“BURJ KHALIFA” Detailed Information on How to Buy Tickets and the View!

The tallest skyscraper in the world “Burj Khalifa” in Dubai, the UAE. As it is one of the world’s most famous tourist spots, the entrance fee is very expensive! How much is the cost?

This time, I would like to report in detail about the ticket to this observatory and the procedure of entrance.

Observation deck types and tickets


The 160 story Burj Khalifa is the tallest in the world. There are several types of admission tickets, and the price varies depending on the height of the observatory.

  • ① At the Top … 124 to 125th floor only
  • ② At the Top SKY … 124 – 125th and 148th floor
  • ③ World’s highest lounge … from 152 to 154F

Like Tokyo Tower and Skytree, Burj Khalifa basically has two large observation decks, with a double structure of 148 stories on the high side and 124 + 125 stories on the low side.

If you purchase a ticket for “At the Top SKY”, you will be able to access both observation decks, while “At the Top” will only be the lower observation decks.


The one I bought this time was At the Top SKY which has access to both observatories. If you purchase from the official website, you need to specify the time every hour.

It says that the ticket price is from 370 DH, but the price changes in the popular time zone such as evening to night, and when we specified 5 o’clock in the evening, what a menacing 530 DH! It seems not only the height of the building was the best in the world …


There is also a ticket called “World’s Highest Lounge” which gives you access to the 154th floor, which is even higher than At the Top SKY, and it is sold as a luxurious plan with light meals.

The price is as high as 600 DH, but it is not so different from At the Top SKY, so it might have been more cost-effective …

The entrance is inside the Dubai Mall.


Access to the Burj Khalifa Observatory is from the entrance on the lowest floor of the Dubai Mall (LG Floor). There is also a ticket booth here, and you can buy tickets on the day of the performance.


Arrange in designated lanes, depending on the type and purpose of the ticket you want to keep. If you don’t know, you can ask the staff at the entrance of the lane. This time it was at the top sky, so I went to the rightmost lane.


In the case of an e-ticket purchased from HP, you need to exchange it for a real ticket, but I wonder if the customer of At the Top SKY is treated as a little VIP, the staff went through the procedure and gave me the real ticket!


During the ticketing process, I was kept waiting in this room. It says SKY Lounge, so At the Top SKY customers are supposed to come here first.


When the number of people is ready, the staff will explain the route to the observatory.

Also, this time I bought a ticket to enter at 17 o’clock, but it took more than 10 minutes for the procedure, so I think it’s better to start lining up at least 20 minutes before the designated time.

At The Top Sky: Group Action


Just 17: 00 depart from SKY Lounge according to the staff’s guidance! Go through the automatic ticket gate and have your baggage checked. Baggage check is different for men and women, so be careful!


After that, we will go through a booth that introduces the history of the Burj Khalifa construction. From here to the observatory, it’s all a group activity, so you can’t go on your own.


After walking a lot, I finally took an elevator to the observation deck. Take 2 elevators from here and go to the 148th floor. I realized that 30 minutes have already passed since the departure. … Well, pretending for a long time is part of sightseeing. …

The 148th floor observation lobby has free coffee!


When you get off the elevator, you will arrive at the observation deck on the 148th floor! From here on out, you can do whatever you want. The elevator hall is a small lobby, and you can relax on the sofa.


As soon as you arrive, the staff will give you a welcome drink! There was an orange juice and another green drink, and when I tried it, it was a drink with a slightly strange taste, like mint, but not like mint.


In addition, cookies and dates are served, saying “please have some sweets.”. The competition for dates is especially intense, so even if you try to get dates, they disappear right away (lol).


In addition, you can drink coffee for free in this lobby! If you order from the staff around there, they will bring it right away.

I was asked “Milk?” when I ordered, so I said yes, and a fluffy cappuccino came out! The taste of the coffee is ordinary, but this kind of service makes me happy!

The view from the 148th floor is …?


Now, regarding the view from this 148th floor, there is a sofa by the window of the lobby, and you can enjoy the view from here. However, the sofa by the window is very popular, so no seat is available no matter how long you wait …



I gave up such a sofa by the window and went to the outside deck! If you go out from the revolving door, you can go out to the windswept observation deck.


The view from here is here! It’s not much different from the view you see when you take off or land on a plane because it’s so high.

The height of this observatory is 555 m, so it is 100 m higher than the view from Sky Tree.


It’s just 18 o’clock and the baby fountain has started! As might be expected, if you are 500 meters away, it looks like a grain of rice, but you can also hear the sound.

If you want to watch the movie, make sure to stand by for more than 10 minutes.


In addition, there seems to be a photo service by a professional photographer on this observation deck, but it is safe because it is not taken without permission like the aquarium I told you about the other day (lol)! It is peculiar to Asia that people try to earn change everywhere like this.

The night view is definitely more beautiful!


I stayed on this 148th floor for about 2 hours, but the beautiful view is the night view! Maybe in anticipation of that, the number of customers increased suddenly when it got dark.


The night view from here is here! As expected, the scale is different! The road is lit up and you can clearly see a few kilometers ahead.


It’s nice to see the distance, but the night view of downtown spreading out at your feet is also great!


Dobby Fountain is also much more beautiful at night! That’s why the entrance fee of this observatory is more than 100 DH in the morning and at night.

Finally, go to the observatory on the 124th floor.


On the way back from the 148th floor observation deck, you will pass through the observation decks on the 124 and 125th floors. This is the place where you go up with the ticket of “At the Top”, but there is no lobby like on the 148th floor, and it is like a general observatory with a souvenir corner.



There is also an outdoor observation deck. The 125th floor also has a height of 456 meters, which is the same height as the air corridor of Tokyo Sky Tree. If you want to see the night view spreading out under your eyes, this one might look better than 148 which is too high. …?


In addition, the elevator on the way back is very crowded because customers to all the observation decks are concentrated on this floor. It takes about 30 minutes to get down to the ground, so you need to be careful if you have plans after that.

Is the cost performance …?


So, my impressions after climbing the observation deck at the Top SKY in Burj Khalifa, the contents as a sightseeing spot are not bad. However, my honest impression is that the view is not so great although I paid $150.


Despite Dubai’s rapid economic growth, skyscrapers stand only around downtown. It is far from the view with endless buildings and buildings like Tokyo, and the view is very limited.

For better or worse, it’s a good place to get to know the current situation in Dubai, but it’s still too expensive to enter …


It is good to climb up to the novelty, but I don’t think I will visit again …。 I definitely recommend the night view if you are going to climb it. The official website of Burj Khalifa is here.

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