Hong Kong Cultural Center Concert Hall Viewing Report! Ticket Arrangements, Seating, etc.

This time, I will report the orchestra performance that I saw at the concert hall of the Hong Kong Culture Center! I will tell you in detail from how to buy a ticket to the inside of the concert hall.

※This article was written before the virus scandal. This will be updated.

Buy tickets on the URBTIX page

About the performance ticket of Hong Kong Culture Center, I made a reservation and purchased it from the homepage of URBTIX.

ticket (1)

URBTIX (urban ticket system) is a ticketing service run by a company called Cityline. It is like “Ticket Pia” in Japan and it is possible to arrange various concert tickets in Hong Kong.

ticket (2)

ticket (3)

Select a date from the calendar on the top page, then select a performance. If you press the sign on the cart, the login screen will appear, but you can buy a ticket without registering.

Select the displayed authorization code from the image below and press Login.

ticket (4)

Select the category, type and number of tickets and press “Normal Purchase” to display the seat map and you can make detailed seat reservations. You can see the seating arrangement of the whole venue by pressing “Download Seat Plan”.

Usually, the type of ticket is STANDARD, and students and people with a disability certificate get a discount.

ticket (5)

After selecting the sheet, you can check out and enter your personal information, and then you can pay by credit card (Visa, Master, AMEX). When the payment is completed, a confirmation letter with a bar code is displayed.

You can exchange your ticket at a store in the city.

ticket (6)

There is no “e-ticket” option to pick up your ticket, but you can pick it up at a Cityline partner store in Hong Kong or by mail. It is quite difficult for tourists to receive them by mail, so this is necessarily the first choice.


There are some shops affiliated with Cityline in Hong Kong (The store list is here.), but I exchanged it for “Tom Lee Music” which is located at SC directly connected to Olympic station near my accommodation.


There’s a ticketing machine at the entrance that scans your credit card. The ticket will be issued in about 20 seconds. You don’t need to operate the screen, it’s super easy!


I didn’t need the confirmation that was displayed when I paid for the ticket, but it’s better to have it just in case. Also, most stores close around 19 o’clock, so I recommend you to go to exchange in time.

Access to Hong Kong Culture Center

As for the access to the Hong Kong Culture Center, the nearest MTR station is Qiandong (East Tsim Sha Tsui). It’s about 5 minutes’ walk west from the station exit.



You can also get there from Tsim Sha Tsui, and in that case, go out of the ticket gate at the station and take the underground passage to exit L6. The L6 exit is divided into 3 parts, but if you get out from the place where the “Hong Kong Cultural Center” is written, it is directly connected to the entrance of the Cultural Center. It’s good that you don’t have to get wet in the rain.

Lobby, bar, and guest attire


When you go inside, there is a large lobby where you can wipe off the floor. If you go up the front stairs from here, you will find the entrance to the concert hall. It doesn’t have any gorgeous decorations, and it feels like a normal “cultural centre”.


There is a box office in one corner of the lobby, so if you want to buy a ticket on the day, go here.



There are only a few stores in the area, including a gift shop, Starbucks, and a simple bar.


The bar seems to have everything from drinks to snacks on the menu, but when you look at it, there are few users and it is quiet …。 Western Opera houses are crowded even before the performance starts, but this is the big difference from Europe.


In addition, the clothes of the visiting passengers were just everyday clothes, and there was no jacket rate! There were some businessmen on their way home from work wearing white shirts, but they were all dressed roughly so that I saw some people wearing short sleeves and shorts.

It was helpful that I came in my usual clothes this time. …。

audience seats in the concert hall


The auditorium of the concert hall is a large hall of the capa 2020 and has a stage shaped like a circle and seats arranged to surround the stage. Near the ceiling is a movable reverberation board that can be adjusted to the sound, and behind the stage is a huge organ with 93 top 8000 pipes.


Like the concert hall in Japan, there is no gorgeous decoration, but the lighting on the ceiling is very impressive! It looks like dandelion.


My seat this time is the front row on the upper floor (Balcony). It is the 2nd (Category B) seat from the top. The seat width is about 50 cm and there is plenty of room, but the foot is very narrow so it is not comfortable to sit on …。


Also, there is a handrail in front of you, so you can’t deny that your view is slightly blocked. However, it doesn’t bother me much if I get up a little, and the distance to the stage is not so far, so the view is not bad.

As for the sound, there is a feeling of being a little muffled, but there is no problem because even a small sound can be heard directly. I feel that there is a bit too much reverberation, but this is the entire hall, so I think it doesn’t change much in any seats.

current program


Well, here’s the program for this time. The concert will be performed by the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra with a very popular program consisting of an overture and concertos in the first half and a symphony in the second half.


This time, Rachel Cheung, a young pianist from Hong Kong, was a soloist, so I was paying attention to what kind of performance she would perform, but it was a very good performance with perfect mechanics and sound quality! It is heavy and powerful enough.



On the other hand, the overture and symphony are both contemporary pieces. Before and after the performance, a composer came out and explained the music. The overture by wong chun wai is a young composer from Hong Kong, and John Corigliano of the symphony is a gentleman from America.

You may think that both of them are modern music with only beeps and beeps, but there is a sense of harmony and you can feel the melody. However, both of the 2 songs are very pessimistic, so I feel uneasy listening to them …。


The composition of the orchestra is also different from that of classical pieces, especially the symphony is a large four-tube composition, with Tp at the center and Hr, Tb, and Tuba on both sides of the gold tube, which is a very modern style of performance.

It is expected that the rhythm will be a very special score as the conductor counts I II III … with his fingers instead of the usual ○ rhythm. Well, as I ’ m a composer, I understand that playing these pieces is much harder than writing them, …?

Comfortable concert hall


So, the performance quality of the orchestra was not so good, but it was good that I could listen to the performance of the excellent pianist, and the project was interesting. More than anything, it’s good to be able to listen comfortably in everyday clothes.

This is the report on the Hong Kong Culture Center Concert Hall!

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