Busena Marine Park “Underwater Observation Tower” Report on How Fish Look! Okinawa Main Island

This report is about “underwater observation tower” that I experienced in Busena Marine Park in the central part of Okinawa Island!

In this facility, you can go down to the height of the water from the steel tower installed on the sea, and you can see fish swimming in the sea, but it is in November. How many fish can you see in this season, which is not a seaside season? I will tell you about the admission fee and access.

Access and Parking

The Busena Marine Park that I visited this time is right in the center of the main island of Okinawa. My address is Nago city.

It is quite far from Naha city, but it takes about 5 minutes after getting off at the end of Okinawa Expressway (Kyoda IC), so I think it is a relatively easy place to go. The entire peninsula overhanging the sea has become a resort area, and there seems to be a hotel here.


The parking lot can accommodate more than 200 cars, but as it is a large resort area, it may be crowded in its own way during the busy season. This time, I visited during the off-season, but it was about 50% full.

But the staff will guide you, so it will be easy to enter.

More expensive ticket …


The whole map of Busena Marine Park is here. The underwater observation tower and other spots are located at the very end of the peninsula, but ordinary visitors are not allowed to drive there, so they leave their cars in the parking lot at the south end and use a shuttle bus.


The west side of the peninsula is a beach, unfortunately “NO SWIMMING”. If you want to swim, the only way is to go to “Kariyushi Beach” which is a little south of here.


If you go out of the parking lot and walk toward the beach, there is a ticket office. There are 2 attractions in Busena Marine Park, “underwater observation tower” and “glass-bottom boat”. Please refer to our website for details.


Surprisingly, there was a waiting time of 20 minutes towards the underwater observation tower at that time.

It is said that the reason is that students on a school trip are entering. According to the receptionist, although it is the off-season in autumn, it is crowded with students from September to January every year because of the school trip season.


The ticket price is 1,030 yen for the underwater observation tower, 1,540 yen for the glass-bottom boat, and 2,060 yen for the common ticket of 2 sets, so it’s pretty reasonable! I have no complaints as long as the content meets your expectations, but …。


The glass-bottom boat is a whale-shaped boat that allows you to see the ocean through a window on the bottom of the boat.

This time, I will experience only the underwater observation tower.

Free circulation bus with retro appearance


If you buy a ticket, you will go to the observation tower at the tip of the peninsula, but there is a long distance, so I will use a circular bus. A red bus with a retro look! You can ride this for free.


I thought it would be less crowded because it was the off-season, but it was sweet! Since the number of buses was limited to every 20 minutes, the inside of the bus was quite crowded.



In addition, there are not many seats for the size of the bus, and it is not possible to seat 20 people. The person who got on the bus from the bus stop on the way was standing on the bus with his head bent.

Cross the pier to the underwater observation tower.



We arrived at the last stop in about 4 minutes. When you get off the bus, go toward the pier. If you cross this pier, there is an entrance to the underwater observation tower, but if you see a standing signboard, you can buy a ticket there as well.


You can see the ocean from the pier, but unfortunately the brightness of the ocean is limited under cloudy weather.


But the water is pretty clean, and if you look closely, you can see a lot of long and thin fish swimming. If it were sunny and sunny, it would glitter.

You can see fish better than you think.



After crossing the pier, you will find the entrance to the observation tower. Pass your ticket here and go down the spiral staircase. You don’t have to worry about passing each other in a narrow place because it’s a one-way street for both going down and going up.



The inside is a cylindrical one floor, and there are a total of 24 glass windows. The inside of the building is very small, and the capacity is the same as the number of glass windows, 24 people.

Is the air conditioner working well? It’s really cold!


The water depth is shallow and the window is about 4 meters high, but there are coral reefs outside the window. The water quality of the day was muddy, so I didn’t expect much, but surprisingly there were a lot of fish!

The number of fish varies depending on the direction you look, but when you look from the window (7), it is just a mecca for coral reefs, and there are a lot of fish here.



The small windows are set low, so it is a little difficult for adults to see them, but if you put your head into the hole, you can see the fish well. If you wait patiently, fish sometimes come to you!

Is it worth more than 1,000 yen?

I experienced the underwater observation tower, and it was good that I could see a lot of fish in spite of the weather and the season. That’s why it’s good that you can easily see the scene you saw when you snorkeled in Miyakojima without swimming.


But the viewing time is about 10 to 15 minutes. The area you can see is limited, and the entrance fee for this volume over 1000 yen is a little expensive, I think ….

It might be good to go on a clear day. The water quality of the day is written on the ticket office, so you should check it before buying a ticket.

Information on Busena Marine Park

  • Address: 1744 -1 Kise, Nago-shi, Okinawa
  • TEL: 0980-52-3379
  • Access: 5 minutes by car (90 minutes from Naha Airport) from Okinawa Expressway “Kyoda” IC, or take a route bus (20, 120.) and get off at Busena Resort Mae.

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