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Irabu Island is located on the west side of Miyako Island. With the opening of Irabu Ohashi in 2015, we can easily access from Miyako Island by car. I went to “Makiyama Observation Deck” on Irabu Island to see the Irabu Bridge from a high place.

Parking lot and Makiyama Park

Makiyama Observatory is located in the southeast of Irabu Island and close to Irabu Ohashi Bridge, but it is difficult to find the way because it is located in a labyrinth of land on the island.

I crossed the bridge from Miyako Island, turned right immediately after entering Irabu Island, entered a side road about 1 km away from the island’s circumference road, and headed inland, but I took a long way along a narrow road that was close to a farm road. As you can see on the map, I think it is easier to go from the left turn after crossing the bridge.


The parking lot is spacious! It is an authentic parking lot with 3 spaces for large buses. I visited there around 18 o’clock, and there was no one but me, …。


The parking lot is located 250 m southwest of the observatory, and you need to walk from there.

walk through a primeval jungle


According to the information board, this area has become a little sightseeing spot called “Makiyama Park”. There is a promenade in the primeval forest and it is a walking course.


Walking along the road from the parking lot to the observatory, you will find a jungle! You can hardly see such dense primeval forests around Miyako Island.


It takes a little bit of courage to get in, according to the information board on the side street …。, you should be able to get to the square, but there are no streetlights and the atmosphere is like you don’t know what will come out. After the evening when the sun is setting, I hesitate to go forward a little.

The virgin forest seen from the observatory is amazing!


I can see the observatory! Even if it’s an observation deck, it’s only a low-rise building built on a small hill. According to the website, this observatory was completed in 1981, but the exterior walls are white and beautiful.


When I went up the stairs and looked back, the subtropical virgin forest was amazing! The view is quite impressive. I didn’t know there was such a view in Miyako Island area which has only an image of the sea!


The sea behind the primeval forest is also wonderful. From the outside, it was not so high, but when I climbed it and looked around, I felt it was quite high.

Overlooking the Irabu Bridge


Inside the observatory, there are only log chairs and tables. I can’t find binoculars and other facilities that are common in the observation deck, and I feel the inside is quite old compared to the white and beautifully painted exterior walls. I don’t think it’s comfortable as there is garbage on the ground …。


The projected Irabu Bridge remains on the fence. However, since it shows the total length of the bridge and satellite photos, it may be used as it is.


I looked at the direction of Irabu bridge from here! You can see the 3,540 meter bridge from end to end. The color of the sea is not so beautiful at this time, maybe because the sun is going down. …?


Looking at it this way, the central part of the bridge raised for ships to pass through is quite high. When I was driving, I felt a steep slope.

The Irabu Bridge also has a water pipe, which is said to have provided water for daily life to Irabu Island from the Miyako Island subsurface dam. I heard that the water supply cost of Irabu Island has decreased because of this, and the benefit is not only the distribution cost.

I will stop over at Irabu Ohashi Bridge.


On the way back from this Makiyama Observatory, I got off on the way to Irabu Ohashi. There are small parking spaces on both sides of the road in the raised area in the center of the bridge.


But the space is so small that I can barely afford three cars. At that time, it was in the evening and there were not many cars, so I was able to park my car smoothly, but when I went there again in the daytime when it was sunny later, I could not park my car because it was full both ways. As I thought, places like this are popular among tourists.


Is it similar to the underwater road on Okinawa’s main island? Maybe it’s dusk, but you can’t see the blue ocean at all … I think this should definitely come during the day.

I want to visit during the day next time.


That’s why I went to see Makiyama Observatory on Irabu Island and the Irabu Bridge that opened in 2015. The total length of the Irabu Bridge, including both ends, is close to 5 km. When I actually drove, it took 6 to 7 minutes to pass through, which gave me the impression that “It’s been a long time”

Makiyama Observatory overlooks the Irabu Bridge and the sea. If you visit, I recommend you to visit in the daytime on a sunny day where you can see the beautiful ocean.

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