“Dubai Aquarium” Be Careful When Buying Tickets! Cost Performance and Content Report!

This report is from the aquarium “Dubai Aquarium” that I visited in Dubai Mall! It’s famous for having the largest aquarium in the Guinness Book of World Records, but it’s a bit of a pain to buy an admission ticket to …

Also, the entrance fee is quite expensive compared to other countries! What does the Dubai Aquarium say? I would like to report in detail.

aquarium in the Dubai Mall


Dubai Mall, known as the world’s largest shopping center, has a variety of facilities, one of which is an aquarium called “Dubai Aquarium”.

The location is right in the center of the mall, and if you go to the large open ceiling that goes from the G floor to the second floor, you will see a huge water tank.


The UAE loves everything in the world, but this aquarium is also the largest in the Guinness Book of Records. You need a ticket to go to the side of the fish tank, but you can see fish from outside the partition as it is a huge fish tank.

I think I can enjoy just looking from here, but this time I would like to buy a ticket and go inside!

be divided into two aquariums


The entrance to this Dubai Aquarium is a bit confusing. The aquarium is divided into 2 facilities, “Tunnel” and “Underwater Zoo”, and only Tunnel is on the G floor.


To get to Underwater Zoo, you need to take an escalator to the second floor and go through the ticket gate again. Even though you can get in with the same ticket, it is treated like a completely different facility, and it is quite difficult to understand …

sizable ticket price


As for the admission fee to the Dubai Aquarium, according to the price list, the minimum ticket price is 175 DH. This ticket for 175 DH says that you can enter 2 facilities of “Tunnel” and “Underwater Zoo” and also participate in an attraction called “Behind the Scenes Tour”.


What this means is that it seems to be an attraction to watch fish from a water tank on a boat.

But where does this boat leave from? There was no information written anywhere, so I couldn’t join the … attraction. The name of the attraction is a hug between the site and the website, and it is kind of unkind.


Admission to the 2 facilities is around 3,500 yen. However, this price is not listed on the local price list, nor is it listed on the Aquarium website. I didn’t know until I saw the homepage of Beltra!

If you don’t mind just entering the aquarium, you can buy it in advance with a bell truck.


Tickets can be purchased at ticket vending machines as well as at ticket counters. Select any ticket on the touch panel and enter your name and email address. I put the name carefully, but the address is ok!


Tickets are printed on thermal paper with a bar code, which can also be purchased at the counter. It is expensive, but the paper fee is quite cheap. …

Only the tunnel of the water tank is on the G floor “Tunnel”.


Now, when you get your ticket, scan the barcode at the ticket gate and go inside! You walk to the entrance of the facility by the side of the water tank that you couldn’t enter earlier.


There are also people diving in this tank. This is part of the attraction, and anyone can dive and take a commemorative photo.


If you go straight ahead, there is a tunnel of the main water tank of this aquarium. It is a straight road about 3m wide, but it is smaller than I expected.


From here, you will have to look up at a huge water tank from below, but the transparency of the water is not so good, maybe because of the influence of the lighting. … There are some fish, but I didn’t see a lot of fish swimming, so I didn’t see much. …


As soon as we get out of the tunnel, the G floor is already finished lol! Continue up 2 floors (second floor). At first, I was a little worried that I had to pay 5000 yen and I was really done!

“Underwater Zoo” on the 2nd floor


Follow the directions to Underwater Zoo on the second floor. There is also a ticket gate here, and you enter by holding up the bar code of the same ticket.

If you look at the ticket booth next to it, you will find the same ticket as the one on the lower floor, but there is almost no line so it might be best to buy it here.

Underwater Zooのトンネル

When you enter inside, the first area is also a tunnel of water tank. There were rays and small sharks here in a different light.

Underwater Zooのジャングル

The atmosphere changes when you go through the tunnel! In a slightly open area, you can see trees and rocks, things like suspension bridges, and among the trees are colorful birds like those you see in bird parks.

Underwater Zooの鳥と飼育員

But there were only birds, and no other animals. No one is free to fly around and most are either in the nest box or quietly eating food at the hands of the keeper.

Underwater Zooの水槽

There is a water tank at the feet of the birds, and they mainly breed fish from the tropics. There are “alligator gar” and others, but I couldn’t find any particularly surprising fish.

Underwater Zooのヒトデの水槽

Underwater Zooのヒトデ

In addition, there was a corner where I could touch starfish, so I touched it, but it was as hard as a stone and I couldn’t believe it …

Underwater Zoo/ペンギンの水槽

Underwater Zooのペンギン

At the end of the conductor is a penguin tank. The number is small, but it might be good to see swimming up close.

You can take pictures everywhere …


By the way, what bothered me while I was walking around the building was this camera equipment. There are green chroma keys all over the place, and when you go there, a staff member says, “Turn around. Turn around.” and you are taken a picture without permission.


This, of course, is typical of theme parks in Asia, where the album is self-contained and then sold at the exit. At first glance, it looks like the background is composited into a beautiful album.


Come to think of it, something like this was put on my arm at the entrance, but it turned out to be a voucher. When I went to the exit of …, I was surprised that a beautiful album of my figure had already been completed!

But I don’t need it, so if I gently say no with a smile, the staff’s face becomes cloudy in an instant, so it’s very easy to understand. It’s not good to sell such things without asking, but it’s really annoying!

Quite expensive for its content

That’s why I went to Dubai Aquarium believing the slogan “Guinness number one”, but to be honest, I was disappointed! The scale is very small, and there are no rare fish on display, so I honestly think it’s not a place to go all the way to Dubai.


It costs more than 3000 yen with this content, and it is hard to understand that only plans with options are presented at the ticket counter! I’m afraid I can’t take this. In this case, it is enough to look at the big water tank from the outside without going inside.


If you are going to enjoy this aquarium, you should take the plunge and experience optional attractions such as feeding crocodiles and sharks. That’s a lot of money, but if you want to experience something you can only do here, it can’t be helped.

Oh, I really felt how fulfilling the contents of the many aquariums in Tokyo …! Here is the website of Dubai Aquarium.

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