Dubai Opera, Watch Record! Detailed Report from Seat Map to Clothes.

Following the last time, Dubai opera appreciation report in UAE! This time, I would like to tell you the details of the foyer, the audience seats and the contents of the performance.

an atrium foyer with chandeliers


The Dubai Opera foyer is divided into three levels, with the main floor at the bottom. This floor is connected to the audience seats of Hiradoma, but there is an information counter and a bar where drinks and light meals are sold.


It is connected to the foyer on the upper floor by wiping, and there is a big chandelier on the ceiling! There were many people who took pictures of this.


The lighting equipment with this novel design is also. The overall interior is simple, but gold decorations are used here and there to create a bourgeois feel.


The foyer was quiet in the beginning, but gradually the number of people increased and it became a lively place for the first time! Also, there are not many chairs overall, so if you want to relax during the break, it might be better to stay in the audience seats.

bar snacks and drinks


Then check the Bar! I still have a lot of time until the show starts, so I would like to order a light sandwich here.


If you look at the bar’s menu, from top to bottom, there is a lineup of soft drinks, coffee and tea, and light meals. There are very few kinds, and especially there are only 5 kinds of light meals such as sandwiches and quiche.


I chose Roast Beef Sandwich and LemonAid (Blood Orange). We did 85 DH (≠ 2,550 yen) but for that the sandwich is in a box and the drinks are in a plastic cup completely fast food …。



Sandwich is a normal hamburger. It’s completely pre-made and cold, but the buns are moist and the ingredients are fairly juicy, so the taste is not bad.

A cold hamburger is also a problem, but …。


But this lemonade tastes like fanta and it’s not a juice that even tastes like 40 dH (≠ 1,200 yen). This was quite a failure!

Alcohol only counter/price is super bourgeois!


Also, alcohol such as wine is sold at another counter. It sounds like an Islamic country that alcohol is different.


If you look at the alcohol menu, you’ll notice that the champagne comes in Moeccian yellow and rose, and the wine comes in Italian and Australian brands, but at a surprising price.

A glass of champagne costs 95 DH (≠ 2,850 yen), and red and white wine costs 55 DH (≠ 1,650 yen) at a super bourgeois price! I’ve never seen it so expensive even in the West. I thought it would be elegant wine, but I can’t afford this …。


There are alcohol counters on both the first and second floor foyers, but there are more kinds on the second floor. There is only wine on the first floor, so if you want to drink, go to the second floor!


In addition, there were vendors like this in the foyer selling champagne. I’ve been watching it for a while, and I wonder this will sell! Well, if I could get 2,850 yen for 1 glass, I’d make a lot of money!

Red and Wood Super auditorium


30 minutes before the curtain time, the entrance to the audience finally starts! There will be a third ticket check at the audience entrance. This time, we will reserve a seat at Stalls and enter from the foyer on the 1st floor.


Upon entering the auditorium, the interior features wooden walls and red seats. The balcony has two levels and each has four seats in a box.


I heard that there are 2000 capacity in the hall, but I feel that it is so small that I doubt the credibility of the number. It is a lecture hall in the shape of “horseshoe shape”, but when you look at the stage from stalls, it looks like an ordinary concert hall probably because the front is wide.

a flat floor seat seen from the seating chart


The seat I reserved this time was in the back U-row of Hiradoma. This place is higher than the front, so the view is excellent! It’s a little far from the stage, but you can still see the whole thing, so it’s good! (You can download the seating chart from here.)


The seats are covered in red leather, so it’s comfortable to sit on. The width of the sheet is a little less than 50 cm, which is a standard size, but with a wide pitch between the front and back, there is plenty of legroom.


In addition, regarding the seat of U row which I designated this time, the position where the balcony overhang of the upper floor is barely covered. You need to be careful when you choose a seat because the ceiling will be right above your head if you go back even if you are in a line.


Also, the seat at the very back of Hiradoma has different specifications, and it is a little simple chair like this. Since the position is not fixed, it is convenient to avoid the head of the person sitting in the front seat, but the seat seems not to be comfortable …。

Operetta “The Merry Widow”

dubai-opera/The Merry Widow

Well, this operetta is “The Merry Widow”. It is a story of love and money by rich people set in the legation in Paris. Although it is a common content, it is full of comedy elements, so I think you can enjoy it even if you don’t understand the language.


It does not have the formality of classical opera, and the music is composed in harmony. The singing of the main cast is good, but I am curious about the slightly mysterious point that the harmony gets disturbed as soon as the chorus enters.


The performance is a live performance by an orchestra, but the attack sound is extremely small due to the small composition, and it lacks power. Per. also covers almost everything in the drum section without individual percussion instruments, and honestly speaking, it is a poor price for the venue of Capa 2000.

Is this what the music director wants? Or are they cutting costs and cutting staff …?

Clothes are the best!


As for the Dubai Opera, which I told you about twice, most of the visitors are Westerners even though it is in Asia. Perhaps because of that, there are many people who are very careful about what they wear, and the percentage of men wearing jackets is as high as in Vienna or Munich, so I recommend you to dress up a little and visit with beautiful clothes!


Overall, the satisfaction was moderate. The ticket is around 10,000 yen, but it’s still cheaper than the National Opera in Vienna, and it’s not expensive compared to the general tourist spots in Dubai, so it might be a good deal in that sense.


This is my report on the Dubai Opera! Last article on booking tickets for the Dubai Opera.

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