The Shortcoming of CROWNE PLAZA CHANGI AIRPORT that I learned when I stayed!

I stayed at “Crowne Plaza Changi Airport” a hotel directly connected to the airport in Singapore where I had a connecting flight.

It is an expensive hotel that costs more than 20,000 yen for 1 night, but it is a 5 star hotel, so I have no complaints about the size of the room and the facilities. However, when I actually stayed there, I found a number of shortcomings in the details …。

※This article was written before the virus scandal. This will be updated.

Directly connected to T3 “Crowne Plaza Changi Airport”


The location of Crown Plaza Hotel at Changi Airport is right next to terminal 3 on the map. It is directly connected to the T3 concourse, but it is outside the restricted area, so it is impossible to stay overnight without entering the country.



I arrived at T2 using ANA this time, so I moved to T3 once after I got a baggage claim. T3 is connected by an underground passage, so you can walk there. There was a sign saying “Crowne Plaza Hotel” so I didn’t get lost.



There are 2 entrances to the hotel, one on the arrival floor (Level 1). The other is on the departure floor (Level 2). The departure floor is right next to the Jewel connection, but the hotel reception is on the arrival floor.

Entrance and Reception


Enter from the entrance of the arrival floor and proceed to the reception hall. It was not crowded when I took a picture (next morning), but there was a long line before 1: 00 am, so it took more than 20 minutes to check in …。



This floor has a lobby lounge and a restaurant that can be used as a breakfast venue. There are a music player, information, and an automatic money changer.

Gym, pool and spa




In addition, there are many facilities available for guests on the 3rd floor, including a fitness gym that can be used 24 hours a day, a spa that can be used for a fee, and a swimming pool.




There is a separate reception in the pool, and you can also rent towels. It is built in the courtyard of the hotel and has a very stylish interior with tropical plants planted in it.



There are benches on the side of the pool where you can relax comfortably. You can order drinks here and there is a buzzer to call the staff. A glass of wine costs $18, which is a little pricey, but you might feel a little rich.

deluxe room


Now, my room this time is “deluxe room”. It’s a nice name, but it’s actually the lowest room in the hotel …。


The room has a simple layout with a single room, a double bed, a sofa and a desk. It’s not as big as I thought, but the luxurious furniture arrangement that takes up a lot of space is like a 5-star hotel.


The wall between the room and the next room is firm, but I can hear the sound of the airplane relatively well in the morning. I think the fact that the entrance is outside is one of the reasons. …。





The room is fully equipped with a refrigerator, safety box, slippers, electric kettle, bathrobe and umbrella. The welcome drink consists of 4 bottles of 500 ml water, and is fully equipped with air conditioning.

Water area and amenities


There was enough space around the water, and there was a shower booth in the spacious washstand. There is a shower with enough water pressure and a bathtub, but the bathtub is far from the shower, so it is a little hard to use …。


There were plenty of amenities, including a toothbrush set with a toothpick, a sewing set, and other small things, which was said to be a 5 star hotel.

Bathroom problems, mismatched electrical outlets, dirty desks …

At first glance, it looks like a 5 star hotel with no problem, but after staying overnight, many problems erupted!


First of all, the water supply function of the toilet is broken, and once you flush it, the water won’t stop and it keeps flowing. I hesitated whether I should change the room or not, but I gave up because I noticed it before going to bed …。


Next, the outlet next to the sink. Even though there is a dryer, the shape of the outlet doesn’t match the dryer. It can be done by using the outlet in the room, but the unkind …。



In addition, even on the desk which looks beautiful at first glance, if you look closely, it has sticky dirt like candy, and in addition, the magazine put on the table in front of sofa is wobbly with moisture! This magazine also has sticky stains.



For a 5-star hotel, this is a failing grade. As with the breakdown of the toilet, I have to say that the facility is not inspected or cleaned at all …。

About $300 per night, is the cost performance not good?

The accommodation fee was about 23,000 yen with a reservation from Expedia. Unlike hotels in the restricted area, the price is “1 night” not by the hour, so it is better than transit hotel in Bangkok which costs 20,000 yen for 8 hours (laughs).


Since the hotel fee is expensive in Singapore, it is not expensive if it is more than 20,000 yen for a 5 star hotel, but I would like them to manage the facilities a little more properly at least.

I found out the shortcoming of Crown Plaza Changi after staying at the hotel, as I expected, there is nothing special about the hotel in the airport in any country …。

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