Vienna KARLSKIRCHE Concert Appreciation Record! Ticket purchase and the flow of the day

Today, I will tell you about the Karlskirche concert I saw in Vienna, Austria!

The program is a W.A. Mozart Requiem. Orchestras and choral performances in beautiful churches are different from those in ordinary concert halls, and one of the attractions is that you can listen to them at a reasonable price compared to concerts by Rakuyu Kyokai.

This time, I would like to report about the arrangement of the ticket, the flow of the viewing day, the view of the seat and the sound.

Purchase tickets from HP

Tickets for the concert at Karlskirt can be purchased from the website dedicated to the church concert.


Tickets vary in price depending on the performance, but Motsurek costs €46 to €31, plus children (student) and standing room (Free). It seems that you can buy additional program, but I bought it in the hall on the day and the price was the same €2.


You can only pay by credit card (Visa or Master). “hobex” is an original payment system by an Austrian company, so I don’t think Japanese people will use it.

When the payment is completed, you will receive a copy of your e-ticket by e-mail, so you can print it out and bring it with you on the day. Also, at this point, you can’t make a seat reservation, and it seems like it will be allocated on the day.

Location of Karlsketch

Now, Karlskill is in front of a park in front of Karlschplatz Station in the old city of Vienna. It’s outside the link, but the National Opera and the Rakuyu Association are nearby, so it’s not an inconvenient place.


Karlsketch was completed in 1737. It is a baroque architecture characterized by a large dome in the center and two long and narrow towers at both ends. During the day, you can see the inside of the church like other churches, and after closing at 18 o’clock (19 o’clock on Sundays and national holidays), concerts like this one are held every day (Refer to the website for regular opening hours.).


Since it was Christmas season (At that time it was only November, but …), the park in front of the church was very crowded with Christmas market. There are so many children that there are even temporary attractions.

You exchange the real ticket next to the entrance.


The entrance to the church is on the right when you look straight ahead. When I went there, there was a long line waiting for the venue. Although there is still almost 1 hour until the show starts, this queue, the tickets are categorized, but I was a little worried that each of them might be non-reserved seats …。


The ticket office was next to the line at the entrance. Here, show the copy you printed and brought, and exchange it for a real ticket. “The exchange must be done 30 minutes before the show starts.” was written on the purchase agreement, but there was a line in the ticket office even after the doors opened 30 minutes ago, so it’s not that strict.


The ticket unfortunately, thermal paper …。 seats are not non-reserved and are designated here. “Row1” means in the front row, I will decide whether this seat is good or not later!

Blanket required! a typical cold church visit


Open 30 minutes before the show starts (19: 45), follow the queue and your ticket will be checked inside.


And this blanket was handed over. It’s very cold in a church without a heater, so you can hang it on your lap to appreciate it. At first I thought I didn’t need this kind of thing as a man, but the coldness during the performance was beyond my imagination! I definitely recommend you to receive it.


As for the clothes of the audience, it is natural that they all wear coats because there is no heater. Since it is a concert in Vienna, I have worn a jacket for the time being, but it would be no problem to wear a casual one.

Unlike Opera House, church concerts don’t have a place to socialize, so you don’t have to worry about what to wear.

a beautiful scaffold auditorium


Auditorium with magnificent views! There is no stained glass and there is little gilt, but the marble, the finely decorated stone statue, the contrast and the deep colors are beautiful beyond description.

karlskirche-wien (13)

The auditorium is similar to the “St. Peter’s Church” I told you about the other day, because the nave is not in the shape of a clear cross and there is no parallel side corridor. But this one is much bigger and bigger.


There is a beautiful fresco on the ceiling, but unfortunately there is a scaffold for the construction and I can’t see the whole thing well. The construction has been going on for years, but an elevator built into the scaffold is open to tourists, who can climb close to the ceiling during daytime business hours.

The price is rather high, €8, but you won’t be able to climb after the renovation is complete, so it might be better to visit as soon as possible if you want to see the fresco nearby.


The pipe organ on the back is also beautiful! But the design is similar to other churches in Vienna. There is no stained glass on the back, but the picture on the upper side is also nice.

Programs, performances and views


Now, the seat in the front row that was assigned this time. It is not a long seat of the church, but a temporary chair placed in front of it.


The view from this seat is here. I can’t see the players in the back, but I don’t mind because the orchestra is small (4 -3 -2 -2 -1). It looks up the stage a little, but it might be good because it brings back the altar behind the performer and beautiful decorations into view.


This performance is <<REQUIEM KV 626>> by W.A. Mozart. This is a regular church concert program that I have listened to at the Holy Cross Church in Warsaw, Poland. The tuning is surprisingly low, and sometimes it feels as low as a semitone.


Probably because the distance to the orchestra is too close, the sound of each instrument can be heard separately, but the harmony can be heard clearly because the chorus group is within a reasonable distance. The reverberation time is about 4 seconds (? ) Maybe because the audience seats were filled with people, I could see the feeling of going through to the ceiling far away.

a church concert


Karlskirche’s “Mozart Requiem” concert. The long reverberation and beautiful scenery that cannot be experienced in an ordinary concert hall are worth seeing as (hearing). However, as far as I listened to this performance, the quality of the performance was not so high, …。

However, I don’t think musical instruments will be played as expected in a cold church, and I think they are doing their best in a harsh environment, so I can’t say for sure.


If you look at the website of the Karlskill concert, you can make a reservation for the concert more than half a year ahead, and it seems that the concert is held every day in July and August, which is the off-season of the regular concert, so there are many chances to come, so those who are interested in the concert can come and visit.

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