DUBAI MALL, How to Walk Without Getting Lost! Utilization and Access of MAP

The Dubai Mall is the world’s largest Guinness World Shopping Mall. In addition to 1200 shops and restaurants lined up on a vast site, it also has facilities like a theme park, making it a huge shopping center that you can’t even go around for a full day!

What is Dubai Mall like? This time, I would like to tell you about my recommended usage of MAP.

10 minute walk from the station


The best way to get to the Dubai Mall is to walk from Dubai Metro’s “Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall” station. It’s easy because you just go out the ticket gate of the station, turn right, and go through the passageway!


The passageway is about 1 km away, but there is a moving walkway so it’s not that hard. It has a roof and an air conditioner, so it is comfortable! It takes about 10 minutes on foot to the entrance of Dubai Mall.


The passageway is named “Metrolink” and is open during Dubai Mall business hours. There is no place to go down the road on the way, so you can’t use it except when you go to the Dubai Mall.

MAP is convenient to use the website!


As it is the world’s largest shopping center, it is essential to have a map of the building. You can get a general picture of the mall by looking at the included map in the free pamphlet distributed at the information desk all over the mall.


However, in order to search for a shop, it is necessary to find the floor and MAP area from the list and apply it to the MAP that is the best, so it is very inconvenient. It is easy to understand if it is written directly on MAP, but it might be difficult because there are too many stores …


That’s where the official Dubai Mall website comes in. This zoomable map shows all the shop names, and you can search by shop name.

It’s a little heavy, but it’s compatible with smartphones, so you can use it on the go. The MAP page is here.


Also, you can use the map on the touch panel in the building, and when you enter the name of the shop, the detailed route from there is displayed. It should be near here, but I can’t find it. It’s convenient sometimes.

The large floor is unexpectedly empty?


Now, the Dubai Mall has a large area, but the shopping floor consists of 4 floors in order from the bottom: LG (Lower Ground) → G (Ground Floor) → 1 (First Floor) → 2 (Second Floor). The Metro Link to the station is on the second floor.


When I actually walked around the mall, I thought it was full of tourists because it is the most famous spot in Dubai, but surprisingly there are many local people wearing traditional costumes.


Also, it was not always crowded, and sometimes it was quiet in the morning on weekdays. In particular, there are many empty restaurants, and unless the restaurant is very famous, there is no waiting time. There are many reasonable restaurants where you can have lunch for around 1,000 yen, and it is a very convenient place!

There is also a free aquarium!


There are various facilities in the Dubai Mall, such as the skating rink on the G floor. It is open from morning till late at night, and the fee is 49 DH ~. It can be wiped up to the upper floor, so it is very spacious.


The Dubai Aquarium is famous for its huge water tank that goes from the G floor to the second floor. You can see the fish quite close from the shopping floor without paying the entrance fee.

But the inside wasn’t that big of a deal, so maybe you don’t have to pay to enter …? We’ll talk about the Dubai Aquarium in another article.


The entrance to the observatory of the world’s tallest building “Burj Khalifa” is located at the very end of the LG floor. You can also buy tickets here.

This time I climbed to this observatory on the first day, and the entrance fee is 16,000 yen! We’ll get to that in another post.

Sweets shops originating in the Middle East


In addition, there are many shops from the Middle East in the Dubai Mall, so it is perfect to look for Dubai souvenirs! For example, chocolate is also known as “Godiva of the Middle East” “Patchi”.


There is no main store in Japan yet, and many Japanese visit here, and when I visited the store, I saw a group of Japanese people tasting chocolate. There seems to be a staff who can speak Japanese, so you may be able to consult with them in various ways.


“VIVEL PATISSERIE” is famous for its arabic tea and baked sweets. There are also teapots for tea.



There are also macaroons and chocolates, and the boxed chocolate bonbons are 25 DH in mini size with 4 pieces , and the chocolate sold by measure is 450 DH per 1 kg. It’s reasonably priced.

Wide selection of large super Waitrose


And Waitrose, a large supermarket on the LG floor, is the perfect place to look for scattered souvenirs. It is a UK owned supermarket, but it seems that there are some stores in Dubai.


Waitrose has a large floor space and a wide variety of products! There are many kinds of side dishes, so you can have a reasonable meal. It is very crowded in the evening, so I recommend you to shop in the morning!


If you take a look at the chocolate section, you will find that Al Nassma’s Camel-milk chocolate is also delicious! I have almost everything I want to buy, such as a date bag, so I’m sure you can come here.

I’ve been to some supermarkets in Dubai, but I end up shopping here.


So, next time, I’ll tell you about a food report from a reasonably priced Middle Eastern restaurant in the Dubai Mall.→Open a reasonable Mideast restaurant in the Dubai Mall.

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