Beautiful Apartment Hotel in Naha “Grand Suite Shintoshin” Accommodation Report!

This is a report on my stay at the hotel I stayed at in Naha “Grand Suite Shintoshin”! There are many cheap and clean hotels in Naha city, but this time it is 4,500 yen for 1 night with a reservation from Jalan! I will report in detail what kind of room such a cheap hotel is.

Apartments in the new downtown area

I stayed at “Grand Suite Shintoshin” in the northern part of Naha. It is located in a recently developed area called “new city center”.

It is located along the monorail (Yui rail), but the fact that it is a little over 500 m away from the nearest “old bird” station is a bit of a concern.


Furthermore, there is a long uphill from the station, so it took about 8 to 9 minutes even for a man. It’s easy to get to the station, but that’s another concern.


The hotel is an apartment, so it looks like an ordinary apartment. It is a 6-story building with concrete.

The front desk is on the second floor.


In this Grand Suite Shintoshin, there is no reception like a hotel, and the first quality on the second floor is the front desk. So when you arrive at the hotel, you will first ask for the front desk, room 201.

For this reason, the check-in time is set at 15:00 ~ 21:00, so be careful if you arrive late at night.


When I went inside, the front desk was at the entrance. Fill in the required information and receive the key after receiving the explanation from the person in charge. When you check out, you don’t have to go to the front desk, but just put the key in the mailbox at the entrance.


There are amenity goods under the front desk, so please take what you need. There are ashtrays, but no smoking inside. You can smoke on the balcony.

standard double room


I was shown to a room on the fifth floor. It has a single room layout with bath and toilet. As it is an apartment, it is equipped with a washing machine, a microwave and a two-door refrigerator. The lights are on, so the room is bright and good!


There is a kitchen table in the center of the room, but there is no stove. Also, there is no desk other than this, so all PC work is done on this table.



Instead of a stove, there was a simple IH cooking heater in the drawer. Other than rice cookers, there are plates and tableware, so you don’t have to worry about cooking by yourself if you have seasonings.

However, there was a stain like spaghetti meat sauce on the plate and there was a little oily stain on the whole, so I think it is better to wash it well before using it.


The bed is a double bed. There are outlets and shelves around, so it was convenient to charge a smartphone used as an alarm clock. The variable amount of light next to the bed is easy to use and convenient!


Also, I was glad that the air conditioner was turned on in advance when I checked in. It is different from a hotel where the air conditioner and refrigerator all stop if you remove the card key.

bathroom with a bathtub



Next, water. The washroom has a toilet with a bidet and a bathroom next to it. Unlike the modular bath designed for hotels, it has the same structure with a bathtub as ordinary homes, so it is very comfortable!

There are quite a lot of hotels in Naha city that have bathrooms like this.


Shampoo, conditioner and body soap are provided. It is a maker that you can often see in any hotel.

The wall is unexpectedly thin …


The facilities and cleanliness of the room was not a problem at all, but the wall between the room next door and the Grand Suite Shintoshin was surprisingly thin. I can hear the sound of the next room’s person clearing his throat and the alarm clock.


Also, I sometimes hear a loud roar as if it is the route of a military plane flying from Naha Airport. When I stayed at the hotel, the sound of jet planes glowing continuously from 7 AM was amazing …!

Of course, the exterior walls are made of concrete, so it seems to be soundproof to some extent, but it is acceptable for those who are not used to it. This is a problem unique to Okinawa, so it can’t be helped.

There are other comfortable apartments


So I reported on the apartment hotel “Grand Suite Shintoshin” in the northern part of Naha city, but I have no complaints about the cleanliness of the room and the facilities!

The reviews of Jalan were high and it was good enough to stay, but I think “Naha West Inn” where I could stay at the same price would have been better if there were A and B.

Naha West Inn not only has the same reception as the hotel but also perfect soundproofing with the room next door! It’s within walking distance of Kokusai-dori St., but the price is the same as the Grand Suite this time! In comparison, Naha West Inn is better.


Even so, compared to hotels in other cities, Grand Suite Shintoshin is far cheaper and more comfortable. It hasn’t been long since it was built, but I hope many hotels like this will be built in the future!

“Grand Suite Shintoshin” Details

  • Address: 3 -33, Mekari 1-chome, Naha, Okinawa
  • Front desk: 15: 00 ~ 21: 00
  • Check out: 10: 00
  • Parking: Available (1,000 yen /1 night)

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