Renovated Fukuoka Airport JAL Sakura Lounge, the Shochu that you can Drink for Free is Delicious!

As for Fukuoka Airport, which is undergoing a major renovation, the JAL lounge was renovated a step ahead of us, and it was reborn as a very clean and stylish space! After the renovation, I would like to take a closer look at the Fukuoka Airport Sakura Lounge, where I entered for the first time.

※This article was written before the virus scandal. This will be updated.

Japanese style entrance

As we reported yesterday, Fukuoka Airport is currently undergoing a major expansion. There are enclosures for construction everywhere in the departure area, and many of the walls and ceilings are temporary.


One of the walls under construction is the JAL lounge entrance. This is the only place that is beautiful. It’s another dimension. Our business hours are until 6:00 ~ 21:00, and we will close in time for the last flight we will take to Haneda at 21 o’clock.


When you go inside, there is an escalator and you go up to the upper floor.


When you get off the escalator, the reception is right in front of you. There is a big picture and it looks like a lounge for international flights. According to JAL’s website, the painting on the wall is a work by a female artist named “Shishu”.


On the right side of the reception is the new Diamond Premier Lounge. This time, I will sneak into Sakura Lounge on the left.


When you look to the left, the Sakura Lounge is right in front of you. This lounge has a glimpse, and it creates a good atmosphere.

a series of large spaces


When you enter, a monument tree welcomes you. The night view spreads out in the back window.


According to the floor plan, this lounge is spread horizontally. It only says “Sakura Lounge” but the right side with the cup mark is the dining area.

Also, I think the smoking area is in the reception area and is shared with the Diamond Premier Lounge.


The area to the left of the entrance is a living space. There are 2 x 2 chairs in the center with a side table and an outlet. There are counter seats on the window side and private sofa seats separated by partitions on the wall side.


When I sit on this sofa seat with a simple partition, it feels like a private room. The problem is that people pass in front of you, so you can’t sit with your legs stretched out.


The window seats are connected to the dining area, and all the windows in the lounge are counter seats. The counter seats by the window are the most popular in all the lounges, so this is a nice place.


Also, there is a counter seat in the center near the entrance of the lounge, and although this is a stylish area with elaborate lighting design, it is a face-to-face type and there is no partition, so it might be a little bit avoided when it is full.

fancy ceiling dining


Next, let’s look at the dining area! There are counter seats with outlets in the center, and tables facing the sofa on both sides. The interior in the center of the counter and the ceiling design are novel.


At first, I thought it was made of glass or something, but when I looked closely, it was a piece of cloth! If you cut only this part, it looks like washing and drying a tenugui (towel), but it is a very stylish design.


When it’s crowded, I think this sofa seat will be filled first, but this place may be limited as it doesn’t serve meals unlike Diamond Premier Lounge. Even so, I think there are many people who buy an empty valve outside and eat it with beer here.

Check the brand of alcohol!


Then, I would like to see the drink section. The soft drinks and coffee makers that they have are no different from other Sakura Lounge.


There are two kinds of beer, Kirin Ichiban Shibori and Asahi Super Dry. Authentic server with 2 spouts each.


In addition, the amount of water to be poured can be adjusted according to the size of the mug, and can be manually adjusted. Also, while you are pouring beer, the amount of beer is displayed in a gauge, which is the latest in the lounge (? ).


There are 2 types of hard liquor, the familiar Suntory whisky “Royal” and Satsuma shochu. I’m familiar with “Kurokirishima” at Izakaya Japanese Bar, but I’ve never had “black-and-white wave” before.


I tried this black and white wave, and it was very rich and delicious! I compared it with Kurokirishima, and it’s much easier to drink than Kurokirishima, which has a strong taste and is a little hard to drink.

This Kuroshironami sake is a popular sake that you can get at a very reasonable price from 1,500 yen to 2,000 yen even in 1.8 liter bottles. There are 25 degrees and 20 degrees, but the one I took this time was 25 degrees. I think it is one of the easy to drink categories among potato shochu with a lot of peculiar alcohol.

The toilet is spacious and clean!


Let’s look at another toilet. The bathroom is at the very back of the living room. The size for men is not bad, and it is a clean toilet with 3 private rooms.


Since this area has a distorted shape, the arrangement of the inside of the toilet is unique. I guess it is more narrow for women than for men.

Lounge where space is well utilized


I went to see Sakura Lounge at Fukuoka Airport, and it was a very comfortable lounge with a large space for its size. The Sakura Lounge in Naha Airport in Okinawa, which was also renovated the other day, had a lot of threshold and gave me an impression of being very narrow, but it was completely different from that (Reference → Naha Airport Sakura Lounge is super crowded! What has changed since the renewal?).


This Sakura Lounge at Fukuoka Airport also has partitions that separate areas, but it doesn’t feel cramped. The light in the back can be seen through the translucent panel, and it seems to blend into the space as a very stylish interior.


The Sakura Lounge in Sapporo, Naha and Fukuoka has been renovated one after another, but I can only hope that the Sakura Lounge in Haneda Airport will be renovated soon. In addition to the renovation of this lounge, the terminal of Fukuoka Airport is expanded to the second runway, and I am looking forward to the airport more and more in the future.

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