CUVILLIERS THEATRE, is the Beautiful Munchner Residenz Opera House!

One of the venues inside Munich’s Royal Palace “Residences” is a concert hall called Cuvilliés Theatre. Like inside the royal palace, it is usually open to the public as a museum, but when you visit, you will be surprised at the super luxurious opera theater with horseshoe shape!

Following the Residence Museum, this is also a must-see spot in Munich! This time, I would like to report on the location of the entrance which is a little difficult to understand.

different entrance to the museum


The entrance to the Cuvillies Theatre is on the Residenzstraße Street to the left of the Max Joseph Square where the Bavarian State Opera is located. Even if it is the same residence, it is different from the entrance of the museum or treasure hall, so please be careful.



Enter the entrance and walk down the hallway to the residential courtyard, where the entrance to Cuvillies Theatre is located.


After entering the entrance, there is a ticket booth and a theater entrance at the back of the passage. There is also a cafe-like table here, but I think it will probably be used for concerts in this theatre.


The admission fee is €3.5. There’s also a ticket booth at the Residence Museum, but the Cuvillies Theatre is the only place to buy tickets. Also, if you have a triple ticket which allows you to enter the Residences Museum and the Treasure House, you can enter as is.

Museum map and foyer


The Cuvillies Theatre has a structure in which there is a courtyard called “Comitehof” and a foyer called “Ostfoyer” behind which is a auditorium for the audience.

There is no particular route for the tour, so you can just go toward the auditorium of the audience seats.


When you enter the entrance after checking your ticket, there is a corridor surrounding the courtyard. It is a little stylish space with paintings.

There is also a cloakroom here, but it is used for concerts and cannot be used for museum visits like this one, so please leave your luggage such as backpacks at the ticket booth.



The octagonal courtyard (Comitehof) is also open to the public, and when you enter it, it is a bright floor where the sun comes in through the skylights.


As soon as you pass through the courtyard and corridor, you enter the foyer of the hall. The chandelier is a little bit stylish, but the white walls and the wooden floors are plain and plain. …。

There is a staircase leading to the second floor seat, but unfortunately the rope was stretched and I could not enter.

Gorgeous! a beautiful theater


When you enter the auditorium from the foyer, the view changes completely! It is a typical horseshoe shaped opera theater with gorgeous decorations, and the gorgeous decorations reminiscent of Garnier in Paris, France, are splendid! Like the theater of the royal palace, there are VIP seats with a wide mouth open in the center.


It is a very small theater in terms of size, but it is an authentic building with three levels of balcony! It’s too bad we can’t go upstairs …。


It was designed by Belgian-born architect Francois de Cuvillies, and was built between 1751 and 1755.


Since its founding, the opera house has held numerous performances, mainly Italian operas, and in 1781 it was the first performance of Mozart’s opera “Idomeneo (Idomeneo) K. 366” at the prestigious Opera House.

Lights go on and off …


By the way, when I stepped into this theater this time, the inside of the theater was completely dark! After about 1 minute, the lights suddenly turned on and it became bright, but it turned dark again in about 10 seconds. This is always repeated.


I don’t know what it means to do that, but I can’t even take a picture. I wanted to relax and enjoy the beautiful Opera House at …。

Reserving concert tickets


Cuvillies Theatre still has occasional concerts. It is not held very often, but you can reserve a ticket on this website, so please try it if you are interested!

You may be able to soak in the opera more slowly at the concert than at the museum where the lights turn on and off.


It’s a report from the “Cuvilliers Theatre” opera house in Munchner Residenz.

Opening hours of Cuvilliés Theatre

  • 14: 00 ~ 18: 00 (Sunday holidays and from 7/30 to 9/10 from 9: 00 ~)
  • *Winter (10/22 to 3/23) is 14: 00 ~ 17: 00 (From 10: 00 on Sundays and national holidays)

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