Is a 4-Star Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City a Problem Even if it’s Big?

This report is about the hotel I stayed at “Homestead Parkview” in Ho Chi Minh City. I chose this 4 star hotel for its good reviews, good location, and large room with a kitchen, but when I stayed there, I found a trap in spite of the comfortable room …。

I would like to report on the level of the 4 star hotel in Ho Chi Minh.

Great location by Truong Dinh Park

The hotel I stayed at this time, Homestead Parkview in Ho Chi Minh City, is located right next to Truong Dinh Park. Close to Ben Thanh market, walking distance to major attractions.


It used to be a hotel called “Compass Park View” but it has been renewed and changed to the current name. Maybe because of that, the exterior of the hotel is clean and fresh.

The doorman at the entrance was kind and polite, and they arranged a taxi (Vina San Taxi) to go back to the airport smoothly, so the service was good!


The reception was good and they kindly agreed to change the room (see below)! As this hotel is highly rated by Expedia, Agoda and others, I have no complaints about the service so far.

Studio Aprtment


There are 5 room types in this hotel and the one I booked was the 2nd grade from the bottom “Studio Apartment”.


The apartment room which boasts 45 ㎡ even if it is the 2nd from the bottom, and the living room with a large sofa and a queen-size bed, etc., there is nothing to complain about in terms of space!


In addition to the kitchen, there is also a refrigerator, freezer, and tableware, so it will not be inconvenient for a long stay.


The area around the water is clean and shiny! There are plenty of amenities.

However, the water pressure of the shower is weak and the temperature is unstable, and the ventilation function is very weak, so it is hard to remove the moisture after the shower. It looks good, but it is a shower room which is a little difficult in terms of function.

Free upgrade to Deluxe Apartment


Also, the room I was shown to for the first night was on the lower floor on the second floor, and I was worried about the noise of the road, so I offered to move to the room on the upper floor for the second night, and it was okay! They changed to a room on the 6th floor, and on the opposite side of the main street!


What’s more, when I looked into it later, it had 2 separate rooms, a living room and a bedroom “Deluxe Apartment”. It seems they upgraded without saying anything (free of charge).


The size is 54 ㎡ which is even wider, and there are several windows, so it gets a lot of sunshine, and the room itself is very satisfying!

The soundproof performance is the worst …


The room should be … comfortable, but the biggest problem is the weak sound insulation. The windows are not soundproof at all, and the noise of the road is not shut out, even though it is on the 6th floor (7th floor of Japan).

Also, the commercial building next door plays music till 1:30 in the morning, so I can’t sleep although it’s not good …。


The worst is Truong Dinh Park across the street. This is the event venue, and you can hear super loud music almost every night. It would be no problem if the windows were double booklets, but to be honest, this was painful …。

Is this the level of a 4 star hotel?

The cost of this stay is about 8,500 yen per 1 night with a reservation from Agoda. The price is such that you can stay comfortably in a 5-star hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

I have no complaints about the content and location of the room, but considering the performance of the software, I think the cost performance is a little bad. …。


For better or worse, this is a 4-star hotel. As Ho Chi Minh City boasts one of the highest prices in Vietnam, you may have to be prepared to pay 10,000 yen per night for further comfort.

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