Dubai’s New Spot “Dubai Frame” Observatory Worth a Visit?

In Dubai, the UAE, which is opening new spots one after another, “Dubai Frame” was established in 2018. It’s a huge building in the shape of a golden picture frame, with an observation deck on the top floor.

Grande Arche in Paris is a curious sight, but what can you see from its observation deck? I went and checked!

The entrance is quite far …

Dubai Frame is here. It’s right in the middle of the airport and downtown, in a park called Zabeel Park.


If you are taking the Dubai Metro, Al Jafiliya Station on the Red Line is the closest, but it is quite far …

It’s closer if you go through Zabeel Park Park, but it seems you need a separate entrance ticket from Dubai Frame to enter the park, so you can’t enter it without permission.


We walked around the park for 25 minutes and finally arrived at the main gate! If you don’t like walking, it’s better to take a taxi.

Admission is 52.5 DH, do I need a reservation in advance?


There are ticket booths on both sides of the entrance. You can buy tickets here and use your credit card.


Admission is 52.5 DH. It is not cheap at all, but it is about 1/10 compared to Burj Khalifa’s 530 DH (lol)! I’m going crazy. …


Tickets are also available on the official site, but you’ll need to specify the time every 30 minutes. As far as I’ve been there, it’s not as crowded as Burj Khalifa, and I think a same-day ticket will be enough unless it’s too busy.

see the Golden Tower up close


Enter the entrance to the Dubai Frame. Here you can see the Dubai Frame from your feet up close.


It is a huge building with a height of 150 meters and a width of 93 meters. The design incorporates something akin to the Golden Touch, but it’s also similar to the Grande Arche in Paris, France.


It’s a golden tower, but when you look at the surface closely, it looks like aluminum, and it’s surprisingly cheap. The depth of the building is extremely short, so it would be impossible to build such a building in Japan, an earthquake-prone country (lol).


There is an entrance at the back of the building. Check your ticket again here. This time I visited at dusk, but there is a partition for lining up, so it might be a little crowded depending on the time.

traditional exhibit



When you go inside, there is an area for exhibits first. There is a stone building that you can see in Old Dubai, and there are also traditional crafts on display.


If you go further, there is an elevator and you go up to the observation deck in the sky from here. Unlike Burj Khalifa, it is completely free movement here.


The elevator is full of gold! It takes about 75 seconds to reach the 150 meter observatory, which is the height of a 48 story building.

Corridor of 150m high observatory


Arrive at the 150m high observatory! It is a clean observation space without walls, and it is more spacious than I expected.



There is no outstanding facility here, but there are two commercial facilities in the center. One is a sales booth, but for some reason, most of the chocolate sold here is GODIVA.


The other booth is a cafe, and there are a few tart and sweet bread besides drinks. The price is rather high and each baked cheese tart costs 15 DH.


The center of the passageway is a glass-walled floor, and the bottom can be seen through. Looking at other customers, there are so many parents who let their children sleep on them (lol)!


The tempered glass is made into a screen, and sometimes white clouds look like a floor, or suddenly disappear and you can see through it.

However, maybe because of the screen structure, the glass is always white and smoky, so the view below is not clear which is a little disappointing …

What kind of scenery can you see?


The view from this observatory is here. Frankly speaking, my honest impression is that “No big deal.” … The height goes away, but the location is mediocre, so there is nothing interesting about the scenery.


If you look at the downtown area, you can see a lot of buildings, but this area has only low buildings, so I think it is a failing point in terms of the view of the “city” that is unique to Dubai.


In addition, there are many patterns on the windows that disturb the view! It’s a part of the design of the Dubai Frame, so it can’t be helped, but the view is so bad! This is an observation deck, so I would like you to pay more attention.

The night view is even harder to see …


Also, I stayed at the observatory for a while and waited until the night view came out, but it was just as I expected, …, and the view was not so spectacular. Because there are few buildings, the number of lights is overwhelmingly small, so the night view is not very interesting.


In addition, there is a large display in the observatory. These lights are always flashing, so you can’t see the view reflected by the window glass.


In addition, the illumination of the ceiling shines at night, and the performance like waves starts. It is beautiful from the outside, but it is a nuisance for those who want to see the view from the inside … It is the worst condition to see the night view.

Virtual Metropolis


Finally, when you get off the elevator from the observation deck, there is a corner where you can experience virtual images. The video shows Dubai’s future city, but it’s so moving that I feel seasick when I watch it …


From there, it leads to a small photo exhibit, a gift shop, and an exit.



Also, there is a photo service inside the observatory, and you can check your photos on the monitor near the exit and purchase them. If you’re looking for a picture that fits in a golden “Dubai Frame”.

You should see the night illumination from the outside!


That’s why I visited the new tourist spot in Dubai “Dubai Frame”, but it is not suitable to see the scenery even though it is an observation deck! That may be why admission is so cheap, but it’s best to see the golden and innovative design from the outside.


The illumination that was annoying in the observatory is pretty when seen from the outside, and it is good that the surface is lit up and the gold looks more and more shiny. The light up of Dubai Frame is best seen from outside!

Dubai Frame

  • Address:Al Kifaf, Zabeel Park Jogging Track – Dubai
  • Opening House:9:00~21:00
  • Website

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