The Exaggerated “COVID-19” Coverage is Bad! Excessive Self-Restraint kills!

The effect of the new coronavirus these days is really serious, isn’t it? …。 The effect is enormous for me as a music and travel writer, and the number of accesses to this blog is very low …。 The music friends around me are screaming.

Why has it become such a global problem in the first place? I feel that the side effects of excessive self-restraint are far more serious than the damage caused by the coronavirus.

Increase in exits, depression and suicides

As you know, the spread of the new coronavirus has led to an increase in the number of travel and event suicides around the world.

This concerns an increase in unemployment, depression due to worsening family conditions, and eventually suicides. The stress on the younger generation and children who are forced to stay at home due to restricted behavior is also serious, and the number of people suffering from mental illness is increasing.

There are probably far more people dying of disease or death from these side effects than from the new coronavirus.

As the coronavirus pandemic impacts all parts of life, society, and the economy, musicians are left to feel the profound financial, artistic and emotional impac...

Also, people whose occupation is culture or art can’t go back to their former occupation once they close their business. I am an expert in music, so I understand that musicians and artists grow by taking the opportunity to make presentations, and if they lose the opportunity to make presentations due to the self-restraint of events, their skills will naturally decline.

Artistic fields in the world are small industries that few people make, and there are many people who work as sole proprietors, so they cannot receive government subsidies. It is a real shame that a person with special talents is forced to withdraw in this way …。

Tricks of “fatality rate” and “Number of people infected”

A study in the United States suggests that “The new coronavirus is 10 times more deadly than influenza.”?

This is based on published figures. In fact, there are many people who are infected but have almost no symptoms. If you add these people to the “Number of people infected” and use the number as the denominator, the fatality rate will be much lower than it is now.

People "shed" high levels of coronavirus early on after being infected, a new study finds, but most are likely not infectious after their recovery begins.

And while “Increase in the number of infections” is all the buzz, the number of people who have already recovered from the disease is barely reported, just by adding new infections. I feel there is a number trick here.

With the WHO declaring a pandemic, new infections are skyrocketing in Europe, but there are already many times more people suspected of having influenza or other diseases (Coronaviruses other than new types), and many people who are “infected individual” by definition, can live their daily lives with few symptoms.

When I think about it, I have to say that the number is the only thing that is going on.

Is flu the same thing?

Although not widely reported, it is estimated that 250,000 to 500,000 people worldwide die from influenza each year. Despite the fact that therapeutic drugs such as “Tamiflu” and vaccinations have been established!

The U.S. government estimates that 80,000 Americans died of flu and its complications last winter — the disease's highest death toll in at least four decades.

Currently, if you get the flu, you have to go to school, work, or take a day off, and the older you are, the more vulnerable you are, the more dangerous you are. Even if the new coronavirus is not seasonal, some people catch a cold in the summer, and the number of elderly people who die from it is not zero.

Why is the world making such a fuss about a new coronavirus that has ruined our economy? Isn’t flu such a serious problem for them?

Masks have little protective effect.

When I walk around town, 7 to 80% of people still wear masks, but I don’t understand what they wear masks for …。 and most people have gaps in their mouths, which makes me wonder if they wear them properly.

The government and most health experts keep telling the public not to wear face masks for coronavirus. So why are they doing it anyway?

Of course, I would understand if people who have a cold wear a mask for the purpose of “keep ~ from being passed on to others” but the WHO also says that a mask has little effect on the prevention of a new type of coronavirus, and there is little point for healthy people to wear a mask unless they work closely with people.

The resale of masks at high prices has become a social problem, but it’s just that nobody needs to buy them. I haven’t worn a mask since this incident and I don’t intend to wear it in the future.

Don’t be misled by the news and build a strong body!

TV has writers and sponsors. TV programs are intended to keep viewers glued to the TV, and it is often the case that excessive reports exaggerate the fact of 1 to 10.

If the general public is worried about the number of new cases of the new coronavirus and is having trouble with their daily lives, they will lose their hearts and bodies to the ruling class.

This is not a war or earthquake, but a “health” problem, so all you have to do is try to maintain your health. I would like you to try to maintain your health and deal with it calmly without being misled by news reports.

I can’t help but hope that this dark age will pass soon …。