side road, and you can hear the chirping of nightingales when you are alone. It’s a luxurious time that you can rarely enjoy!

The fragrant matcha and tea sweets are also delicious!


Soon after we sat down, they brought us green tea and tea sweets! Set of matcha in a large tea bowl and chagashi “Wasanbon sugar”.


This matcha has a very rich aroma and a long lingering flavor and is delicious! Before coming here, I had a cup of matcha at a cafe near Kawaramachi Station, but it was not as good as I expected, but the taste seems to be quite different depending on the cafe.


Wasanbon sugar is an original tea confectionery with the embossing of Kinkaku-ji Temple. There is the sweet bean paste pickled in salt inside, and the moderate saltiness and the sweetness of the bean paste that spreads slowly afterwards! It has an elegant taste that is perfect for matcha and is delicious too!


You can also buy Wasanbon sugar at the store, which is 900 yen for 6 pieces and 1,300 yen for 9 pieces. It is perfect for a slightly high-class tea ceremony!

The precious experience is now!


That’s why I visited Kinkakuji Temple, where I was able to walk quietly in the quiet precincts where there were few people. It’s a privilege only for now to have such a precious experience! If you want to fully enjoy the beauty of Japanese temples, now is the time!

The business hours may change depending on the social situation in the future, so please check the official website when you visit.

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