How to Get on DUBAI METRO, Cost Performance of the Gold Class is Bad?

In this issue, we will report in detail on the train equipment and congestion situation of the urban railway “Dubai Metro” running in Dubai, UAE.

For more information on Dubai Metro’s route map, fares, and how to buy tickets, see yesterday’s article →Required for Dubai Metro! Nol Card details and route map

Dubai Metro, which has two lines


Dubai Metro is an urban railway that opened in 2009 in Dubai, UAE. A five-car train with light blue lines and patterns on a silver body is fully automatic. Although the train is called “Metro” most of it actually runs on elevated tracks.


There are currently 2 routes: “Redline” and “green line”. The Red Line connects the airport with the downtown and marina areas, while the Green Line connects the old city and the area north of the airport.

The line is still expanding, and there are plans to extend it by more than 400 kilometers over the next 10 years.


The design of the station is also novel, and the shape like a golden cocoon is characteristic! However, almost all stations have the same shape, so it’s not impossible to say that it lacks features, but …

The way of riding is the same as in Japan.


The procedure for getting on the Dubai Metro is exactly the same as that for Japanese trains. There is an automatic ticket gate at the station, and you touch the ticket (Nol Card) to the leader when you enter and leave.


There is a monitor at the ticket gate and the balance of Nol Card is displayed. The sensitivity when I touch the card is a little slower than Japanese ticket gates, but it’s relatively smooth compared to other countries where it takes nearly a second!


The platform has platform doors that go up to the ceiling, so the safety measures are excellent! The floor and the walls are clean and shiny, with some cleaners mopping from time to time!

Gold Class/Silver Class/Women-only Car

The Dubai Metro is comfortable, but there are two classes and a women-only car that you should be aware of when you get on. Depending on the vehicle, “Silver Class”, “Gold Class” and “Women & Children Cabin” are distinguished, and depending on the ticket and gender, the vehicles that can be used differ.

  • Silver Class (standard vehicle)
  • Gold Class (special vehicle)
  • Women & Children Cabin (women-only and child-only cars)


If you make a chart, it looks like this. Taking the Red Line as an example, the Gold Class is in the UAE Exchange direction, so it’s the first car to get from the airport to the Dubai Mall, and the last car to get to the airport.

Silver Class, on the other hand, is designed for holders of Nol Card silver cards. It is a standard car with the most passengers, and most of the 5-car trains have 3.5 cars of this silver class.

Inside the “Silver Class”


It’s a silver class car, but the interior is very ordinary. The seats are a mixture of 1 + 2 rows of semi-cross and long seats. There is no trash in the car, so it is a very clean car.


The seats have the same cushions as Japanese trains. It’s rare for foreign railways that have a lot of plastic. But there are many passengers in the silver class even in the daytime, so it’s rare to be able to sit down.


When I looked at the end of the car, I found a plate saying “KINKI SHARYO OSAKA JAPAN”! I heard that many Japanese companies have invested in the construction of Dubai Metro, and this is a solid evidence.


There are many people in the working class who can use the silver class from the minimum fare, and some people write “have a bad character”, but when I got on, I didn’t have such a bad image at all, and I saw many tourists. But you should be careful about pickpockets just in case.

Special vehicles “Gold Class”


On the other hand, the “Gold Class” of the special vehicle is provided at the end of the first vehicle. It is a car which only people who pass through the ticket gate with a gold card of Nol Card can ride. There is no seat reservation system, so you can think of it as a Green Car of JR East.


The interior of the car is also based on blue like silver class. I thought it might be more glittering decoration because of Dubai, but it was surprisingly simple so I was a little disappointed …


There are 19 seats in total. There are no long seats, only fixed cross seats with 1 + 2 arrangement.


Some seats face each other, but most seats face the front of the car. It is a special specification that it is a leather-covered seat and even has a headrest.




Equipped with movable armrests and tables! In addition, there is a slightly larger luggage storage space, so you don’t have to worry if you have a big suitcase.

Is the cost performance of gold class bad?


It’s a special car of gold class, but when you actually ride it, there are many passengers, and it’s rare that there are vacant seats unless it’s a very quiet section. I also got on it about 3 times during this trip, but I could only sit on the red line for a few stations before the airport.


Also, depending on the section and the time zone, the bus rate is almost the same as that of the silver class, so I honestly think the cost performance is not so good despite the high fare (twice the silver).


By the way, if a person without a gold class license gets on, he will be fined 100 DH. However, there is no ticket inspection at the entrance or in the car, and there is no attendant in the car, so anyone who wants to get on can get on.

The fine is about 3000 yen, so it doesn’t seem to have much deterrent effect, …

The women-only car is always empty.


If it is only for women, I would definitely like to use the women-only car. The location is right next to the Gold Class and there are two entrances.


Unlike in Japan, not all cars are exclusively for women, and only such lines are drawn between the cars and the silver class. Sometimes I saw a male tourist get on the female side without noticing, and people around me were paying attention.


But the women-only area is wider than the Gold Class, so the occupancy rate is low and it is often empty. If you’re just a woman, it’s definitely a better deal to come here than to pay for a Gold Class ticket!

The first train on Friday is very crowded!

One thing to keep in mind when using Dubai Metro is Friday. Since this is an Islamic holiday, Dubai Metro will be suspended from the first train until 10 AM.


Even though it starts at 10 AM, the train doesn’t come until around 10:30 because the departure time from the terminal is 10:00. The ticket gate at the station opens at 10 AM, but trains don’t come so often, so the station is very crowded!


Of course, the train is very crowded! I used the first train on Friday only once, but I was crushed like a rush in Japan and had a great experience! If you wait for 1 ~ 2 trains, it will be available soon, so it’s better to avoid the first train.

There are plenty of services available! The last train leaves early.


That’s why Dubai Metro is a little different from other countries, but there are a lot of services and the red line comes every 4 to 5 minutes, so it’s easy to use.

But the last train leaves early, around 23:30, so you should be careful about the return flight. Please refer to the previous article for the type of ticket (Nol Card) and the fare →Required for Dubai Metro! Nol Card details and route map

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