Access to WAT PHRA KAEO and Strict Dress Check! See a Golden Temple

The most important tourist spot in Bangkok, Thailand “Wat Phra Kaeo”. This time I will report on the beautiful golden temple inside! Wat Phra Kaeo is officially called Wat Phra Sri Rattana Satsadaram and is a large area filled with palaces, temples and museums.

It was worth seeing, but the entrance fee is expensive. Also, the access is either by boat or by taxi, but since it is a major tourist spot, there are no taxis that run on the meter …? I’ll tell you about that.

How do I access Wat Phra Kaeo?

Wat Phra Kaeo is located along the Chao Phraya River in the old city of Bangkok and is easily accessible by express boat! * The MRT Blue Line opened in 2019 and is accessible on foot from nearby Sanam Chai Station!

If you take a taxi from the Siam area of BTS, the meter taxi will cost you about 70 baht, but when I went to Siam from this area of Wat Phra Kaeo, it was 95 baht due to the traffic jam.


First of all, if you take a taxi from a BTS station and say, “Wat Phra to Kaeo” the taxi won’t run on the meter. In the case of a negotiated system, I think you should pay about 150 baht (Note: Bangkok taxis don’t run on meters! How do you negotiate to avoid being bullied?) from each station.


It’s a long way around from the city center, but an express boat is only 14 baht, which is cheap, and it doesn’t cause any extra stress, so it’s healthy. I wish the railroad would be extended to this old town area as soon as possible. About express boat, a little scary way to ride express boat! Saphan Turksin to Wat Arun! See the article.


Exiting the pier exit, the site of the royal palace is right in front of you! The white exterior walls are eye-catching.

a pretty strict dress check


There are several entrances to the Wat Phra Kaeo premises, but this time you enter through the north gate. There are also small doorways, such as a back door, but it seems that tourists can enter only from here.


There are gatekeeper soldiers on both sides of the gate. Compared to Western royal palaces, the soldiers’ height and the size of guns are not as powerful …


There is a dress code sign beside the entrance. As might be expected of a royal palace, it is more strict than Wat Arun, and it is said that seventh-length pants and damaged jeans are also prohibited. Also, since cameras over 35 mm are not allowed, you may be refused if you have a professional full-size SLR camera.


There was an auditor at the gate, keeping an eye on him! There were security guards in the gate, too, and it was really the royal palace.

Admission is rather expensive …


Go in and go straight to the ticket office. At this time, it was around 13:30, and I could buy it smoothly without waiting in line.


The entrance fee is 500 baht! About 1700 yen, 10 times more than Wat Arun! The royal palace is the country’s most appealing point, so I would like it to be cheaper. …


But the site of Wat Phra Kaeo is huge and it is a big tourist spot with many temples, so I guess it can’t be helped. If you get a ticket check, you will first see the area on the left side of MAP.

a famous emerald temple


First, go to the main hall of the most famous “Emerald Temple”! The temple is one of the biggest in the surrounding area and is characterized by its neatly decorated roof.


As for the structure of the building, there is a corridor around the main hall, and innumerable thin pillars stand outside. The depth is about 60 meters, and the sight of columns standing side by side is quite impressive!


And this pillar is beautiful! The gold base is decorated with various colors. It is so fine like scattered stardust that there is no part that doesn’t reflect light. However, it was cloudy at that time, and it was raining occasionally, so I couldn’t expect the sun to shine, and it was a shame that I couldn’t see it shining in the sunlight.


But the detail of the decoration is really amazing! If you look closer, you can see that a few millimeters of debris is filling the gap between gold and gold.

The size of the emerald Buddha is 66 cm.


Next, let’s go inside the building! You need to take off your shoes to go up to the corridor, and the shoe cupboard is prepared like this.


And here’s the corridor! It hits the inside of the pillars from the outside, but the interior walls filled with gold are overwhelming! However, maybe because it is not well cared for, it is rather dark, so the shine is limited …


Also, there was no lighting around the entrance of the main hall, so I ended up looking at it in the dark in a cloudy day. The golden palace is somehow a waste.


Photography is prohibited inside the main hall. Among them is a statue of Buddha called “Emerald Buddha” made of emerald jade, which you sit on the ground and admire. The emerald Buddha is only 66 cm tall, so it was not what I had expected as I couldn’t understand what was going on even from a distance in the crowded main hall.

“Phra Mondop” is beautiful!


In addition to the emerald temple, there are many golden temples in this area! Within these buildings are statues and accessories of successive Thai Emperors Rama as well as sacred white elephant statues.


The most beautiful of all was this building called “Phra Mondop”. The building is decorated in the same way as the Emerald Temple, but the beauty of the wall decoration was even more outstanding!


When I looked closer, it was even more emerald than emerald Buddhist temple! And the amazing thing is that each of these is a golden statue of Buddha, and if you look closely, each has a slightly different expression. If we were to apply the same decoration to the present day, we would copy it and make the same specifications, but it was because we couldn’t do that, that’s what we did.


This pattern is amazing! How many Buddha statues are there? With such delicate decorations, the repair work must be difficult.

Impressive Thai Royal Palace


One of Bangkok’s most famous and majestic tourist spots “Wat Phra Kaeo”, the golden temples were definitely worth a look. The entrance fee is expensive, but it might be reasonable considering that you can see many temples and buildings spread out over the vast site.


However, as we reported in yesterday’s article, it was a pity that we could only see about half of it this time due to the influence of the regulation related to the condolence call to the Bhumibol Adulyadej. But it may be more valuable to be able to feel the situation of other countries in person than to visit many temples carelessly.

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